Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Early Fall Patterns: Simplicity and McCall's

So the other day I really did a hard purge and removed 62 patterns from the collection but now, more will be added. Oh yes, they will.


Must haves:

7186 is a fantastic work dress!

7199 stopped me in my tracks! YES. YES. YES!!!

7193: I wished this had cup sizing...but I think it's worth doing an FBA!

Patterns that I really like but probably won't add (unless I see them made up and fall in love!)

7185; a fun dress pattern

7189: Another great dress

7187: Really like this one but I don't think I can do that dropped waist

7204: I really like this but tend to shy away from long full cardigans like this (too short and thick!)

7192: Another cute top

7194: A strong contender, but I'd probably have to see it made up.
Those angled hems are kind of meh.

I NEVER look at costumes but is she a total babe or what!?!?


I've already added a few Simplicity's to the pattern collection:

I already have fabric out to make view C. I don't care for the back drape on the other view

I just cannot give up on the raglan! And with these great panels! Swoon!

A sack dress but with a wide sash. I think I may love this.
We will see!

Does this awesome fall jacket need any words? I think not.

Totally sucked in by the pattern pic. We will see if I actually sew it

Was going to pass on this one until I saw cup sizing. 
Cup sizing will get me nearly every time.

I considered this one but decided I probably wouldn't actually make it.

So any new patterns for you??


  1. I can see why you like them. What did you do with your 62!!! Patterns in the end. I don't think I have
    that many. I was sorting mine out the other day got rid of 2.. Found out if I put elastic bands round them I can squeeze more in ;-)

    1. Haha! That's awesome :)

      I am going to sell some of them (e.g., OOP versions)

  2. Lots of pretty patterns coming out.. But oh... it is so hard to think "FALL", when it is 100 degrees
    Cant wait to see what you make..
    Hope your enjoying your new job, and all goes well.. Happy sewing.

    1. HA! It is hard to move forward but I know if I don't start fall sewing in mid summer I'd never get anything sewn!

  3. I love Simplicity 1070. I was just in a store the other day lusting over an almost identical Helmut Lang leather and ponte jacket. So this is a must for me.

  4. Interesting. I know that you and I have a decent amount of overlap in our taste in patterns, but my picks from these two bunches were fairly different from yours. I LOVE that MimiG jacket (1066), and I really like M7199 but am worried about the whole "no provision for above-the-waist adjustment" on that one. The styling for M7188 is hideous, but the line drawing is right up my alley, plus that one has cup sizes. I really hope that my JoAnns has these in stock the next time they're on sale!

    1. Cup sizing does make many things worthwhile, doesn't it??

  5. Some real potential here! But I an *trying* so hard to stay focused on the season we are in at the moment because I historically jump to fall barely before summer begins. I've got juicy wool coating waiting for a coat like that... must.. focus... on... summerrrrrrrrrr :)

    1. :) I have to start sewing a little early! I Have to!!! Or else I feel like I'd never get through my wanted list!

  6. I love the coat. I wonder if I can find a great deal on fabric for it..

    1. I'll be searching for fabric for that one too! :)

  7. I'm so mad at you for posting this *adds virtually every pattern number to my neverending 'buy' list*

  8. You now how to pick them, don't you! Great selections and I see quite a few I'd love to have too!

  9. Interested in the Jiffy pattern though that V-neck is a bit too plungetastic for my taste.
    I'm interested too in the 1072 skirt though I probably have a version of that skirt many times over in my pattern collection.

    1. and by "for my taste" I really meant "for actual wearing in my day to day life"

    2. I agree, it is really low!! I didn't notice that until I got it home. But I figured it would be "easy" to raise it. Famous last words??


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