Tuesday, December 31, 2013


When I posted my 2013 wrap up, I had sewn 94 items.
I then sewed:
  • DH's pj pants
  • Apron for me
  • Bright green and black infinity scarf
  • Navy Skirt
  • White top
I was going for 100 and cut another version of S2255 out of the chambray look shirting that I made Papa's pajama pants from. I have managed to cut the pattern, sew the sleeve tabs in place, interface the button bands and tabs, sewed them in place, top stitched (I need to rip out the stitching on side) and sew and serge the shoulder and side seams. I also have the basting stitches in the sleeves. I'll finish it tomorrow :)

Also, I'm thinking of using snaps on this one, yay or nay??
Here's my practice:
Edited to add photo of sleeve with snap tabs. I did this at work on my lunch break.
--hey, we have lots of equipment around here!
The sewing room was a little on the scary side going into the weekend and I didn't want to go into the New Year with it that way. So, Saturday morning I went down and started cleaning up and organizing. I put away about 15 (!!) patterns that were scattered about. Either patterns that had been pulled out with the intent of becoming "the next project"; projects that had been cut out but never progressed; patterns that had the fabric cut but were deemed fails...I put them ALL away except for two that I will actually put into the rotation to be sewn.
Then I changed the organization of my patterns around a little bit. I now have a bin each for: 
  • woven tops
  • knit tops
  • dresses
  • pants/shorts/skirts
  • jackets
  • 'wardrobe' or coordinate patterns

My fabrics were reorganized (and fondled!) and they are now sorted into:
  • 2 bins for bottom weight
  • 1 (larger) bin for top/dress weight
  • 1 bin for coating/jacket (which some of the bottom weights will work for jackets too!)
  • 1 bin for knits
  • 1 bin for 'other' - pj fabric like flannel, kid fabric, lining, etc


  1. Love your new organizing.. sounds great..
    wow...you have been such a busy girl, with beautiful garments to show for it.
    I vote for the snaps.. Will be cute..
    You have encourgaged me, before this New year starts, I am heading into the sewing room to do some cleaning and organizing. thanks.

  2. I like the snaps.

    I've organized my patterns the same way. Really makes it easier to find certain patterns. Before, I had them organized by brand. Never could find the pattern I wanted.

  3. Thanks ladies! I need to pick up more snaps (and nothing else!!) tonight.

    I agree that it works well to have them organized by category primarily.

    Go for it Judy!

  4. Agree on snaps. They look good with that fabric.
    Organizing patterns the way you have? I wish. I'm a major collector. I have boxes and boxes, bags and bags, plus piles and piles.

  5. Great idea to organize your patterns by garment type! I plan to copy you when I do my New Year's reorg this weekend.

  6. It looks as though you are going to meet your goal. Nice organization of items.

  7. I am definitely pro-snaps!!
    Wow with 99 items!!! Awesome!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Oh Palove! :) Sounds like you have quite the stash!!

    Nancy, I love the sterilte bins from Target. They perfectly fit the standard pattern envelope!

    Thanks Dorothy!!

    Thanks Kyle! Happy New Year!


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