Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Wrap-Up and...The 'Elephant' In the Room

This was a good month!! It started out very quiet and mojo-less. I knocked out my FM project the first weekend of the month knowing the next 2 weekends would be occupied. I was so excited to sew the border print sateen and then the almost finished skirt sat for 2 weeks. New look 6481 renewed my mojo and got me back on track! :-p

This month I sewed:
  • New Look 6481 jacket in black suiting - 1.5 yards
  • Butterick 5760 x 2 in olive sateen and border print floral sateen - 2 yards total
  • New Look 6123 dress in polka-dot chambray - 2.25 yards
  • McCall's 7382 dress in maroon jersey knit - 2.5 yards
  • Burda 2/2013 #125 bomber jacket in printed ponte - 1.25 yards (Fabric Mart project)
M7382 - IDK about that one. It is currently hanging before hemming (one side has already grown about an inch). I think I dislike the CF seam. Perhaps in a print it would be okay but in a solid it just looks odd. Otherwise it's a flattering style. So this may be called a muslin and I may revisit this when I have a better fabric for it.

NL6123 is a favorite of mine. I really like the fit of that pattern. And it's POLKA-DOT!  I'm wearing it today and it makes me happy!! Review to come.

Favorite: The one dress is iffy but otherwise all are very solid additions to my wardrobe. IDK if I can choose a favorite. Both jackets, the NL dress, both skirts...I really like them all.

FAIL: I failed to stay on task but what else is new?! HA! 

Accomplishments: Hmmm, I did nothing noteworthy this month, but that's okay. I have a vision in my head for my fall wardrobe which means not everything will be 'the greatest item since sliced bread' but so far, it's all coming together.

I'd cut out M7382 Saturday night and made some adjustments and then zipped it up through the serger the other day (that part is fast; not looking forward to hemming but think it'll be better hemmed vs. left raw). Once I realized it needs to hang a good while, I was ready to move on to something else. I laid out the fabric I scooped up at SR Harris for v.2 of NL6481 and at that moment (it was weird, seriously), I looked over and saw a UFO peeking out from a bin and of course, I decided it must be finished

Sigh. LOL

I had picked up this cotton/lurex faille back in December 2013, of course, via a FM sale. I wanted to make a blazer but the fabric is a bit rigid and I was still very new to sewing, so I wasn't sure it would work. Into the stash box it went.

About a year ago, I decided to make a fall jacket and pulled it out. I got the pieces all cut out (had just enough fabric!), sewed up the lining first, went on to assemble the shell and there it stalled.

Butterick 6141

Photobombed by boys and cats.
It fits better now too!

Fronts and backs are sewn, sewn together at the shoulder, but that's it. I realized this morning that one of my pockets was sewn on wrong (I sewed it pocket right side to fabric wrong side). I wonder if this made me toss it in a box?? Looking at my posts around that time, I went on to sew a couple of tees for myself and t-shirt dresses for my daughter, all from M6964. That was probably the reason -- "shiny".

I need to sew the side seams, the front bands, set sleeves in both jacket and lining, sew the collar (which is a simple style - I'm sewing view C) and bag the lining.

September plans is to keep working the fall plan. I hope to get a couple things done over the long Labor Day weekend but I again have 2 non-sewing weekends this month.

I WANT to sew the Jalie cardigan, Ottobre sweater and Burda dress. But those are definitely for cooler weather (even though it was 57 degrees when I left home today).

I SHOULD sew the Kwik Sew jacket and Vogue pants (suit). I'm using this navy/white mini-check suiting. I'm kind of excited about these two as well!!

So what's up with that 'elephant'...

I was talking with a friend after she laughed at my fall sewing plans. Hey, I told her I don't really believe I'll get ALL of those things sewn... :-p She mentioned that I must have a huge wardrobe.

I DO have a lot of clothes. I always have. I will probably never subscribe to the minimalist wardrobe concept. Even before I learned to sew I had a lot of clothes. I LOVE CLOTHES! Not so much fashion but clothes. I like putting looks together, I like having fun with my wardrobe. This is especially true since I'm no longer in a lab environment and without clothing restrictions. 

