Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Blog for me!

I have three blogs. I have one for my braces journey that is really just about that; no more. I have my personal blog that is about me and my life. And I want this blog to refer back to my projects (sewing mainly) and other things I might try.

A little about me, I am almost 34 years old. I am married with 5 kids. I am a chemist by profession and have always enjoyed creating things. I have two Etsy shops (which are both currently on vacation) where I sell tutus and crochet items. I've begun to do some hand painting on clothing but again with a focus on babies.

I have always, always, ALWAYS wanted to learn to sew. When I was little, my mom used to bring me scrap fabrics and I'd sew outfits for Barbie. I bought a toy Singer a couple of years ago for $30 and it lasted as long as you'd expect a $30 "machine" to last :)

I own a Singer 3321 Talent. I know it isn't top of the line or anything but I think it's sturdy and handy for my introductory level sewing.

I plan to use this blog to be able to reference my favorite patterns, patterns I'd like to try, outcome of sewing, etc on message boards and forums. It'll also be a nice 'record' of my trials and errors - and joys too! :)

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  1. I don't think you ever posted,when did you first start sewing seriously, and what has been your most valuable resource?


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