Sunday, July 12, 2015

FINALLY Finished: Butterick 6182

I started this skirt over a month ago. So hopefully I can remember all of the details!

I have been wanting to add some skirts to the wardrobe and am very happy with my B5760 straight skirt pattern but wanted some variation. It seems like what's available is either straight or LOTS of volume by way of gathers, pleating, etc. I was really drawn to this skirt after seeing a couple versions made up.

Based on finished measurements, I cut a size 16. I could have done a 16 front and 18 back. I think that'll be my default with skirt patterns, especially if I decide to muslin. It just seems to work better than futzing with the back pattern piece to make it larger or the front piece to make it smaller. We can just do whatever works, right?? :)

This fabric is a printed linen that I received (free) from Fabric Mart when I won week 4 of the Fabricista's contest. It was still quite stiff when it washed up which I thought would make it perfect for this skirt.

Once the waistband was sewn on, I couldn't zip it. I thought it was due to err, *that time* and cast it aside! A couple weeks later, I went to try it on again and it was still tight through the high hip and waist so I knew I needed to let it out a bit.

A couple more weeks passed and I removed the invisible zipper and switched it out for a lapped, and let out the side seams about 1/4" (for an additional 1" total) from the waist through about 1in above the bottom of the pocket.


Except...didja notice a couple weeks then a couple more? Yep, it was that time again. So now, that the skirt is all done, it is loose at the waist. Ay yi yi. I'm not redoing anything. It just sits lower than intended.

I just used this cardigan for pics...I never wear it closed so ignore the gaping

I like these pockets! 

Oh, how could I forget...I HATED THE WAISTBAND!

The pattern piece for the waistband is over 6" wide **the pattern piece is just over 6" meaning the finished width is about 2.5"**. It is a straight band. My swayback is too pronounced for that and it looked terrible. I literally cut it half. So my finished band is just about 1" wide. 

There is bias facing applied to the pocket opening which I absolutely loved. I used rayon challis for this as my fabric is quite stiff. The pocket sits so nice and flat.

My lapped zipper with slightly wonky stitching...

In the end, I just wanted the danged thing finished. I serged the bottom and catch stitched it by hand. I decided that with my fabric, that would work better than a topstitched hem.

The verdict? Meh.

I like it. As in, if I saw it on a hanger or on someone or something I would think, "oh, that's a cute skirt..." But I don't love it. 

As with most of my iffy makes, I WILL wear it at least once before I decide it doesn't work for me.


After getting all 'woe is me' about not having much sewing time this month and barely having the energy to sew,  I made a little short term plan for July and August (yeah, yeah, I know, I will probably change those plans!)

I saw a cute dress that was colorblocked aqua/teal/navy and decided that would be the scheme of my next Vogue 8805! But I had no aqua. And Jess of Sometimes Sewist gave me some other suggestions! One was gray and I was really excited about it once I was able to get home and see the 3 fabrics together.

She also suggested white, which I wish I had a nice white ponte because that would have looked NICE. (sidenote: Now, I will have to have ONE more in white/kelly green/navy!)

It needs side seams sewn and then finishing (hems, neckbinding, hook and eye)...but I just got home after 6 hours worth of softball in 90 degree heat and I am far too tired to even think about it.

Until later!


  1. 6" waistband? That's crazy!
    I find that my skirts are tighter at night than they are in the morning, after eating all day. So it's better for me to make them looser and be more comfortable than tighter and can't wait to take it off.

    1. Oh that's a good point!!

      Well the pattern piece was 6", so finished width around 2.5". Too high for me.

  2. The skirt looks great - the fabric choice looks perfect and the narrower waistband looks great.

  3. I love the skirt - such cute fabric. Maybe it will grow on you?

  4. Wow - 6" waistband! Good call on reducing it to one inch.

  5. This is a fine looking skirt and the fit is great. That does seem like an awfully wide waistband. You made it work for you and that's what counts.

  6. Waistband 6 inches wide - no way - it would feel uncomfortable and fold over itself all the time. 1 inch is plenty. The skirt looks wonderful, and so does the colourblock dress. Pity you don't like the skirt, some garments are like that, you fall in love with them, but they don't love you back.

  7. Very nice skirt and I love that fabric! I agree that a cut straight waistband isn't the best. And 6" ??!

  8. If I made a waistband that wide, with my short waist my bust would be sitting on it LOL!! I love the skirt and the material it looks great on you especially with the cardi. Love the colours. I usually wear straight skirts, pleats, and gathers do nothing for me. But finding variety in a straight is so difficult, this is a good pattern:-D


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