Friday, March 18, 2016

Wagon Tumblin'

I've been very, very good about not purchasing fabric but I am itching for warmer weather and warm weather sewing.

When I started the PR contest I was determined to sew from stash. But we all know the temptation of NEW fabrics, right?! :)

I had a free shipping offer (for premium members) from Fabric Mart. I have been looking for *this* green gingham cotton shirting for AGES! Not lime green. Not hunter green. Just a nice spring green. This FM offering was made better by the fact that it's seersucker. Perfect for a casual top!

And then I looked at my other favorite categories - sateen, crepe, challis, ponte, double knit, jerseys and ITY knits. I know I probably missed out on some good knits since that sale just ended but probably all the better for my wallet.

peach crepe, green gingham shirting, 'papaya' jersey knit 
berry sateen, grey geometric double knit and army green crepe

M7167 jumpsuit, S2255 shirt, M7350 dress
V9032 pants, B6244 jacket, Burda 4/2015 dress

My spring/summer sewing doesn't appear very cohesive, I know, but I am filling gaps. I have things to go with these things -- and the items I've sewn for the wardrobe contest) -- plus I've filled a few holes with some RTW purchases. And a little splurging too.

J.Crew has never, ever been on my radar because OMG the pricing! But I saw this gingham jacket and just about keeled over from swooning so hard. It was steep, for sure, but I signed up for a credit card (don't worry - I'll pay it off asap! LOL!) for the 15% discount.

It's really, really, lovely!

It's a linen/cotton blend with lots of fun details. The jacket is unlined but the sleeves are faced AND lined. It has an optional drawstring across the back. I thas the fun pop of color in the bias tape and it fits very nicely (save for my bionic biceps).

I have a few things I already envision pairing it with so hopefully it'll be featured as part of some cute outfits soon!

On the cutting table is my TNT skirt, B5760 in this yummmmmmy denim look boucle from Fabric Mart:

Front and back of both shell and lining are constructed. Have to sew side seams on both, sew them together, and hem.

Now, if only spring would come back to the tundra...


  1. These are really nice but to save my sanity I've stopped looking at FM! Can you believe? But I'm sewing up a storm and haven't made a dent in the collection so I'm gonna continue to sew what I already own. Though you got some really nice pieces especially like the green gingham shirting!

  2. The facing on the armhole is friggin genius!! Cute jacket, definitely worth the investment. I love J. Crew, but ugh the prices! I just stalk their website instead. :)

  3. Beautiful fabric.. I am so ready for spring too.
    Look forward to seeing the green check fabric..this will be adorable.
    Love your jacket.. Tooooo cute.

  4. You got some really beautiful fabric. I'm loving orange for this Spring. Can't wait to see what you make.

  5. Good splurging - sometimes a girl has got to do what ever is needed to stay sane. Not sure how much J Crew costs cos we don't have it here, but it looks a lovely little jacket. I always say a RTW purchase is actually for learning sewing techniques..

  6. What a fun jacket - love that red bias tape.

  7. I love your purchases! I have a premium memberships as well, I need to check out those deals more often! I've given up on not succumbing to purchasing fabric and patterns. I just simply can't do it! :)

  8. I'd say that jacket was well worth purchasing. Nice sewing details on it and oh, how we notice those things!

  9. You know we will support you in any fabric purchases you make ;-)

    LOVE your new jacket! J. Crew has always been on my radar, and I used to buy quite a lot from them (always on sale though). I still love the aesthetic but as my body changed, their garments no longer fit me, so I don't even look now to save myself frustration!

  10. Crap I missed the free shipping offer!!! :( sad for me but you picked up some amazing fabrics!


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