Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Wrap-Up

Well that month went by fast!

In February I sewed 11.75 yards.

Favorite: Aw man, it's hard to say! My work on the Simplicity shorts made me very proud! I ADORE the Burda athleisure outfit! And that Butterick skirt makes me HAPPY!!!!! Gosh and I love my Burda #trashbagtop. I can't decide. I just can't. February was a great month for me!

FAILS: None! Woooohoo! 

Accomplishments: After basting my Burda pants and having a wth moment when I realized the pattern was for stretch wovens, I made adjustments and made it work. I consider that an accomplishment! Also, for the first time ever, took the time to grade down a tall pattern (the sweatshirt) and it worked out just fine. Yay!

March Plans:

Hmmm...I'm still unsure if I'm going to finish the PR contest. I have 6 items completed (well, I have to do buttonholes on my chambray shirt, but that's not too much of a chore).  I finished the knit wrap dress, just need to wait to get photos.

I am swapping out one of my tops. I made up the body of the (barely) cropped Simplicity top but that ponte is just not good. It's kind of slick and slightly icky. Plus, I saw this super cool BCBG top I want to knock off and should it work out, I'll use that to enter into the Bargainista Fashionista contest too.

I am also swapping the romper for V8904 in striped jersey and the jacket for a sleeveless jacket vest. I was going to make this vest before so it's all cut out and adjusted, and the V8904 dress is cut out too. Hoping that moves things right along. (A girl can dream).

Using M6960 to knock off the BCBS top
V8904 will have sleeves

The updated color palette. I like it!

Lastly, I am awaiting the lace for the prom dress. I'm dedicating weekends to prom dress sewing - no sewing for me, only for prom - until it's done. So again, Not sure if the contest will be completed. No worries though if it isn't. This was more about me having a fun casual summer wardrobe and all of these pieces fit.

There won't be a CF seam on the dress - I had to take a tuck down the front - which will be transferred to paper. And I'm sure on the actual dress my waist seam will line up. Hahaha!

She had on a sports bra on this pic which...the first time she tried it on with a regular bra, the bust didn't look so smushed. So I won't worry about that.

The sharpie line...I was going to take a tuck through the back but decided to just shave it off the center and that worked out fine too. 


  1. What app did you use for the wardrobe picture?

    1. No app.

      I used Powepoint. There are certain parts I prefer to do on my Mac and other parts on my PC.

  2. Make sure you have the correct bra on, ie the one she is going to wear, and recheck the fit on the front of the bodice. Before you cut the main dress. Bra's alter fit enormously...

    1. Oh! yes, I fit it with the actual bra. But then wanted to get a photo and she was wearing a sportsbra!

  3. You did have a fabulous February! I really liked the skirt you made, as the trash bag top! You are making great progress on your daughter's dress. How much longer do you have to complete it?

    1. Thanks Vanessa!!

      Prom is May 7 but she's a bit Type A so I promised her it will be 2 weeks before :)

  4. You are amazing. I just can't get over how productive you are.

    1. Thank you Tomasa!

      And the funny thing is, I'm always thinking "Hmmm, I didn't sew very much this month" HA!

  5. Another fantastic month! You rock. =)

  6. Keep plugging onward, you can finish the PR challenge! :) you are already this far. I'm super excited to see the dress finished!


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