Thursday, December 18, 2014

FINISHED: IH Kimono Tee & My Jelly Roll Quilt!

The quilt was a huge hit!

I was over the straightline quilting after oh, line 15 or so. I posted on PR and got the "there are no rules!" response and ran with it! LOL!

I mimicked the beginning pattern on the other end and did some random lines in the center. One section is all crazy but hey, that's character!

The endless amounts of bias tape that I made didn't make me happy with it's 1/2" width so I ended up using storebought. It performed fine but I wish it were a deeper shade of pink. No matter, I'm sure it'll be well loved regardless.

OMG! mitered corners are some kind of black magic and I couldn't do it. I ended up doing some kind of overlap and sewing it down and yeah...


Since my wrap dress turned out a little flirtier than I originally planned and since winter is back in Minneapolis (it was 50 last weekend), I was thinking of something FUN I could wear today on my day off to the ortho.

Yesterday I scored a jean jacket at the thrift store. It's a little snug but it has some stretch and it'll be fiiiiine over thin tops and dresses. I decided it would look REALLY cute layered over the kimono tee but I needed some color!

I had this gorgeous Maggie London ITY in the stash (yep, Fabric Mart) and recently bought stretch lace that SURPRISE! was a perfect match!

I forgot to adjust the sleeve opening but remembered to add length! I added 3/4" to front and back. I did a much better job on the vneck this time :)

Worn with the thrifted jacket, black S2061 pants, and brown boots (I like brown and black together when other, brighter colors are thrown into the mix!)


I am ecstatic with my 'new smile' and allllllll the days and weeks were well worth it! :)


  1. You (and your smile) look fabulous!

  2. Cute shirt, great outfit, and a gorgeous smile!

  3. Perfect outfit and the beautiful smile, says it all.. Merry CHristmas

  4. Your smile looks fantastic! Love your outfit as well,but checkout those pearly whites:)!

  5. beautiful quilt! It turned out so nice. I'm sure it will be well loved.
    The top is so pretty and that jacket with it is so stylin! Yay for the tree in the background. I love Xmas trees. AND Congrats!!! Don't your teeth feel so smooth :)

    1. Thank you!! They are soooooo smooth!

      I told my husband our tree is pretty good if it even looks good un-lit! :-)

  6. That's what I like about you, Mrs Smith - you are always yourself :). I love the quilt - it turned out very nicely. And as for the top, with the jeans jacket and black pants and that megawatt smile - a winner :)

  7. That jacket is awesome and congratulations on your naked teeth!!!

  8. Beautiful quilt Mrs Smith, the color is so lovely,so is your beautiful smile

  9. Beautiful top. I love how you wear it with the jean jacket, pants and brown boots. And congrats on your beautiful smile!

  10. Your quilt turned out great - what a generous gift!

  11. Congrats on the new smile! I always say that getting my braces was the best money I ever spent.
    Your quilt turned out so pretty!

  12. Love the outfit!! and I feel the same way about brown and black :-)


  13. I too love black and brown together, very stylish. Your smile is STUNNING, worth every penny!

  14. Great 'braces off' outfit, and great new smile! Yay!

  15. Woo! Look at that beautiful smile!!! Congrats! The quilt is so happy and bright-- I love it. And it is so true-- there are NO rules in quilting... I think that's part of my problem with finishing stuff as I am perpetually paralyzed by indecision. :P


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