Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stashing! Fabrics and Patterns! Fall McCall's!

Yes, I was on a self-imposed fabric fast. Sue me.

I knew I had to have these cotton fabrics and I just couldn't say no when I got that FM sale email.

2 yards of bright orange cotton gauze. It is brighter than I thought. I'm not certain about this one. Maybe a sundress? A tunic? Probably not work-wear.

I've never bought burnout fabric but I LOVE this! I only got 1 yard so it will become a simple top - probably sleeveless - best use of a high interest fabric is a simple pattern.

I missed this chambray gauze and then they brought it back. I love the denim-look but it's sooooo soft and breezy. This will become M6744 view A/B (View B with the length of A...or View A with the racerback of B!). But as you can see, it's 4 yards of it! So it'll become a couple of things! :)

I was thinking of S1696 if I get the fit down but this seems REALLY stretchy! I'm not sure how well that'll work for pants. Will they "grow" really badly throughout the day? But it's BRIGHT. I love it!

Not really denim-look as I thought, but it should be good for what I intended - a simple unlined jacket

It's soooo soft this cotton poplin! mmmmm. It shall become a button down top. Really.

More burnout! And it's really abstract and geometric!!! Another top. This might happen this week. It's red, white and blue for goodness sake!
Then, there's the freebie. It's a poly knit but I can make it work!
This came in a (free with $50 purchase) bundle with some trims and random buttons.
THEN, I risked it and got a small 6 yd bundle for $10.

 Sigh...I don't know about the purple fabric. It feels like cotton but it has a print that makes it look smudged/dirty. Maybe some type of maxi skirt/dress?? And the ribbed fabric? I have no clue? Maybe one of those easy cardigans that are glorified rectangles? I don't know...It kind of makes me sad...there's 3 yards of each so it was about $1.66/yd. I could have totally gotten more $1.99/yd fabrics!


I also catalogued my pattern stash. I'm at around 160. Oy. And the new McCall's for fall are out! There are only a few that I must have:
M6796 All perfect. I will make each and every one of these views.
Line Art
M6802 (it's a cardigan! Ignore the weird hooded ones...). Views C and D will be contenders.
Line Art
And then the ones I'm not sure about...I like THIS dress. It's easy to get caught up in the fabric choice on the pattern envelope, ignoring the actual pattern. The technical drawing doesn't do anything for me but I love this color blocked version...Surely I could recreate it with my own black/grey ponte...right? Right?!?! Ok, I'll *only* buy this at a $1 sale.
Like it...but it'll never happen. There's no time where I can go braless and be "dressed" and I'm not buying a special low-back bra deal...AND it takes 5 yards (FIVE!!!) of fabric. FIVE!!!! 
And then...there are these...
And this M6799
Holy smokes. If I knew enough about altering patterns to reduce volume then maybe this could be a contender. Until then...if it looks this unflattering on her 110 lb body, no way am I chancing it!
****Edited to add:
Pattern envelope pic:
Fashion Star episode garment
It is SO much cooler as it was originally made! It looks chic! Stylish! I think the Big 4 needs to hire a new design team. That white/black/sheer/red/purple/ ensemble is just troublesome.


  1. Hehehe Totally UnderstandAble! I Missed Out On The Chambrays... I Kept Putting Some In Cart, Then Feel Guilty Coz There's Nowhere To Store Them, So I Strenghen Resolve To Destash First, But By The Time I Decided Ok, I Will Make Mathing Fabric tOps For Me, Hubby N soN With It N Go Back To FM, All gone.. Lol :)

    1. That's the only downfall with FabricMart! I always get my heart set on something and then BAM. It's no more!

  2. Love your new fabrics.. We have to have a fabric buy occasionally.ha
    Can't wait to see what you make?

  3. Honey, I know the feeling. You've got some great buys and great projects in mind. FM has been my secret lover since early this year. I just can't stay away! I just got a box last week and I was online ordering gabardine and cotton (it was on sale--ok?) the next day. I got plans--hope summer doesn't end before I get everything done. Then comes early fall sewing. I joined a sewing group we will not buy RTW for a year. So stash bustin' needs to continue--my shelves are into overflow.

    1. Thanks Robin!

      You know that cotton sale was a MUST. LOL! I'm doing a stash busting sew along with SarahLizSewStyle. I need to get to sewing! I've been watching you guys' progress on the no RTW sew along. It is awesome. I cannot wait to get to that point.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog - I couldn't reply as you are set as a no-reply blogger, but I have replied on your comment on my blog! (in case someone else wants to know the same!)

    I am very jealous of your sewing ability!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah!! I have an unnatural desire to knit socks! LOL!!!!

      I don't know why it's no reply. Hmmm.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! Oddly though, the design runs vertical not horizontal. It's going to make a cute dress though. Maybe a wrap or faux wrap??


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