Saturday, December 20, 2014

Number 7: 2014 Hits & Misses

I have a giant post analyzing my 2014 makes so that is to come. Boy did I sew a lot this year!!

7 is my favorite number so... :-) In no particular order:

1. Without a doubt, V9032 makes the list! I sewed 3 pair and don't even want to wear other pants in my closet. Sheesh. These definitely pushed S2700 out of it's TNT spot. I really want to make the pleated pair!

2. My "Master's" jacket; aka my Butterick 5926 ponte blazer in kelly green. L.O.V.E. It brightens my day whenever I wear it!!!

3. The Belle bow blouse. I spent months searching for a bow blouse pattern and considered many yet none were quite right. This pattern is just fantastic to me and I love the way it fits! So even though it hasn't been in the wardrobe long - it's a favorite!

4. S2061; These are serious wardrobe staples for me. I like the sweatpants version but not NEARLY as much as the other two. The black pair are my go-to for weekends.

5. S2153: Oh my gosh. I spent a long time wanting to sew this pattern. I love it. I can see several more jackets and vests from this one! I wore the black jacket relentlessly and when the mercury climbed to 50 in mid December I pulled it back out! I LOVE it. And the vest. It is a very proud make for me as going with the contrast was a little out of my normal zone.

6. RTW knock off top. This represents a new-to-me skill (copying RTW) and the fit is so flattering! Not to mention the fabric...swoon! Washes amazingly, does not wrinkle and is soooo soft!

7. I love button front shirts but have never been able to buy them off the rack. I have a 6+ inch difference from full bust to underbust, narrow shoulders, large biceps...yeah, fitting into a rtw shirt was impossible.  I am still head over heels about my S2255 shirts that I made but the Burda 7136 as a 'traditional' shirt is fantastic :)

(wearing V9032 and S2061 with them!) :)

Honorable mention: New Look 6123. Sewn for the Fabric Mart contest, this dress makes me grin whenever I look at it. It was really a great exercise in fitting and I lined it (first fitted, lined dress!) and learned new skills (lining a sleeveless dress, lining a skirt with a vent) AND it was totally my most expensive project yet! :)

What's probably NOT surprising; almost all of these were made multiple times!
V9032; pair #4 is planned for my mini wardrobe
Belle blouse; #2 is planned for my mini wardrobe
S2061; sewn 4 times total
S2153; sewn twice
RTW top; sewn twice
Burda shirt; sewn twice
B5926 WILL be made in a nautical theme in the spring!
NL6123 was made again in ponte.

I love new patterns and trying new things but there's you gotta love knowing (mostly!) that it'll work!

The misses:

As for projects that get completed and then later become fails; I started doing "where are they now" posts (I only did 2 this year; oops!). Because sometimes things get made, they're awesome and then you realize you never, ever reach for them. Otherwise...

Pattern issue:
1. Deer & Doe Plantain tee. I got into the hype AND it was free but this pattern just didn't work for me. I don't like the silhouette of it and there are more tees in the sea. ;-)

2. Burda 6910. IT'S NOT YOU IT'S THE PATTERN!!!!!! Every.single.person(!) mentioned problems with the neckline. Something is wonky about this pattern for sure. Don't want it. It sucks. Ain't gonna waste time trying to redraft the neckline so I tossed it...And won't shed a tear. Buh-bye.

Technical issue:
3. M6844 BUT only certain ones. I have made this cardigan so many times. I came to realize I really only wear the ones with the interfaced collar band. Coincidence? I think NOT! hahahaha!

4. B6104 in brown wool...which was a huge disappointment because I love the red one. But it was riddled with fit problems and has made it's way to someone else to be well-loved, hopefully.

5. V8839 I loved this cardigan. Well, the idea of it. I wore it once and never touched it again. New home. Bye. Bye. :( I keep telling myself that it was just too big and I should try again. But I have this awesome 2 sided knit and I will be SUPER sad if I "waste" it.

6. M7046 I had palpitations when I saw the top from this pattern! Bad fabric. Too small. REALLY should've wait til spring with those flutter sleeves. So I will hopefully attempt it again.

7. Lekala pencil skirt. It may be weird for some people reading but, I have no freakin' clue what to wear with this skirt. I told myself I needed a khaki skirt but nothing seems to look right with it besides black or white. And I never know what shoes to wear. Gah.

One thing I'm always meaning to mention...I have PLENTY of failures that never make it out of the gate. It isn't that I don't want to blog those, it's that I generally scrap it and move on before it is even a blip on the sewing radar. Perhaps I'll mention those more frequently.


  1. You are so stinking cute in everything you make!

    I'd love to look over your shoulder as you make a shirt or a tee. I was shocked to read that you can't buy a RTW shirt. I can (except the button fronts gape a little right over the bust). When I buy a pattern, the upper arms are too tight along with all of the other adjustments (FBA, narrow shoulder, broad back, sway back). I still don't have a TNT t-shirt pattern and I own more than 20 of them. I'd love to read a post on how you adjust your patterns. I admit I haven't tried many Big 4 - maybe that's my problem?

    Please keep sewing and blogging - your work is amazing! Yours is one of my favorites because you crank out things look great and are wearable day after day. I love to look at couture sewing but no one I know dresses like that any more - not even to church.

    1. Thanks so much! I will have to take more photos the next time I sew something fitted. I had someone else ask how I adjust my pants pattern. All this with a grain of salt, of course! I just do what I think works for my body.

      I am the same. As much as I love some of the highly experienced sewers, I am just not wearing couture clothing every day and need to sew for my lifestyle!

  2. I love Lekala's pencil skirt! I feel like pencil skirts at knee-length are great in professional outfits; at shorter than knee-length, they can work in pretty much any casual outfit. Have you considered shortening yours? Maybe that would help you work it into your wardrobe.

    1. That's a good idea! I will pin it up (when winter passes) and see if it makes me happier at a shorter length.

  3. looks like you've had some great keepers, I think my worse was when I sew a dress with 2 different sizes for front & back & wonder why I was feeling like the hulk about to burst out the back lol! I've not dared to try a pencil skirt on my short self yet lol! but might try this year "maybe" Happy sewing in the New Year!


    1. Thanks Nanna!

      hahahahaha! That totally sounds like something I would do! :)

  4. Great list! I love those Vogue pants on you, too. I'd think that just about anything should go with that Lekala pencil skirt. Khaki is a neutral--you could go with just about any color or print top, and it should work.

    1. Thanks Michelle! See, that's what I told myself, yet nothing seems quite right when I pair it with the skirt. I'm going to try Ebi's suggestion to shorten it and make it a little more casual.

  5. Such fantastic makes this year.. You look fantastic in them too.. Great job on your sewing.. Happy sewing in 2015

  6. Right decision donating garments that don't work for you to someone else. I guess we slowly learn what suits us when sewing . And those of us that are not stock sizes haven't got a clue what works, cos nothing used to fit in the shops in any case. So it's trial and error all the way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  7. I think you and Kini from Project Runway season 13 should get together and make a Craftsy video on how you sew so quickly!!

  8. Can you believe it, 2015! New Year, New You, New Makes to Come! Yay! (And as my dear father used to say, consider your alternative!)Yikes!

  9. Wow! I would love to see your process and fitting your pants as well!
    I'm glad I found you this year and I love reading about your makes. Have a happy holiday!

  10. V9032 fits you beautifully! I can see why it is a fav pattern. The Bow Blouse is beautiful too! I have to try that pattern out now, lol. I love reading hits and misses and your list was no disappointment. Here's to more hits than misses in 2015!


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