Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Sewing Filled Weekend!!!

He said, "you can sew". Woohoo!! I could sew all weekend without feeling as if I were abandoning my family :)

Because I don't have too much time most evenings, I've taken a new approach of getting patterns traced and cut out, and getting fabric cut, during the week. Then by the weekend I'm ready to sew.

Friday night I didn't sew. Saturday morning, I woke up around 6 a.m., cursing my neighbors. Our apartment walls are paper thin and I could hear annoying music playing for at least a half hour. Eventually, I realized the music was coming from my son's alarm clock! Oops! (He wasn't at home). I finally got up and worked out, had breakfast etc. By 9:30 I was antsy. My husband was passed out from sinus medicine and my 14 year old was asleep (she'll easily sleep until 11).  I hit S.R. Harris again.

Oy vey!

I am really loving this place. Patterns in hand, I spent $80 and bought enough fabric to make:

*a dress
*a sweatshirt
*casual knit pants (not quite yoga pants but...)
*3 skirts
*pants (ankle length skinny's)
*3 shirts

That's an average of $8 per outfit! Though I did finish a skirt today and with zipper and hook & eyes, it came in at under $5.

Then I remembered Hancock was having their 50% off notions sale. I got lots of goodies: buttons, zippers, thread, bias tape, D-rings (hey, they were cheap!), elastic, hook and eyes, and a new magnetic wand for my pins - all for under $20.

I am LOVING this!

Reviews as separate posts!

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