Monday, December 16, 2013

Finished Items: Kwik Sew 3115

Sooooo if you've been following my little blog, you know that this happens.

Right now, the mojo is on FIRE!

I haven't been spending all night and day in the cave, I promise. I must be getting better at this sewing thing :-D

I had to make yoga pants for Dougie because well...she's my little baby cakes. Only she's not so little. Well, she's tiny but she's big. Anyway (hahaha!)

Kwik Sew 3115 is the holy grail of yoga pants y'all. It's been going strong for over a decade and has like 75 reviews on PR. I will bet that some of those people made it multiple times too.

Their pattern envelopes (prior to the McCall buyout) leave much to be desired. But I've read that their sizing is good and they don't have the ginormous ease that the Big4 have. I wonder if that'll change...

I cut hers in an XS (her waist is 1.5" larger than the envelope measurement and hips are the same size).

The contrast waistband was her idea. Nicely done!

She's so narrow!

extra short front crotch length like her mama

double stitching on the hem

So naturally, *I* wanted some too!

So off I went to trace off a large, make my adjustments and tada!

My waist and hips are pretty much exactly on the larger end of the measurements for size Large.

For her I removed 1/2" from the front crotch and added 3.5" to the length.
For me I removed 2" from the front crotch and added 1.5" to the length.
The finished inseam on the pattern is 30" and it allows for a 3/4" hem. I find 30" too short for me. I added 1.5" and then hemmed 1 1/4". Same with hers...I added 3.5" but hemmed 1 1/4". So it's like adding an inch to mine for 31" finished inseam and 3 inches to hers for a 33" inseam.

She got a wide waistband (it's doubled from the pattern piece, folded in half and serged in place). She can wear them "normal" or low rise. She likes this.

I used 1" elastic (and would go for 1.5") and stitched the elastic to the inside of the waistband and serged in place.
Her fabric is a ponte from FabricMart that was either Sue's pick or the Crazy Priced Fabric. It was $3.99/yard and I bought 4yards of it. I've made from that fabric; my NL 2-toned sweatshirt, baby leggings, her yoga pants, and there is enough for either another contrast top -or- a pencil skirt. I am thinking of making a pencil skirt for her because everyone needs a black skirt and she has zero skirts.
My fabric is a "scuba double knit" from FabricMart. It's 100% polyester and yes, it's a bit scratchy compared to hers but it's a little thicker. I'm kind of disappointed I paid $5/yard for it's okay.

They are SOOOO comfy guys!!


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    1. A cheaper ponte knit from FabricMart (not their ponte de roma which is luscious!). This is a little thin but works well for these.

      (I'll edit to add that info. Thanks!)

  2. Very nice! Just put this pattern on my list - thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Thanks! It is a really good pattern. Comes with a capri length pant and two styles of tanks too!

  4. Great pants for both mom and daughter... Like the pattern.

  5. Thanks for your rave about these pants - they look fantastic, and I think you have convinced me to get this pattern. Both of you look great - you will love wearing these, comfy and great looking too.

  6. Ooh I think you'll like them Sarah Liz!!


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