Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sew busy! Finished Item: Vogue 8679

Ha, ha, ha. I'm so (sew?) clever! Whomp. Whomp!

I got a new iron! I've had my old iron since I don't know least 5 years...and I totally only buy like $20-$30 irons. One time I bought a schnazzy iron and it leaked and died faster than any $25 iron I ever owned. Pfft. Bring on the WalMart special.

I bought the Black & Decker classic

What makes it special? It's pretty heavy. That should come in handy with my sucky, weak wrist. It has an 'off' switch! woohoo! But still has an auto shut-off feature. The soleplate is brushed, I know that everyone has been conditioned to believe that stainless steel is the absolute best material for everything, but really, there's no magical powers encased in your 300 series, nickel/chrome stainless steel material. I ironed half a tshirt and boy does it press. I can't wait to hit my seams with this bad boy! :)

I also remembered that I entered the semi/fitted shirt contest on PR. Errr. Submissions need to be in by March 31. I originally intended to enter 2 shirts. I spaced and realized yesterday that New Look 6104 (view C) isn't going to qualify; it doesn't have a collar. It just has a neck band. Oy! But Butterick 5678 (view A with the collar) will work just fine. I cut it to tonight. On the New Look pattern, I really wanted to make the view with the ruffle but I'm not sure, especially in pink. I don't want it to be too frilly.

I sewed Vogue 8679, view B, the top. Again, just 4 pattern pieces and 5 pieces to sew: front, back, sleeves, neckband. I used a tshirt knit that I got in my Fabric Mart mystery bundle. So it was basically $1 to make plus the $1.08 I spent for matching thread. Everything was fine until I got ready to apply the binding. Something went wrong and the neck got all stretched out of shape. I've read about this phenomenon before, I 'll have to do some research to see if I can fix it. I like the color of the fabric a lot though.

My left shoulder is SO much lower than my right! What did I do to myself?!? See how wonky the neck is?? Oh and I didn't do the narrow sleeve hem yet. I need to first see if I can fix the neck before I take on such a non-fun task :)

Thanks Dougie for telling me the shirt was hung up on my bum! Sheesh!

I still need to hit up Home Depot to get some giant washers to use as weights. I've gotten to the point where I use barely any pins (mostly on corners or round areas and on woven fabrics). It saves SO much time. I think the weights will help me a ton.


  1. HI! I just found your blog thru Pattern Review. I love your new top and I like everything you've sewn. I'm trying to sew more for myself these days and seem to have a fear of making things that fit. Time to tackle that and get down to business. I'm off to buy V8679 this weekend and see what I can do. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Mary!

      I like this pattern a lot, especially for a beginner. Easy to make up and pretty quick too! Don't be afraid!!! Be fearless!!! :)

  2. Congrats on your new top and your new iron. I used the BD classic for years and have one now as a backup.

    To see finished tops - at the top of my post you will see "click here to see finished projects". When you click on it you will be taken to the page that contains all the finished tops.

    1. Thanks Faye! I love the weight of it. It's coming in handy already.

      I'll pop back over to the blog to check it out. I'm excited to see everyone's handy work.

  3. I love your new top.. The color is gorgeous. Congradulations on your new iron too..

  4. I love the top. The color is great!


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