Monday, June 1, 2015

May Wrap Up

A much quieter May than April, that's for sure! :)

This month I sewed up 11 2/3 yards:

  • McCall's 7094 top in animal print rayon challis - 1.5
  • McCall's 7167 romper in ponte/shirting - 1.5 (for my daughter)
  • Burda 03/2014 #101 jacket in blue/gray suiting - 1.75
  • Butterick 5760 skirt in blue/gray suiting - 1
  • Vogue 9032 pants in blue/gray suiting - 2.25
  • McCall's 6559 robe in floral linen/rayon woven - 3 2/3

1 top
1 skirt
1 pants
1 jacket
1 robe
1 gift

Favorite: I did a great job this month of adding super lovable garments to my closet - yay me!  However, as we type, I am staring (with the side-eye) at my M7094 top. I swear I pretreated the fabric -- I've gotten to where everything is washed when it comes out of it's FabricMart box and/or SR Harris/Hancock Fabrics bag! :) And it's a crinkled hot mess.

Accomplishments: I won 2nd place in the wardrobe contest! Yay!!!! Also, I did something that I've wanted to do since I first started sewing; a 3 piece suiting collection. I totally have enough fabric left to make a sheath dress or another skirt; we will see.

For June I really want to catch up on my Burda challenge garments. I cannot find anything in March to love and am thinking if I just give myself "permission" to skip it, I can move forward.

I also have a couple "unselfish sewing" projects in the works for the kids.


Last of MMM'15!

Day 22: M7094 top and V1411 pants
Day 23: M6839 top and S2061 pants
Day 24: M6841 top

Day 25: Happy Memorial Day! S2255 shirt
Day 26: Interview day! Burda 3/2014 jacket and V9032 pants
Day 27: M6927 top and S1696 pants

Day 27: M6559 (My S1696 pants grew and grew (why I despise lycra in my pants!!!)
Day 28: NL6108 top and M6654 skirt
Day 29: Tee refashioned from a mens XL and Style Arc jeans
Day 30: B6169 jacket and SA jeans
Day 31: S2351 jacket, NL6110 top and V1411 pants

I didn't repat any whole outfits, which honestly I knew wouldn't be that hard. Well...I totally want to wear my McCall's 5890 dress all.the.time!

I wore both V1411 and M6996 3 times each. I had to force myself not to wear M6996 more throughout the month. I wore M6839 and NL6108 twice each (AND my distressed RTW jeans 3 times - I totally put them on after the interview suit came off. I love those jeans!!).

I wore my Style Arc jeans 4 times! Definitely find myself reaching for them :)

Hope you enjoyed MMM too!


  1. 11 2/3 yards is quiet? Ha ha ha! You are fabulous as always! :-)

  2. As ever you have excelled. Love the suit.

  3. You had a wonderful sewing month; but then again you have one every month.

  4. Love it all and that pink and white stripe is fabulous!

  5. Very stylish and clever. :)
    You are still a sewing dynamo!
    In May I sewed....2 shrugs and a skirt!

  6. 11 2/3 yards is quiet? Geesh…you sew in one day more than I sew in a month. You must have some little gremlins in your sewing room who sew for you when you sleep at night (you do sleep right?). Anyway, beautiful garments!

  7. Only 11 odd yards - maybe I can reach that goal one day too!! Still very productive, especially as you were running around with interviews as well. Great spread of garments again for the last week of MMM 15.

  8. Such pretty garments.. Fit is great too.. Happy sewing.

  9. I love all your outfits! You have such style. :)

  10. I love all your outfits! Sue :)

  11. AHHH. I have been inspired to sew faster!

  12. Confession time: The yellow skirt you made inspired me to make mine. As soon as I saw yours (last year?), I bought some yellow stretch cotton sateen to make my own. The black and white top with which it is paired is a total kowinkidink. =)

    Congrats on winning the contest! I voted for you and a few others that I liked.

  13. You have made some lovely outfits Nakisha. I always find your enthusiasm contagious. Thanks for sharing your outfits for Me Made May.

  14. You did a great job for May, quieter maybe but still very productive! and gosh you have such a beautiful wardrobe. you really know what colors look good on you :D

  15. I love your wrap up. I love something about every single one of the garments you made. You are a sewing Super Woman.


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