Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sewing Plans

I have become a pattern junkie. I have an exorbitant amount of patterns now - well over 100. I have a (small, medium-ish??) stash of fabric, enough for about 25 projects I'd assume. If I could sew them all up today, I would :) But I know I can't. And I know that some of them may sit unsewn for a looooooong time. That's okay, logically. LOL! Emotionally and mentally I want to make a plan to sew. them. alllllll!!!!!!!!

I also have a big project for the month of April - attempting sewing my daughter's dress for the 9th grade formal. EEEEK! It's Simplicity 3878 and it's going to be done up in a rich navy crepe backed satin with tulle (or organza??) overlay. I am going to start a muslin for the bodice right away next weekend. I know getting it to fit will be the hardest part. I'm sure sewing a gown is time consuming (compared to a skirt or pants or a simple top...) but I have no clue how this will fit her!

Here are my desired sewing projects. Of course, these can be outranked at any time if I see something else that's awesome. I'm trying not to go fabric shopping until May 1 at least. (Let the record reflect that as this post was in draft mode...I spent $80 at Fabric Mart. I bought lots of fabric for work clothes (22 ish yards) and am now on a self-imposed fabric fast until Hopefully by May I'll be buying a serger!! I'm thinking Brother 1034D - it seems to be a popular one.

*Simplicity 2892 in a luscious teal colored tropical weight rayon. I'm doing view C. Can't wait!
*McCall's 6319 (oop) view A in this cool printed knit I scored at SR Harris (for about $11)
*Butterick 5493, view C, in my knit scored in my mystery bundle from FM. That'll make it a <$1 shirt.

*Sewaholic Thurlow shorts - Hopefully a wearable muslin - again fabric from the FM mystery bundle. It's a suiting fabric in an olive green.
*Simplicity 2512 view B in (GASP!) quilting cotton. But I love the pattern and the color of the fabric. It's going to look cute with an ivory top and gold belt :)
*New Look 6189 view A in this printed, denim-like linen-like fabric from Hancock Fabrics. It's not denim or linen but I *like* it. So that's that, right?

I want to make this peplum top! But I want to use this denim for like 3 things! LOL!!! I would love to make Simplicity 1887 or Thurlow (if successful) shorts in this denim. I would love to make McCall's 3830 pencil skirt in this denim. I could just buy more denim...right?

I'm thinking I need a lighter weight denim for the peplum. This stuff is sort of heavy. I need to learn how to decipher the weight of denim...but it feels almost as heavy as the Rock & Republic denim I bought from SR Harris. But it has a bit of lycra/spandex to it...I'd also love to make this peplum top with an exposed zipper - I'm getting too fancy for myself!


  1. The brother serger works wonderful! I know about the pattern stashing I have so many I should be past ashamed. Good Luck on your daughters dress.

    1. I think that's the one I'm going to go with Lillian! The stashing is sooooo fun. I wonder how often I pull everything out and just fawn over it all.


      Thanks! I'll surely be blogging about the experience of dress making!

  2. I have four of the same patterns you showcased. Like you I have a collection of patterns and when I see what others are going to make using some of the patterns I have, I get re-inspired. Love your fabrics. I think the quilting cotton print fabric with gold belt idea is great!

    1. Thanks Linda! I love pairing up patterns and fabrics...even if I change my mind later.

  3. Great plans love all the patterns and the fabrics.


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