Friday, December 12, 2014

Spring McCall's are here!!

Already?!!? WOW!


They have a new model and she is giving me LIFE!!! 

There are tons of sweet dresses that I do not need; these two stand out for me



7082: I'm buying this for DD. This is a perfect dress for a young lady. She will need this dress at some point. I love the colorblocking options.

7099: I know many are anti jumpsuit but I still love the IDEA of a really classy one. And I like this one! I think the tapered leg with wrap front is perfect!

But not the shorts version

7100: I couldn't sew up any of the extra voluminous Burda baseball jackets and there's nothing about the Riegel bomber that makes me want to pay $30+ for it so this may be a win


7098: Nice options for shorts, capris, cropped pants...

Uncertain about the split leg trousers. I tried to like them when Burda did them and here comes McCall's nearly 2.5 years later...Eh.

Burda 08/2012 #129

I hope these hit the store soon because I am trying to go on a pattern fast. HAHAHAHA!!!! :)


  1. lool i see some cute ones for sure. And if you're not a fan of the riegel bomber, simplicity has a bomber just like it. i can't think of the number off the top of my head though.

    I'm bout to go on a pattern fast too. i need to go head and let my creative juices flow if i want to deviate from the patterns i already have lol

  2. The new model is darling. And I hope my daughter doesn't see that jumpsuit, 'cause I know she will want it (I like it too)

  3. The pattern releases were a total win for me this time...especially love some of the tops!

  4. Hooray for dresses! I'm fond of 7081, 7084 and 7087.

  5. Glad to see you like this collection! Looking forward to seeing your makes.

  6. 7082 and 7100 are nice. McCalls just didn't bring it for me this season. I didn't see anything that stood out. A lot of the stuff look like patterns I already have.

  7. The jumpsuit is for knits!? Yessssssss!!

  8. For me, the theme of this release is "cheaper versions of popular indie patterns". The baseball jacket is a dead ringer for the Rigel, but with more seaming and inseam pockets instead of welts. There's a knit dress that's a sub for the Moneta. And that jumpsuit (which I love, as well) is a pretty close match to one of StyleArc's jumpsuits. I hadn't noticed the seamed pants/shorts until you pointed them out. Past experience has shown me that Big 4 patterns don't fit my butt well (I stick with StyleArc, Burda, and HotPatterns for pants), but that seaming has me intrigued.

    Love the new model, too! She reminds me a little of a smilier/younger Mariska Hargitay, who I love on SVU (my long-time guilty pleasure tv show).

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  10. I definitely liked this collection,good job McCalls!

  11. I looked at the overview thumbnails and though... meh. Then I looked at the details and alternate views... Yes, the stash will grow. I really like the pink dress!

    1. And by pink I mean read stripes - 7081. That is the top of my list.

  12. Funny, that jumpsuit was all over the place in the eighties, just like that. All it needs are bigger shoulder pads! The tee looks like a keeper and the dress for your daughter is lovely, very lady like. I like them all,minus the jumpsuit. You know, those bathroom issues!

  13. That model is adorable! Love her haircut.

  14. I love 7093 - so cute. Although I am not a jumpsuit person, I agree that 7099 is a classy one and I can definitely see you rocking it.

  15. I love that little tee - it's the pockets I think. I agree, splits up pants aren't a great look except for those people with extremely long legs. Pattern fast - I should join you, but like all good dieats, I hope it is meant to be broken from time to time.

  16. Holy cow! Spring!?! Who can think of spring at a time like this!?! I need to get through the holidays before I can shift my focus. BUT. Those dresses. They're really beautiful! I think I will have to find some time to sew both!


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