Monday, July 4, 2016

Top-a-Palooza! Jalie 2921 and Vogue 9056

I own a handful of Jalie patterns and have been meaning to try them. Boy am I glad I finally did! On PR there are 117 reviews and it's owned by 644. And you know that a chunk of that 117 is probably for duplicates (as mine is!).

I read reviews of some of my go-to bloggers to decide what size to go with (e.g. comparing the size they chose for the Jalie to the size they choose for say, Big4 or Burda). I chose the size that was almost an exact match to my upper bust, waist and hip measurement - size Y.

I actually made a muslin(!) and made a few adjustments:
1/4" armhole tuck (typical to have armhole gaping with a full bust)
added 1/2" with cheater FBA
5/8" cheater swayback adjustment (I need to add a CB and do a proper one)
Shortened the top 1.5"

navy, red, ivory print ITY


In a cornflower blue modal jersey

There's still a little extra fabric in back. And I don't care for it tied:

Yay for the burrito method! It's so effortless. 

On this version I topstitched the opening of the tie end that I turned the top through. (On the solid version I hand stitched it closed.)

I did the turn and stitch on the armhole opening - not my favorite. This ITY is beefy so it works okay. On the solid version I cut bands, stitched it, turned and topstitched and trimmed close to the stitching. 

This version got double turned twin-needled hems. The solid version got double turned single stitch.

Lastly, I left the opening on this one to pull the ties through. Meh. I probably won't wear it like that.

I think I have to lay off the blue-based sleeveless tops! :)

A sewing friend sent me a big ole box of patterns awhile ago and V9056 caught my eye. I love peplums. LOVE! And I eagerly cut this one out. Did I read the directions? of course not! This is easy-peasy!!!


View A has raw edges. 

Raw edges on a neckline?!? why!? And a v-neck at that?! UGH! By the time I realized that it was completely assembled. I ended up unpicking 1/4" of the CF seam and doing a binding at 1/4". I just sewed it, turned, topstitched and trimmed the excess. Same for the armholes. I did not mind the raw hem on the peplum.

I cut a size 14 and did a 1/2" FBA and a 5/8" "cheater" swayback adjustment.

It's just okay...It would be much better if the seam was at my natural waist. And those little side panels are completely useless and I don't know why they exist.

It's okay but certainly not love. Good thing is, it was leftover fabric from my Butterick skirt and went together really fast. This one will find a new home.

I did a helluva job on the matching though!

Ahhhhh :)

During this "5-day weekend" I also sewed a wadder of a skirt (boooo!) and a cute dress in a fabric I've had since I first started sewing (yay!). Hopefully I can get some good photos of those soon. 


  1. Very nice especially the corn flower blue.

  2. You gave up waiting for the daughter to wake up and took these on your own, huh? And you were pretty productive this weekend yourself! I've really like that Jalie top but when I was heavier I ruled it out. It may be time for another look. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I did! Busy kids!!! :)

      Thanks! You should definitely make it!

  3. I love a peplum too (I have McCall's 7021 waiting to be stitched hopefully soon), yours looks great in the stripe fabric. And the blue top as well--love it.

    1. Thanks Graca! I think I have that one in the pattern collection too!

  4. Lucky you getting a box of patterns. Love tie neck tops - I think they are classic.

    1. Thanks Janine! And I agree -- I'm thinking of doing a black/white version.

  5. Fantastic sewing..Love the Jalie tops, and the skirt matching is perfect... congrats..
    Happy sewing.

  6. You have certainly been busy! :) I love the sleeveless tops, they both look great on you. And I must admit that I am drawn to blue myself. Most of my closet is shades of blue and black. Maybe I need to branch off a bit too...I also like the peplum top, and didn't notice the issues you had with it.

  7. All of your tops are wonderful but I love, love that blue one. I too have the same Jalie pattern...I must get to that one one of these days.

  8. I agree, the blue one is a winner, but all of them look great. You had a really productive weekend.

  9. They all look lovely. My favorite is the black and white stripe top!

  10. You are one busy lady. I love the blue, but my girlfriend will take the black/white every time.

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  12. oooh I love your scarf tops! I always get to excited to wear my tops that I never remember to sew that hole closed in the scarf. No one ever notices either. hahaha. I'm sad that your striped peplum didn't work out. It is gorgeous!!

  13. Love the black and red top! And your pattern matching is awesome.


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