Friday, April 15, 2016


I've started my first sewing project in April! Yay!

Besides work on the prom dress, I haven't sewn anything since finishing the skirt (from my last post) which was March 19th. Whew.

I'm working on McCall's 7246 in a ponte for my Fabric Mart post. Watch for that on April 23rd!

I plan to have the prom dress finished by 4/24, and then hopefully I can get my Burda dress sewn that week. I think sewing 2 things in a month will be some kind of crazy record for me.

Good thing my fabric shopping has slowed down too! 

I have made a purchase or 2 (really 2 max) outside of Fabric Mart, but looking at my order history there, I placed orders on:

March 18
February 22
December 19
September 8
August 11


Looking a little further back, I placed orders on:

July 21
July 10
July 1
June 5
May 31
May 27
May 13

Hahahahahahaha! 5 orders in 7 months vs. 7 orders in 10 weeks. 

I'm reformed!!!  ;)

I've been buying some RTW lately - spring tops - and have remembered how much I like Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft!

I ordered this drop shoulder sweater in coral, in a size Medium, and LOVE it:

I also ordered this tee but it doesn't work. I'm too short-waisted for the design feature. It's a really snug fit too (size L)

 Me standing up nice and straight:

Me standing how I normally stand:

Hahahaha! So this one is going back.

And I picked up 3 (YES! haha!) of these sleeveless shells. The front is a rayon crepe-type fabric and the back is rayon knit. So comfy and so cute! I got a teal with navy polka-dots, black and this stone blue. I wore the blue with my Lekala skirt and got tons of compliments!

I had to skip out on the Wardrobe and Bargainista Fashionista contests, unsure I'll do the Endless Combinations (which I really wanted to do), and now the pants contest is starting up and I'm not sure I'll have time to do that one. WAH!!!! I like the PR contests so much! 

Guess I'll just be looking forward to Me Made May! Are you doing MMM this year? I enjoy it and more importantly I enjoy following the hashtag on Instagram! I do wear handmade almost everyday, so from that perspective, it's no longer a challenge for me. I don't even know if the 'no repeat' thing is really a challenge for me! I won't say I won't repeat for the entire month because...there are just things that I love too much and are wardrobe staples for me...but I will be looking at it from a style perspective. Mixing handmades in new ways (e.g. vs always wearing top A with pant B, etc) and mixing my handmades in with RTW.


  1. I love the McCall's dress pattern. That's going to look really nice. You got some really cute RTW tops. I'm still at the stage of mixing RTW with my self mades. Good luck with MMM!

  2. Replies
    1. You should! Remember that it doesn't have to be everyday!!! Just have fun with it!

  3. At the moment I'd be ecstatic to finish two items in a month!

  4. I'm so excited that the prom dress is almost done!! I really like Ann Taylor clothes too. I love love love that gray top you have!! I'm going to have to find it now ;-) I will probably do MMM again but I find it so hard to take pics everyday.

    1. It's such a fun top!!! I love Ann Taylor! Great basics and on sale, great prices too!

      I only make it through MMM because I make a deal with my daughter to get my pics in the morning if I'm ready before the bus shows up. LOL!

  5. Love your coral top and that little blue blouse. The blue blouse is perfect with your Lekala skirt - gorgeous!

  6. The sleeveless blue top and skirt ensemble is awesome, looks really good on you. You always amaze me with how you track your sewing, your purchases, etc. I know you're a chemist but I really think you have an engineer's soul.

    1. HA! Well, you know I *WAS* original a chemical engineering major! :) I "got out early" with my chem degree.

      Thanks so much! I am wearing the black version of that top today. These will get SO much wear!

  7. Only two garments in a month? Someone call a paramedic, stat! =)

    Fabric Mart's 60% off suiting sale had me feenin' Jodeci-style. I didn't do it though. I suppressed the urge to spend and did not add any yards to the stash. Rock on fellow reformer. =)

    1. I mean, right? There's like super withdrawal happening over here!

      I read this comment yesterday and was all "I hear ya!" and then got the email about the cotton sale! Eek! I didn't purchase though.

      Solidarity! :)

  8. I love coral, and I love that it's in style right now. I would wear the colors of your blog!
    Instagram might make participating in MMM a reality for me, as long as I can take photos of what i'm wearing before I put it on. The warmer the weather, the more MMM I wear. When it hits August, that's ALL I wear.
    Prom dress? I've been reading backwards and not finding it's beginnings. Like so many, I read Mrs Mole and the words 'prom train' terrify me. Why lord, why?

    1. It *is* scary!! I don't know how I get myself into these messes! :) But when I see photos of other's and see how much people are spending on dresses, I'm glad I'm making hers!

  9. I love your posts about randomness, lol! The RTW shirts are very nice. I find that I like mixing RTW with Me mades too. That outfit you came up with is gorgeous!! I hope these last days of sewing your daughter's prom dress go smoothly for you--I'm sure it will be stunning!

    1. The randomness are my favorite! :)

      Thanks Vanessa! I'm in the home stretch!

  10. Nice to see you back and settled (me too!!!). I can't wait to see the McCall's dress. And your fabric buying - I guess you are now buying to work in with what you have. Looking good, Mrs Smith - and I supplement with RTW sometimes as well. It works - and sometimes if I have made something less than wonderful, a RTW piece saves it. And vice versa.


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