Sunday, June 21, 2015

Butterick 6183, Vogue 9032 and RTW

Thank you everyone for the well wishes on the new job!

The first "week" (2 days!) went very well. It's a small, quiet office that's really close to home. It only took me 5 minutes to get there in Friday traffic! I am impressed by how well they treat their employees. The digs are decidedly un-fancy, but not only do people hang around and retire from this place (shortest tenure prior to myself and a new IT person that started recently is 13 years) but they close the week between Christmas and New Year! I have not heard of non-manufacturing environments doing this for a long, long time.

I hope to stay here for AWHILE!

When B6183 came out I thought that top was absolutely everything. I made it before in ponte because I didn't want to muslin it :)

This time, I used a cotton poplin with a tiny polka-dot print.

I cut a size 16C (I said recently that the D cup has too much projection for me)
1/2" swayback (need 3/4")
1/2" narrow shoulder
added CB seam
eliminated the zipper and used a hook and eye closure
used my paisley bias tape :)

There's a little excess fabric like I need a tuck at the armscye

Normally I don't really care about my serger thread...but the next few projects I had in mind were light colored so I had a combo of taupe and cream loaded and used it.

But every time I see the inside of this top I'm all O_o LOL!! 

I wore this outfit on my first day and felt great!

I have sewn several pair of Vogue 9032 pants and wanted to try the pleated view. Halfway through making them I went to try them on and absolutely hated them. But since I loved the color and feel of the fabric I decided to finish them anyway, even if they became a wadder. 

I tried to convert them to darts based on great suggestions on IG, but that seemed to highlight my tummy pooch even more than the pleats. 

So, I do not hate them but I hate the pleats. I will wear them only with tops long enough to cover them. 

The top is my copy of the RTW top I made for the Fabric Mart contest last year. Not long ago, FM had knits on sale and they had a black rayon jersey. For SOME reason I only ordered 2 yards. I kept looking at it and thinking, I need a black top but I need to make the "right" pattern. And then it hit me...use the RTW top!!! :) So glad I did. I foresee this one getting lots of wear.

The left is the RTW top and the right was my first version. 

I followed it up with a taupey colored one from a liquidy rayon jersey which I love.

And funnily enough, while going through OLD pics today on my laptop trying to find one of my dad and me, Lookey at what I found:

I had THREE of them before! Hahaha!!!! Smart lady! ;-)


  1. I haven't ventured into pants yet! I'll wait for that torture, I know there will be a lot of fitting and my projects take forever ad it is. I love that top especially the binding and the RTW top, good job copying that!

    1. Thank you!!

      Hey, you NEVER know! I have far more fitting issues with tops/dresses than pants. Just give it a try!

  2. I agree, you make tops so much nicer than the RTW ones !

  3. Look at you with long hair! I've made three of the B6183 and have a few more ideas in mind for that pattern. For a woman that doesn't like to make tops, I love that pattern! Oh and I like your outfit. Glad that you like your new firm and I will be hanging out with you over Christmas break because my new firm closes down for Christmas too!

    1. Thanks Carolyn!! :)

      I think I want more of that top too. Something about it is just fabulous. Maybe I should try a contrast yoke??

  4. Everything looks great on you! Love those new Vogue pants - they fit so perfectly and look totally fab - maybe remove the pleats from the waistline on the pattern/make it flat front so you are happier with the tummy area so you can make them again? Congrats again on the new job!

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, I'll probably just stick to the other view of this pattern...4 pair of those and I wear them almost exclusively :)

  5. glad to hear you're loving the new job! gret job on the tops & the pants they look fantastic!


  6. That new job sounds wonderful, I hope that you love it for a very long time. Its so wonderful to have family time at the holidays, congrats on finding a family friendly company.
    I like the pant, I think you make them look so flattering with your outfit choices. Sometimes thing that don't work when examined on their own working the context of an outfit. I think they look terrific.

    1. Thanks Becki! I agree...sometimes putting an entire outfit together changes things. I did end up wearing them to work the other day with a fitted cardigan in a bright orchid color.

  7. Looking good. Pity about the pants, but you found a solution. Glad your new job is looking fantastic.

  8. Love your first day at work outfit.


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