I live in the tundra - which gets upgraded to "The Frozen Tundra" in winter (or is that downgraded??). So I essentially have 2 wardrobes. I separate fall/winter from spring/summer. Cold weather will begin around October/November and will persist through April and sometimes all the way until the end of May. So you get really sick of dark colors, heavy fabrics, etc. and I take great joy in shuttling those into storage bins around the so-called start of spring! :) 

And because fall is my favorite season, around this time I am just itching to wear jackets and boots and layers. Even though I don't look forward to the cold that is coming. So I've already put away a few things but it'll be a few more weeks before I do a full swap. 

It also helps that I've always had a ton of storage space. 

Now, with respect to sewing, I've been sewing since January 2013. So not a long time. I've progressed a lot but as far as my wardrobe goes...Most of the stuff I made in the beginning is no longer around. 

I remember finishing a dress and being so proud and I wore it out to date night. Sometime last year I pulled that dress out to wear and had a good laugh at it! LOL! The hem was wonky as was the neck binding. The gathers were uneven and it had shine spots from pressing. :) So best believe, the wardrobe has been culled. Also, I don't discriminate. If it doesn't doesn't work. And that goes for RTW and handmade items. 
  • 2013: I have 2 items from 2013 still. And one is a pair of yoga pants, the other is a raglan sweatshirt.
  • 2014: I have 22 items from 2014. Progress! 1 is pajama shorts and then there are 4 outerwear items and 2 special occasion dresses.
  • 2015: I have a lot of stuff from 2015 still in my wardrobe. 
I sewed A TON in 2015, but it was a very stressful year for me and sewing was my salve. While I still sew a lot by most standards (it's the fast sewing!), I sew WAY less than I used to. I don't feel the need to hole up in the cave all the time. Feels good too :)

Fast Sewer + Desire for a large wardrobe + Lots of storage space + "new" job (It's been 14 months already!) + A definite style that is starting to emerge + Fabric inspiration + Pattern inspiration =  Lots of pieces being added, still. And that's okay by me. 


  1. You have done a ton over the years and you've definitely stepped up your experience game too! To me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a closet full of well fitted, handmade clothing!! It sure beats having a closet full of RTW you purchasrf that doesn't fit well and you'll only wear once!

  2. You know it's funny but it seems as if you sew more now than in the past! And I like clothes too so I totally understand that!

    1. 85 yards sewn so far in 2016

      131.75 yards sewn Jan-Aug of 2015

      Way. Way. Less! lol!!!!

      Clothes are FUN!

  3. You are a fast sewer... I love seeing your work.. You really encourage.
    Love your fall plans.

  4. Your sewing has definitely evolved, and that shows with every piece you make. I love that you are continually growing. Just like I don't keep all my RTW pieces for years, I wouldn't expect you to keep all of your handmade pieces for years. I look forward to seeing your Fall pieces!

  5. I love the clothes you sew and your look. I totally get what you are writing. Your sewing skills are amazing for only 3 years ! I have been sewing for 30 and still find jackets etc and fitting challenging and you just rock that stuff ! I was told once I had a lot of clothes but not in a nice way. Yes I do but I love them and won't throw them away unless they are wrecked and my weight is also fairly stable so my old stuff fits and sewing is my love too so = lots of clothes but so what ! Keep on doing and loving what you do.

  6. Meh, minimalism is overrated. Big wardrobes are where it's at!

    And I can't believe you've only been sewing for three years. You've achieved a really impressive skill set in that short time. After three years, I was only just beginning to make the clothes with the wonky necklines and hems!

  7. I love seeing your style and your wardrobe evolve!

  8. Good luck with getting your jacket finished - it's a great feeling getting an UFO finished! Looking forward to seeing your Kwik Sew jacket done in that blue suiting fabric, I think it will look great

  9. Good luck with getting your jacket finished - it's a great feeling getting an UFO finished! Looking forward to seeing your Kwik Sew jacket done in that blue suiting fabric, I think it will look great

  10. I'll never have a minimalist wardrobe either! It's just too much fun to keep making. You've developed an incredible skill set in such a short time!

  11. Maybe people who sew are more discerning about what they sew. So, even they may seem to have a lot of clothes, they do wear most of what they sew? It's certainly true for me. I love to decide what to wear in the morning. Your blog has always been a great source of inspiration for me. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects...

  12. I'm glad you enjoy your clothes - and we do as well! So much sewing inspiration on your blog. No wonder you enjoy wearing it all - such great choices. So back to the cave and sew please :)

  13. I find it amazing how much and how fast you sew. Even though you are sewing a little less now, I still think you are so unbelievably productive! If only I had 1/4 of your sewing mojo! I look forward to seeing everything you make!


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