Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gift Sewing in Progress, Finished Item B5020

More (Saturday?) when finished...I modded the pattern to add a "bodice" and didn't account for how the waist seam would be handled. I think I have a plan now but it halted progress.

It is not this bright in real life!! :)

I'm assuming the red was hard to capture against the red of Lily. There are 4 fabrics here (again, details to follow!). 

Oh yes. The seam ripper made an appearance! :) I ended up doing a bit of basting because I wasn't sure about things and had to pull some things apart. I'm loving it though and definitely want one of my own!

I finished these little leggings for Baby K using Butterick 5020.

Sooooo I searched for a free tute for toddler leggings and every one I found said to buy a pair and copy them. Pfft. I had this pattern on hand and decided I could lengthen them to full pants. So I traced them in a size 3 and lengthened the leg based on another pattern that had full length pants. It is just one pattern piece (no side seams) and took a hot second to cut out. I made them in black so I took them straight over to the serger and serged up that inseam. Then I went to put the "right leg in the wrong leg" to do the crotch seam and...Hmmm. Interesting. ::flips them around:: Hmmm. VERY interesting.

Dang it!

I sewed one right side together and one wrong side together! DOH! 

So then I cut another pattern piece. Serged it. Went to sew the crotch seam.


I did it again.

I couldn't. I cut the serged edge off very carefully and fixed it. Then I made a goof with the waistband. But I fixed it. Goodness gracious! Tiny things are hard!!! I like the double row of stitching since I haven't figured out how to fix tunneling with my twin needle.

(Sorry for the bad pics!)

Now, those of you that follow the blog know that I have an addiction to all things sewing. Yet, I continue to claim that I'm going to "fabric fast" on Pattern Review. Yeah. Sure. But I try!

Wendy is a PR member who is hilariously funny. Today she pointed out that she convinces herself that remnants aren't adding to stash, well, DUH. Of course that isn't stash!  :)

I was in JoAnn and got these two...

Vogue 1366 for the pants. I essentially paid $5 for a pants pattern, I know.
Vogue 8865 for the jacket. I want to sort of copy this jacket that I saw on Myrna's blog

(I forgot where I was going with that...)

and rummaged through the remnant bin. When I was there on fleece-a-palooza Saturday, I saw someone getting this fabric cut and really liked it. I was excited to see a 1/2 yard remnant of it for a mere $2 or so. I wasn't sure what to do with it and once I got home and realized it was 44" fabric, I knew my options were limited. I always drape new fabrics around Lily and then bam...realized it should become a new, warm, flannel cowl!

LOVE it.

**Also, I need resources for hand sewing openings (after turning something out) closed. I just fudge it and I know I'm not doing it right.

This was made by sewing long ends together (1/4" seam), turning it and then sewing the short ends together around the circle, leaving a small opening to turn it out. 

More to come! But for now...Scandal!


  1. The red dress is going to be gorgeous.. Love it..
    SO sorry about the child's leggins.. Have done those things ALL week.. [must be in the air?lol]
    I tried the challenge of buying no fabric..using up my stash.. But.......... I failed miserably.. I love fabric..It makes me so happy to buy, stack it, and look at it.ha
    love the pants pattern.. Happy sewing.

  2. MUST be in the air Judy!

    I know I won't really fast from fabric because...I don't want to. But I do need to get a bit better about my impulse FabricMart purchases. I'm pretty bad and "NEEDING" to have that fabric NOW...without thinking :)

    And thank you both! The "red dress" :) is my mom's Christmas present. It's a fun and super frilly apron that I swear she'd better use and not hang in her kitchen to be "pretty"!

    I crocheted her a very nice set of dish towels 3 years ago that sit on a shelf with the ribbon bow still wrapped around them because they are "too pretty to use". Nooooo! There is more cotton yarn! Lots more!! :)

  3. Love the dress, the fabric is gorgeous. Boy you've been busy.

  4. You have been so busy! these are all some very gorgeous things. The red dress is going to be amazing!


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