Friday, July 17, 2015

Fall Vogues and More

I'll start by saying, my Hancock had them in stock and I only bought one, V9132.

I love this for a fall skirt! I might try to color block, we'll see. The finished length is 19" so I will add a couple inches. The 19" length could work with tights once the weather cools way down.

Other patterns I liked, but not enough to add to the 500+ collection:

V1466; the jacket didn't move me but that skirt! It looks like it would have so much life.

V1465; the pieces are interesting; I just don't think I need them.

V9136; super cute. This one may make it in at some point.

V1460; Beautiful. For the right body type...

V1463: again, gorgeous details but...I'll pass for now.


V1467; I love this jacket but helloooooo! I know McCall Co could have done something about the blingy buttons.

And then...

1458 is a hard no for me. Too many details to the point of looking ridiculous.

1457 had my interest until I looked closer...


9124: WHY?

9128: I don't know about those seams on a full bust...

So yeah, kind of a middle-of-the-road release for me.

I am still needing to hem my V8805 dress (tomorrow?)  But of course I've since started a new project:

I've placed a couple of FM orders recently and for now, this stack of fabric has my attention: 

1&2) Cotton shirting for B6183
3) rayon challis (pattern undertermined)
4&5) Cotton shirting for Burda 7136

That's the plan at least!


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan!

  2. V9132 is a gorgeous Fall skirt!! I haven't checked out the collection yet, but that skirt and the V1466 skirt is nice too. PS--I love that stack of fabrics you are working on!

  3. Ooh I like it when a plan starts coming together:-)

  4. The V1466 skirt would be nice in a lightweight ponte. Also like the V9132 skirt, very cute.

  5. The V1466 skirt would be nice in a lightweight ponte. Also like the V9132 skirt, very cute.

  6. I'm not real hot on the release overall. The skirt is one of the winners for me also. I might be grabbing the Betzina butt seam pants when JA gets them in stock, eventually... I need butt seams to contour my shapely rear side.

  7. I always love your commentary on patterns!!

  8. I am tempted by the sailor pants but the reality is, when would I ever sew them up? Uhmmmmmm...

    I'm also tempted by the skirt pattern you bought. Interesting seaming. That sleeveless turtleneck has interesting seaming too. Hmmmmm....

    Anyway, I enjoyed your review of the release as always!!

  9. I really enjoyed your review!

  10. Oooh! That purple fabric with the McCall's pattern will be divine. That 1457 is kinda crazy with the seaming!

  11. V1464 has butt princess seams!! Totally didn't catch that. Now I definitely have to get it. Anyway, your self restraint is admirable :)

  12. I just could not get excited about the new fall patterns. Several of them are very similar to other patterns so I decided I did not need.

  13. I'm definitely getting the skirt and the jacket. There were only a couple that I liked and will pick them up at the next sale.

  14. I like the FRA potential with those back seams, but honey, just btw you and me, sailor pants on curvy girls are really not flattering. I tested the Cake "Endeavor" pants, and ...none of us curvy testers looked good in them. That flat panel in the front only works if you are...flat in the front. For me, it was like a billboard that said: "Hey, I had kids! See my tummy! No, look at it! Right NOW!"


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