Monday, April 25, 2016


So by now, everyone knows Hancock is kaput. Well mostly. I still see posts on Facebook that are all "omg!". My Hancock store is amazing. Well organized, well stocked and has fantastic customer service. All in direct contrast to JoAnn. Yesterday was the first time I stepped foot in a JoAnn store since last August or September. It was just as bad as I remembered.


[I had to pick up a zipper for le prom dress! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!! Today I'll get the zipper in and do a final fitting -- side seams are still open -- and then get 'er finished. Prom is next Saturday (May 7), so stay tuned that second week of May for photos!]

Anyway, I stopped in the Hancock by my job a couple times last week and grabbed a small stack of patterns:

$.75 each (except the McCall's - oops. It was supposed to be $1.50)

$1.50 each

Then I was minding my own business (haha!) and was sent a free shipping code for Fabric Mart (premium members) and grabbed 2.5 yards each of these:

Both were on sale and I've been wanting to try out a bamboo jersey...and I've had my eye on that lawn for awhile.

Then while I was in JoAnn (blergh), McCall's were on sale for $1.50 and I picked up these:

7387, 7391, 7388, 7386

And then (!) I had all but forgotten about the out of print sale at BMV, mainly because it is usually a struggle to browse and check out when they have these sales. I had no issues last night and bought 6 Vogues:

9001, 1359, 1282
1218, 1250, 1338

25 new patterns for someone who has managed 1 garment this month! Ha!!! I may find some time to sew in May. Maybe. Perhaps. I hope!!!

Prom dress will be finished this week.
The big jazz concert is this weekend.
Prom and Mother's Day is next weekend.
PR Weekend and my DDs band banquet the following weekend.
Two "free" weekends including Memorial Day (totally relaxing that day!). But not really free because I'll be hosting a graduation party coming up!
Then graduation and open house. 

So yeah... I'm exhausted just thinking about it all. 

P.S. The new Simplicity / New Look catalog was released. Total snooze fest for me. There's one pattern from each brand that I want:

Just as well considering the pattern acquisition spree I just finished :)


  1. You got so many goodies!!!! :) I am going to live vicariously through you, lol!! I have a few maternity Butterick patterns to pick up at Joanns this week, but that's all. I love the two fabrics you chose--it will be neat to see what you do with those.

    1. Thank you Vanessa! I was surprised I was drawn to the 'ditsy' print but I am! :) I'm thinking sleeveless shirt dress but we'll see about the weight and opacity when it arrives.

      Not too much longer before your bundle is here!

  2. It's so unfair , patterns are expensive in France and never on sale!!!! Enjoy your new patterns.

    1. I'm sorry! There are precious few Big4 patterns I'd probably be willing to pay 'sticker price' for so I hear you!

  3. Isn't that NL6447 - the same as Cashmerette's Washington Dress? Interesting...

    Gawd I don't envy you that schedule...though I do remember it...and it will go by in a blur! Take a lot of pictures!!!

    As for Hancocks demise - Wawak and ClubBMV. Cause I personally hate the craft store masquerading as a fabric store, more commonly known as Joanns.

    1. I don't think so. And I think it has the one detail that made the Washington a big thumbs down for me.

      On the NL dress, the waist panel is balanced on bodice and skirt. On the Washington, it's mostly straight on the bodice and then has quite a curve on the skirt. It just doesn't work IMO. The NL is similar to V8972 which I had my eye on.

      I of course bought my zipper with a 40% off coupon. I was appalled that the price of it was $3.99 (before discount). Back to Wawak! I'd ordered a fantastic zipper bundle like 2 years ago and am just now winding down on them!!

  4. Great haul Ms. Nakisha!!! I am definitely not a huge fan of Joann's either! I only go in when I have to!

  5. I'm so jealous of your pattern haul! I'm going to look for a Hancock near me.
    I can't wait to see how the prom dress turns out.

  6. Good luck with your forthcomong events. Looking forward to seeing the prom dress. My wedding dress is coming along, slower than I'd hoped but I still have a month.

  7. Wow! I can't believe you picked up most of those for under $2.00, nice score. Beautiful fabric as well. I have that Burda peplum jacket pattern that I have been wanting to make for quite some time now. One day...

  8. I refuse to buy most patterns now, except when they are on sale. A spree is always in order when you find the patterns at a cheap price. Your JoAnn stores sound like our cheap and nasty Spotlight - except the fabrics are not cheap, which sort of rubs salt into the wound.

  9. You got a great pattern haul! Our Hancocks has outrageous prices still. I won't set foot in it. At least you have other fabric stores to shop at! I'm out of a store unless I drive 3 hours round trip now :( Still can't wait to see that prom dress!!

  10. I understand ! I would have done the same thing. Rarely patterns here will be $5 each or 3 for $10 and last time that happened 8 came home with me. I have used bamboo jersey twice - it is luscious .

  11. Ha! I picked up a few burdas during the last call at one of our 2 local hancock's as well. I tend to start collecting/hoarding more fabric/patterns when I'm not actively sewing as well. So weird.

    I don't mind Joann's, but then, both of our stores are brand new, and have nice (if not overly knowledgeable) employees. The abundance of polyester though, that's still there, and was a problem with both chains. Would it kill them to get some damn silk that's not dupioni? Or some nice (and non-poly) knits? Sorry, I'll hop off my soapbox.

  12. "25 new patterns for someone who has managed 1 garment this month!"

    Welcome, sister. We've been waiting for you. >=)

  13. Totally had the same sentiments about all these things - Hancocks closing (even though my "local" store is over an hour away) is depressing, I picked some of those same McCall's at the JoAnn sale, and the new Simplicity patterns are a bore. Can't wait to see the prom dress!

  14. I'm excited that you are going to PR weekend and that I'll get to meet you!


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