Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vogue 8805; the "It's About Time!" Dress

You know V8805...The cute little easy, breezy dress that like, nearly everyone else has sewn??

I'm sure you've seen some gorgeous combinations of fantastic pontes and linens and so on...My mind does not colorblock. I see it. I love it. I tried it and had a massive fail.

I needed a quick and easy project after the more involved dress and the dreaded culottes. I decided that in the right color scheme, this would be a great work-appropriate dress to add to my wardrobe. I don't have many of those and anticipate wearing LOTS of dresses this summer in my new role (which hopefully will come soon; ONE MORE interview on Tuesday with the company president!). It IS above the knee, BUT I think the fit allows it to still be good for work.

See that lady? I like her dress, a lot. But thought the chartreuse might be a bit much. So I went with a remnant from my cobalt V1411 pants - yay me! I have loads and loads of Maggy London black ponte and had a remnant in that taupe-y color from my NL lace/nude dress.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Based on the intended fit (meaning, it's not body hugging; it's meant to skim), and the finished measurements, I cut a size 16, C cup.

Wait...I actually traced the pattern. YAY ME!

Once I saw the colors together I was so excited to get this one sewn up! I shortened the middle section 1" based on some reviews that I'd read awhile back.  I hemmed it 3/4" (serged and turned up) instead of the narrow hem suggested.

After basting the side seams, I took in the waist about 3/8" (so 1.5" total). I nipped it from right below the bust dart to just above the high hip. I didn't want it to be snug anywhere. There *is* a bit of a puff of fabric at the middle back but it's not terrible.

I had black thread in both my machine and serger. I sewed all of the connecting seams with black thread, pressing the seams open (they are left unfinished). Then I did the black topstitching. I switched to blue and did that topstitching. Then, I switched to tan, did the back slit, sewed the shoulder seams and did the tan topstitching. It all went really quickly this way.

I used a hook and eye as a closure. Because of the thickness of the ponte and because I didn't feel like making bias tape, I used a 1.5" wide strip of ponte, very, VERY slightly stretching it in place (flat). I then trimmed, pressed and topstitched at 3/8". I may go in and trim all of the seam allowances that were left unfinished, but honestly, it doesn't bother me. The seams that were finished (the side seams) and the hems, were serged in black.

If you're anal about that sort of thing, look away! LOL!

I had low expectations when I first decided to sew this dress. Well, it worked! :)

The outtake:

That remote is always out to get me.