Monday, February 25, 2013

I have become a PATTERN JUNKIE!

On February 5th, I blogged that I owned 11 patterns. And I listed them out.

Oh my goodness. I had 11 patterns. I now have at least 70. And I have a "must have" list of 25 patterns for the upcoming Vogue/Butterick/McCall's sales at Hancock and JoAnn. I need help! :)

In my defense, my pattern collection has expanded beyond the things I want to sew for myself! I have some duplicates of "my" patterns in the smaller size, for my teen daughter. I have a couple of men's patterns I bought. I have pj patterns for the family. I have several kid patterns now for my two nephews and my friend's baby -- My other nieces are nephews are 13-21 so... :) I have a couple of home decor patterns especially since I'm angling to get a craft room when we move this fall.

I. Must. Have. My. Own. Space! Right now, I occupy the front hall closet (with crochet and tutu goodies) and the back corner of the dining room (and the dining room table during sewing time). I hate having to completely clean up and put everything away all the time. I'm crafting out of totes here!

I can't make a pattern list anymore. I can just fondle them in my spare time, as I often do. I admittedly have mostly the big 4 (McCall's, Butterick, Simplicity (including Kwik Sew), and Vogue). I have a couple of other random patterns and the Collette Sorbetto top (FREE download!). I see I NEED to buy the Jalie 2908 pattern and to explore some of the other independents; after I cut my teeth on the $1-$4 patterns.

AND I've discovered S.R. Harris. :swoon:


  1. lol I've become a pattern junkie too! I have so many but I'm not sure how many - I haven't counted. But I love shopping for them! I'll have to look up S.R. Harris - I haven't heard of them before :)

  2. You are not alone. I have so many patterns,I'm ashamed..Well almost.


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