Monday, July 18, 2016

Wedding Guest Dress: A Planning Post

Thanks for all the kind comments on my last post! I replied to most but not all.

And the navy and white skirt has found a new home - yay!!!

This past weekend I traveled to Chicago (my hometown) to attend a bridal shower for one of my cousins. I have 26 first cousins (only 1 is under 18) and 6 adult second cousins on my dad's side. It was fantastic to see (almost!) all of them - I love being part of a big family!

I love Dunkin Donuts coffee...mmmmmm....We don't have DD in the Twin Cities. Darn Minnesotans and their love for bagels.

I visited the brow threaders. Also not too big here yet. A place will pop up here and there on my side of town but they're never any good.

I seriously drove from home to the threading shop. I didn't see anyone. I didn't go to anyone's house. I took 94 straight to get my brows done! Hahaha!

And I wore my striped Burda dress to the shower. I love this dress so much! <3

Now it's time to decide on a dress for the actual wedding!

I had a dress in mind but now that I look back at it, the neckline is way too high.  I know what you may be thinking, "you can change/lower/scoop it".

Meh. My pattern hacking skills involve...oh wait. Nothing. The intricacies of pattern design isn't interesting to me. Sorry. I don't want to learn to draft or drape or any of that. Okay changing a neckline isn't rocket science but still; that aspect of sewing does not excite me in the least. And I have an extensive pattern collection so I knew there would be something that I'd want to make. I think with most anything, fabric choice will make or break the formality of it.

The wedding is in mid-August and while it is inside; it's still likely to be hot and humid as we go through the day. And I decided this weekend that I'd like the skirt to be swishy. Browsing the collection (and Burda!), here are some that interest me:

Option 1: Burda 11/2015. Sweet and simple. Straps are wide enough for a bra, it's simple but in a good way. This is one that definitely can go from 'casual backyard bbq' kind of dress to something more formal depending on fabric.

Option 2: Burda 3/2014. Just gorgeous. The shaping on this one is so pretty. BUT it has sleeves and I'm not sure how removable they are, based on the upper body structure.

Swoon. The other view of this one in the mag is done in a brocade, which is gorgeous. But this one looks like it would move beautifully.

Option 3: Burda 11/2014. I love the neckline and the flippy skirt.

Option 4: From the same issue. I have wanted to make this dress since the first time I saw it! THE CAPELET! Swoooon! But will the capelet be a liability in the August heat?

I was a bridesmaid in an August wedding and we had to wear wraps with our strapless dress inside the church. They were made from the same poly satin as the dress and I swear I was up there melting.

Option 5: Burda 3/2016. I love the seaming, the neckline, the pleats...I just love this dress!

Option 6: Vogue 1447. Like the dress above, this one just captured me. But I have concerns: finding complimentary fabrics (I would definitely like to mimic the cover photo; but not in black) -and- fit. I feel far more confident with the Burda patterns.

Option 7: In-House patterns Sophie dress. I really love this dress and again, it can go day dress to formal dress depending on fabric. And I love the front/back double-v.

In case you're wondering why March and November Burda...March is the wedding issue so there's always formal dresses included. November typically has holiday/party dresses.

So lots to think about and consider. I'm not sure I have anything in the stash that I'd *prefer* to use. And I think I'd love a small scale print over a solid. This may call for a trip to SR Harris! And who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with a fabric and that'll determine which pattern 'wins'?!?

I haven't touched my machines in almost 2 weeks :-O I need to get my Fabric Mart project done (ahem, by Thursday!). And then I'll have just about 3 weeks to get fabric and pattern matched and get this W.G.D (wedding guest dress) SEWN! :)


  1. They are all pretty but I love option 3, maybe with a sheer fabric for the sleeves and the skirt gores:)

  2. Great options. All those burdastyles are on my wish list too. I love the capelet one. It's wouldn't be so hot in a lovely cotton silk blend voile? Just sayin..

  3. I vote for option 3 (11/2014 red dress)

  4. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like to do pattern hacking. I think option 3 would be beautiful.

  5. option 4 for me. i love that capelet!make it in something lovely and breathable and you won't get too hot!

  6. Lovely choices. Option #5 is my choice

  7. I like Option #3. BTW--eyebrows on fleek -- lol.

  8. I love no. 1. But whichever one you choose will be great on you I'm sure.


  9. 3 weeks? You could probably make all of these in that time!! Options 3 & 5 are on my never ending list too.

  10. Oh my, they are all gorgeous - I'm not sure how you are going to choose...
    And the brows look fantastic, wish we had brow threading services here.

  11. I love option 3 but I also think option 6 with the right fabric combo would be absolutely gorgeous!!!

  12. I love, love, love, LOOOOVVVVEEEE option 6. No matter what you choose I'm sure it'll be awesome.

  13. My vote is for #3, and I also like #4


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