Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finished Item - McCall's 6519 and Simplicity 2892

These projects were finished last week, I don't know why I didn't blog about them!

McCall's 6519 - A 'wardrobe' kind of pattern. I don't care much for the dress and wonder if the blazer is too boxy for me (I'm shaped like a box already). The pleats on the pants...I don't know about either. Hey, when the pattern is $1 I only need to like *1* item for me to buy it!

The top is meant to hang away from the body and I would have cut a 14 and graded to a 16 after the bust. However, this pattern had the 14 and 16 on separate sheets and I didn't feel like tracing. Yeah...I really like the top!

I also learned a new skill - sewing in bias binding! Woohoo!

It's funny, I jumped into sewing with no reservations. I made buttonholes the first day I used my machine. I've inserted zippers. I've worked on pants and even got one pattern to fit relatively well (New Look 6189 and Simplicity 2700 are on their way!). BUT - I have feared linings and bias bindings. WHY?!?!?!

This was such an easy process to get such a high reward. It makes things look really really pretty! My Pattern Review

The challis was a dream to sew! I want to buy a ton of this stuff and sew everything with it! EVERYTHING! I'm wearing this to work on Monday!


Simplicity 2892 - swoooooooon. I fell in love with this top when I saw Regan's version. It is such a simple but sweet and feminine top. I messed up the band but I was able to fix it so it's still pretty on the outside even if it's a little scary on the inside. I didn't interface the waistband because, I picked up the smaller pattern envelope for some reason. I usually cut tops 14/16 and the larger size is 14-22. I can only assume they didn't have it when I went in. Eh. I'd cut it a little larger or maybe cut more generous SA because it's not "right" at the pleats. They aren't smooth when it's on. OMG and I couldn't get the blousing right - or I was too sleepy to care. I'm totally gonna rock it though! 

100% Rayon (Tropical Weight) from Hancock Fabrics. I love it! Didn't use much fabric at all, the only reason that it required a bit of fabric is that the waistband (front and back) are cut on the bias.

Excuse the 'crazy face'. My daughter was being a stinker and didn't warn or anything. When I posted it (rushing to get it in for Faye's Sew Along!), I didn't have cording for the buttons. I have it now. I am probably going to wear this one for my company photo next week!

I am quickly crossing over. I see the place for poly blends in fabric options but I've gotten my hands on rayon, wool crepe, cotton shirting, etc and yeah, I prefer it already :)

P.S. - The Brother 1034D is ordered and on it's way to me!!!!!!!


  1. Both nice tops, Mrs.Smith!

    Congrats on the serger!! You'll love using one! I do. :)

  2. OH YES, & the teal looks fab on you!! Excellent job!

    1. Thank you!! And thanks for responding to my questions on your blog!


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