Monday, December 8, 2014

Quilt Progress

I have two finished items to show. Did I take photos this weekend? nope.

Saturday I was making the quilt and my hair looked like whodunnit and why and I did my hair on Sunday but was dealing with (and still am) some major sinus pain (Pleeeeeease don't let it be a sinus infection!).

So photos to come. Soon. Some day... I also started M6884, the mock-wrap dress. When I was cutting out the pattern pieces I was all "O_o that is some serious curvature!" Right now it's on Lily and I walk by it, dubiously looking at it's fitted-ness. We shall see.

The jelly roll race quilt is my kind of quilt. Easy. Peasy. I don't think I'd be good at piecing a bunch of small sections together for blocks. I'd probably make like 3 blocks and get bored.

DD likes the jelly roll race quilt (she doesn't care, she just wants a quilt!) so I'll end up collecting blues and greens to make one for her. One thing I DO know, hers will go right to a quilting shop for the quilting and binding. I've already checked and for a full-sized quilt it will run me about $100 to get it quilted (in a meandering pattern) and another $40 or so for binding. It'll be worth every penny.

I had 1/4 yard of 6 different fabrics so I got three 2.5" strips from each cut.

It took about 30 minutes to true the fabric cuts (which were pretty atrocious), trim the selvedges and cut the strips. 

It took about 90 minutes to do the stitching to get to the point above. 

It took about 2 more hours to lay out the backing, batting and top and pin them together, and to make the bias tape.

I could get this small sized blanket quilted for about $20 (and do the binding myself), but my hobby budget is SO shot for the rest of the year so I decided to do straight lines.

I wish I would have researched a little more because I would have done something more interesting with farther spacing. I did all that on the right and then realized I was maybe 1/4 of the way through and instantly got sad.

I'm going to see if I can introduce a pattern without it looking to crazy. I have not done any stitching yet in the other direction so maybe that'll help too.

At this point, I am NOT bitten by the quilting bug. I do think that the JRR quilt in a baby size makes a really great gift for someone special. With buying the fabric on sale at Hancock (top, batting, backing, fabric for bias tape), I think I spent around $20. Not too bad. 

I have to finish this by 12/17 so I figured I have to finish the quilting during the week this week and get the binding done over the weekend!! 


  1. Your quilt is very pretty! Quilts can be a major investment in time and effort; you can be justifiably proud of your efforts.

    I have had good success treating sinus ills using a nasal spray containing xylitol. "XLear" is the brand available at the natural food store near me. It is fairly expensive ($10 for a little bottle or two) so I now make my own from scratch, recipes available online, being very careful to thoroughly clean and disinfect the bottles used. Saline spray did nothing for me.

    1. Thank you!

      The saline sometimes works...but I will keep that in my back pocket for when it DOES NOT!

    2. I so admire your patience in piecing a quilt. Quilting makes me crazy. I love the look but absolutely detest the process. I have tried, it is not for me.

      If you have a dog, be very careful with xylitol, it can be fatal to dogs even at low doses. Ever since I found out about this, it is banned from my house.

      I am prone to sinus issues as well, I have had great success using a saline rinse on a daily basis, twice if I am around people with colds. This is a link to the bottle I use.

  2. That's a pretty quilt! I have zero patience for those things.

    Oh, I hope you feel better soon. I get chronic sinus headaches/infections. I neti pot regularly but I also found that putting 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in a bowl of steaming hot water helps tremendously. I put my head over the bowl with a towel and sniff the steam for 2 minute intervals. Opens me right back up. Take care!!!!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I don't think I can do a whole pieced top. If I am going to make one, I think the JRR is the way to go!

      Oooh, thanks for the ACV tip. That stuff works for like, everything!

  3. Love the pretty quilt. All the pinks are so pretty..
    hope you feel better soon;;

  4. I made a few quilts as my introduction to sewing, as soon as I started making garments, quilts went out the window! You could try spacing out the lines of quilting on the other part of the quilt like some kind of stitching ombre effect. I totally agree that life is too short for quilting + dull rotary blades. I don't mind it on clothing because I go around with my tailors scissors to snip notches anyway. Hope the sinus thing becomes a non-thing with great speed xx

    1. Thanks Ms. McCall! Yep. I'm going to just try to have some fun with it (because that's what it's all about, right?!?)

  5. Oh I love it! I am embarrassed to admit how many quilts I have going! You've inspired me to pull them out again!


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