Monday, December 15, 2014

Revised Staycation Sewing Plans

I had it all planned out, I was going to sew and sew and SEW!! But my parents are coming!!!!

I only get to see them once a year -- maybe twice if I'm lucky -- and they will be here for 4 days over Christmas - YAY ME!!!! I'm not a 'mama's girl' or a 'daddy's girl', I'm just my parents BABY GIRL and I am so happy when they are near. Ahhhhh...

So I decided I need to get some things started sooner. I cut out all of the new-to-me patterns while catching up on Hell's Kitchen with my daughter, and on Friday, I muslined the Vogue top.

Well, this is what really happened:

Self #1: I REALLY need to muslin this?

Self #2: remember all those recent revelations about you and the tops you've sewn...

Self #1: yeah but look at how straightfoward this is...and the finished measurements look good.

Self #2: I don't know... it has that odd construction AND raglan will that work?

Self #1: Meh. It'll probably be fine.

Self #2: But you REALLY love that teal jersey...

Self #1: Ugh. FINE.

So into the knit scrap bin I went!

(sorry for the toilet)

Bleh. LOL!

I don't dislike it, but there isn't enough room, Something funky is happening at the front raglan sleeve (too tight across the bust?) and in the few minutes I had it on I must have adjusted that cowl like 13 times.

I think I would love it a size bigger, with a rayon type knit, and tunic length. So I might make it again.

PLUS, I did not like the idea of it with cardigans. And that made me rethink the tops I chose and how they would layer. Minnesota = layering. Period.

So I changed things up a little bit. And chose a different cardigan with a "collar" and another shell vs. a top with sleeves. I need more solid colored shells anyway.

Same color scheme because I really like it

M6996 in animal print

M6078 in mustard

B5493 in teal

S1945 in the black/gold sweater knit

Belle: Still in white challis

Sandra: Still in denim

V9032: still in black suiting

I am still quilting the quilt. It needs to be complete by Thursday morning. I did NOT quilt on Sunday and instead decided to start the "easy" knit projects.

Well, they went so fast! (YES L! THEY as in multiple! lol!!!!)

I was going to "sew the major seams" of M6996, M6078 and B5493.  And ended up finishing the cardigan and the mustard top. B5493 still needs finishing.

I WILL muslin the Sandras this weekend.

Sneaky peeks, reviews of patterns to come!

here the cardigan is unfinished



  1. It still looks as if you have great plan going. You can do it!! That cardigan looks great! BRAVO!

  2. Girl you so wonderful at what you! I love everything.

  3. Have fun with your parents.. Know you will enjoy the visit..
    Your new plans look great too.. Happy sewing.

    1. Thank you Judy! :) I know you will enjoy time with the family too!

  4. I love being near my parents too! It's such a nice treat that you get to see yours through the holidays! I hope you take full advantage and enjoy each other!

  5. I really love the animal print of the cardigan, you did a great job as usual.

  6. I will love to make a sewcation plans too, You are blessed with your parents coming over and BTW really love the cardi

  7. yessss! I'm bout to start color scheming out here! It probably makes things go quicker cause your hype to wear the outfits!

    1. haha! So true! I was going to wear the cardigan today but it felt wrong! like nooooo I have to put all the outfits together first! :-D

  8. That cardi is everything,love it!

  9. Happy Visit with your parents. Your plans look great. The top and cardigan are pretty. Have fun!

  10. Yay, quality family time! And yay, you're using M6078! :p

    1. OMG this pattern is awesome!!! Those shoulder pleats! <3

  11. I love how well you've planned out this little wardrobe. I just sew random things LOL.


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