Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Garment of the Month, Finished NL 6230... and Stuff

I didn't finish my November garment. Wait...I didn't start my November garment. Tis one will be flogged. Right? Right?!?!

I have a ton of gift sewing to do for December so I am going to make my December garment an easy one. I've been wanting a corduroy skirt and picked up some brown (not pinwale but a small wale...) cord from Hancock. I think I am going to make S1783, view D. It has those cute patch pockets and an inverted pleat in front. Love. Love. Love.

I got all of my gift patterns traced off and (the pattern) cut out. I finished one small thing yesterday (can't blog yet!).  Today, I'll be working til 8 p.m. so I won't get any sewing done but hopefully I can cut a couple of things out.

I also ordered a bunch of fabric. Yes, I bought some stuff last week but that wasn't for me (edited to add: that's a lie. In my Black Friday haul I got moleskin and lace and a knit that I made into a tee. I lie. I lie.) and plus FabricMart had suitings for $1.99! 100% wool! Rayon/Mohair blends, Wool blends...for $1.99!! Plus they had a bunch of bright lining material for $1 and I couldn't resist. I have 8 yards of lining and a bunch of other yardage of fabric on it's way to me. Will blog about fabric hoarding when it arrives.

Finished another view of NL 6230 with the plum knit scored at Hancock and some leather-look fabric (also from there in the dancewear/costume/etc section)

Me and that left shoulder...
Worn with my "new" <$5 jeans! With the yellowish lighting the color is off, but the sleeves and neckline are black, the body (front and back) is this deep plum. It's super cute.
Simplicity's site is slow yet AGAIN and I can't link to the site...Boo you Simplicity!
Leather Tee and fitted jeansa
 Check out Adrienne's SUPER cute version of the tee, HERE

So, when I make something, I am immediately blogging it. I'm too excited about it not to. BUT, I think I am realizing how important it is to wear something first so you can give a more accurate review of the pattern.

I found this

And HAD to have it. It was gorgeous! The colors were so vibrant and I loved the thick/thin stripes. It had a bit of a sheen to it too and I knew it had to become a fun weekend-top.

Well, I wore it ONCE. And well...
Yes, the pic is dark but you can still see that that blue is NO WHERE near as bright as it was before AND it sprouted holes. And my husband is the laundry whisperer. (I'm the type that washes and dries e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. And...Dry Cleaner? What's that?)
So, yeah. I was really tempted to buy more of it when Hancock had their knits on sale because I could see it being a SUPER cute summer dress. But not if it wears that poorly. Ah well. Live and learn.
In other news, I'm knitting a cowl for a test and it's going along well. One day, I will replace all of my acrylic yarns with yummy luxe yarns. One day :)


  1. I hate that about the holes in your fabric. I have the same problem with knit tops from Target. I think it has less to do with your washing than with poor quality of the fabric. That Simplicity site is annoyingly slow -- I finally had to give up on it yesterday. Happy sewing this week!

  2. I agree Angela. I bought a BUNCH of knit tops from Old Navy once and within a few washes they all had holes in them.

    The site has been bad like that off and on, for months. Annoying.

  3. Love that raglan tee! The faux leather is so cool!

    I kept getting those little holes in the stomach area of my t-shirts. I finally figured out what the culprit was (at least in part): That serrated edge on the roll of GladWrap!! When I pull off a piece, I stabilize the roll against my stomach, and I guess the teeth were touching my t-shirt! I'm extremely careful with that stuff now, after ruining a $$ tee from J.Crew that way.

    But I've also had knit yardage do this after my prewash - before I even cut it to make a garment! And not super cheap stuff either! It's so frustrating!

    1. Thanks Gail!

      Ooh. I might be guilty of that!

  4. Pity about the holes - the fabric is just so gorgeous - bet you felt like crying.

    I think you must pop pills during the day, sewcraftychemist, to keep your sewing energy high (just joking, I've always been a slower sewer - more of a perfectionist, I admire how you can just get in there and get going :)

    1. I sure did SarahLiz! It wasn't a fun discovery :/

      Ha!!! I am a sewing junkie! I think that I'm heading toward developing a bit more of a perfectionist mindset (starting to!). I am always amazed at your iterations of muslins until you've got it! I am an impatient one. So impatient! LOL!

      It's coming up on a year of sewing for me...oh to see what the next year will bring!

  5. Love that top! The fabric combination is great.

  6. Love your tshirts.. So pretty.. You have gotten alot accomplished..
    Can't wait to see all your fabric ,when it comes in..What great finds.

    1. Thanks!

      OMG Judy I can't wait to blog about all of the pretties. I am pretty happy about the possibilities with this lot as I was actually selective and didn't just "buy, buy, buy!"

      I have to start paying attention to when I order. Again, my box that would have been delivered at home on Saturday, will be delivered on Monday since I had it sent to work. It seems so unfair to miss out on having it over the weekend! Hahahaha!

  7. Hi Mrs.Smith,
    Thank you for dropping by. Cute t-shirt. Ill be back. ;-)

    1. I enjoyed reading your blog Cennetta! Thank YOU for stopping by :)

  8. That look Great on you! I'm impressed (& jealous - LOL!) that you got your December Garment of the Month done already!
    :-) Chris

    1. Thanks Chris! Oh no!!! My December garment will be the Simplicity skirt (I think). The New Look top was just a bonus when I found that lovely plum knit! :)


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