Friday, March 21, 2014

Hellooooooo. Have You Seen My Sewing Mojo??

I don't know where it went! I was on a roll. On. A. Roll. And then...ZAP! It's gone. I broke it. I don't know how.

I haven't touched my machine since Monday night. That's just...wrong. On Tuesday, my daughter decided I needed to make her something. So down to the cave we went, where she took about 96 seconds to go through all 6 bins and 1 box of fabric to decide on which fabrics were suitable for her.

She wants a hooded sweatshirt from the leopard with black contrast (because there isn't enough for an entire sweatshirt). PJ capris in the turq/black chevron flannel. A bomber jacket in the plaid (I am stealing that back. She cannot have it. She just doesn't know it yet. I will try to find a suitable replacement!). Crew neck tees (thinking McCall's 6927 will work and since I'm in the D cup and she's in the A/B cup - no tracing! SCORE!) in the two cotton fabrics and a sweatshirt in the blue (which was MINE to make a Lekala sweatshirt pattern).

Also, she remembered the tie-dye fleece that I bought to make matching sweatshirts for her and my friend's little girl. So because I am lazy smart, I am reusing M6614. The adjustments are already done and I only needed to add the hood.

She wears this crazy sweatshirt all the time and the fleece is holding up surprisingly well!

So I cut out the sweatshirt while she told me the latest teen drama about how friend A told friend B something that she had no business telling and that's why no one likes her because she cannot keep her mouth shut for one minute! (hahahaha! Run-on sentence: on purpose)

I also cut out the pattern for my V8772 top for the fitted blouse contest but did nothing more on it.

I have my Burda Style Illusion jacket ready to cut but haven't.

I have my abandoned shorts.

I got inspired to join the Bargainista Fashionista contest on PR after seeing this EXPENSIVE skirt:

So I sought out fabric and found this:

Good, right?!?!?

But it is quilting cotton and it is $10.48 a yard and it is at
1) I don't mind using a quilting cotton; I'd line it and it wouldn't get worn a ton.
2) $10.48/yd is a little steep and since it's 44" fabric I'd need like 1 1/2 yards.
3) I abhor now. I've had 3 strikes with them and decided against better judgement to give them a 4th chance. They blew it. I am done.

So if anyone sees a similar black/white print like that, let me know!

Anyhow, I have plenty of inspiration and plenty of projects that want to be completed. I just have to find my mojo.


  1. Ah teen drama :) I don't miss those days. And I love how kids always seem to hone right in on the fabric you've been saving for yourself. I'm currently fighting over some Charley Harper knit with my DD. lol. I'm hoping she forgets - but I know she won't.
    That sweatshirt is awesome and she is such a beautiful girl! You did a great job.
    I think the black and white skirt would look kick-ass!!! I feel you though, has gone on a downward slide the last 2 years here. So sad as I have nowhere to buy good fabric around here.
    I hope you find that mojo soon!!! :D

  2. Cute daughter and a very pretty top. Girl, you've got to get that mojo back so I can see your finished Simplicity 1699 dress. Yes, isn't it fun and a little stressful listening to that drama. Try listening to a 7 year old and the run on drama!

  3. I also go through stages of no sewjo - i think all sewers do. But i think its important to recharge the batteries. x

  4. Your daughter is so pretty! You did a great job on her shirt. Sorry to hear about your missing mojo. But, truth be told, your productivity will far outweigh however long this missing mojo lasts!! I am amazed by all the things you manage to sew, and sew well.

  5. Yeah, it is tough to have lost your seiwng mojo...but I think you just need a break and your'll be back stronger than ever. PsSYour daughter is beautiful.

  6. Ok, I 'virtually' liked you until you mentioned that you lost your mojo and haven't sewn since Monday LOL. I wish that missing mojo comes to me :-). I went all February without sewing but now I think I'm getting back on track.

    Anyhow, love seeing your projects! Your daughter is a cutie pie.

  7. Teen drama unfortunately follows quite a few into adulthood and beyond. SMH

    The mojo will come back. Sometimes doing small things will get you going again. Also, don't force yourself into doing a project. Let the feeling come organically. It'll be back!

  8. Hmmmm...cutting out stuff counts as sewing to me!! You'll be back at the machine soon. In fact, I wonder if you're there right now! :)

  9. We all go through lost mojo moments. I have absolutely zero today. What I do then is simple things - clean the machine, wash a bit of stash, go through patterns and pictures, and catch up on reading blogs. Energy ebbs and flows, and you have a busy life, so you just might need some down time - even sewers need that, and then I'm sure the mojo will come back. As L says, small steps sometimes. And dealing with teen dramas is enough to make any mojo wilt.

  10. It will come back! I think everybody's sewjo takes a vacation from time to time. And you work yours hard, so it probably deserves a vacation, LOL!

  11. Ahhh, the lost mojo....know it well. :( Your daughter is so cute in that top!!

  12. I wouldn't worry about will come home just needs a rest!

  13. Thanks all! Reading these comments was THE best! Poor overworked mojo!! :)

  14. Does your daughter know how pretty she is? She's gorgeous. I wish my daughter's drama stayed in high school. My sewing has been suffering this week from her drama and church stuff. I have the mojo, but not the time or energy. Your mojo will come back. I know it will. And then, you will be a sewing tornado!

    1. Aw thanks! She's a modest lil thing so probably not. I'm okay with that! ;)

      Oh gosh. I know some of those adult drama queens. It's rough. Hopefully your schedule frees soon and you have the energy to sew!!!


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