Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lil' Bit of Mojo: Finished Item and Work In Progress

After my last post, I told myself I was going to get my mojo back! And I said it with a little head roll and finger snap. LOL! Just kidding. Kinda.

Ok, so I had cut McCalls 6604 and got all extra dramatically annoyed when I realized I hadn't cut the facing for the back piece and had the top lying in a heap. I pulled it together and finished cutting the fabric - facing pieces and sleeves. The sleeves of this view are intended to be cut of a contrasting fabric. I had some creamy/tan colored lace knit that I was going to use and then at the last minute I chickened out and used the same fabric as the rest of the top. That's okay - this is America.

I love this color! It's different but not. And, being a novice, I chose this fabric for the color and because it was cotton. The voile is light and airy yet very crisp (sounds like a pastry - mmmmmm!). I think this is why the cowl doesn't drape *quite* like I'd like. BUT, it's slight stiffness means you can arrange it just so and it stays that way. I guess that's okay too. I LOVE the sleeves. They taper to nothing at the lower armpit and it's a cute look. I think I am totally going to try this one more time in a fabric with a little more drape.

What I learned. I totally need to do swayback adjustments. Bleh. And although it looks stretched across the front, it really isn't. I finished it after my bedtime and then had to get a pic and put on the bra that was hanging there drying. My super duper pick-me-up, uber lacy, madly wired bra. Yeah, under normal circumstances the girls won't be so high and out THERE.

I'm also making more progress on my S2700 pants. The fly did me in and had me afraid to return to the pattern. It isn't perfect by a long shot...I mean, the zipper is inserted and works and is even and all of that...but the top-stitching is wonky and something weird is happening at the bottom where everything comes together. I am just going to have to take a good hard look at some of my RTW pants and see how I can neaten things up there. But they're looking good!

Looking pretty pants like! I got good results on my pocket topstitching but the fly? Oy vey!

That little pucker near the zipper? I dunno. But it doesn't bother me because it's concealed when the pants are zipped. It took me FOREVER to do the waistband yoke because I wanted to be sure it was correct! LOL!

See? Nice pocket topstitching!

The rest of the weekend was a blur. In addition to our own 4 kids that are here, I had my 13 yo niece and 5 yo nephew so our house was jumping!

What I was reduced to Saturday night: Meatball subs and copious amounts of kit-kats!

And last but not least, Father's Day! My Papa is near and dear to my heart, even if he is 1,140 miles away :-( Happy Father's Day Papa!! I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! For my husband, I took the kids out yesterday to get cards and gag gifts - yessss!!! and a little something (an actual gift!) for Father's Day.

Plus, a trip to the theater to see Man of Steel. If you're into the whole superhero genre (like we obviously are!), go check it out. It was good - not great (yes, people will argue that it was THEE greatest ever) but butter than prior installments. Plus Henry Cavill is cuuuuuute!


  1. Wonderful Job, and Yay to all the Fathers!

    1. Thanks! And I agree, dads are awesome!

  2. the pocket topstitching is ...heavenly!

    1. Thanks Mary!

      I realize I've transitioned from sew, sew, sew! to get done, done, done! -to- really focusing on details and getting good results.


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