Monday, January 6, 2014

Finished Item S2255

Soooo husband and I are separating. I can say that, I have a hard time with the D word, even if I am "okay" with it.

Roller. Coaster.

This will likely be the first and last time I mention it here. But I really enjoy the sewing community and reading everyone's blogs and commenting and everything so; if when I go off the rails, you will know why.

I haven't been in the cave :( but I did knit. I knit so much yesterday that my wrist is on fire. I should stop. But it's a pretty sweater! It's my first sweater!! And because it's primarily just stockinette, it is completely mindless so...

Last weekend I finished my other Simplicity 2255 top. I now want to make it in plaid (because plaid is awesome). I do not love the mandarin collar though. Maybe because I have a short neck...but I love the fit of this top. I am going to use it to compare to other button front shirts because, except for the pooch of fabric mid back (which I *think* I know how to fix) it fits really, really well.

I even did an FBA! The white fabric was much stretchier than I originally thought and this is a tightly woven shirting cotton so I completely effed up altered my front pattern piece to do an 1/2" FBA. And still ended up using 1/2" SA instead of 5/8" so perhaps I need 3/4"?? This was my first FBA.

The only issue I have and I'm surprised I did this...I just put the sleeve snaps where they indicated on the sleeve vs checking the fit. They are too high up to me. But I really love the fit and am sure I'll wear it.

Oh and I also got scared to top stitch because my top stitching leaves much to be desired.


Close up of snaps
Sleeve snap
Showing off my set-in sleeve. I'm getting pretty good at this!! I finished up and had a tiny pleat. So I ripped about 2 inches of stitching out to redo it. And then I ended sewing part of the sleeve in place. So I ripped out about 4 inches of stitches and resewed it. OY!

Regarding attaching the snaps; I was warned to practice, practice, practice. So I did. I realized I didn't have a very good surface at home for support, so I brought them to work and used the bench in the chemistry lab. Excellent application of the snaps.


I applied the "female" side of the snaps backwards. Do you know how hard it is to pull snaps out?! I pulled them all out, steamed the heck out of the shirt and reattached.


I placed the snaps according to the button placement on my white version. But buttonholes allow some degree of difference. Snaps do not. They didn't line up. Like, they were off about 1/4". Do you know how hard it is to pull snaps out TWICE?!

So uhmm, yeah. Labor of love for sure.

Again, a cute, casual shirt that just may be in the running for this years One Pattern Many Looks contest. There are so many ways you can work this pattern. It has 4 sleeve options, 2 lengths, the option of doing side ties or tabs, sleeve ties or tabs, ruffled front, pockets...endless opportunities.

I have my M6844 cardigan about 85% done. Just need to get my mojo up. Until next time...

Thanks in advance for any supportive comments :)

1.5 yards of cotton/poly shirting: $3
Snaps: $3 (wasted a whole pack!)
Thread: stash
Total: $6


  1. Oh no!! What is in the water these days?? I'm sending you some good energy and kind thoughts. I've enjoyed reading your blog and hate to hear something like this for you or for anyone. *hugs*

    On the sewing front, your collar stand/mandarin collar is p.e.r.f.e.ct. What is your secret? You remind me so much of Peter (Male Pattern Boldness). At the end of his first year of sewing, I think he had made something for the Queen of England.

    Okay...maybe not the Queen...

    But his sewing was spectacular - as is yours.

    1. WHY am I not following Peter?! I keep seeing his blog referenced and intend to check it out and then...don't. Boo me. I'm heading over there now.

      My sewing resolution for year 2 is to sew better. To slow down. And I unpicked more stitching on this dang shirt than I've ever done. I really took my time with that collar and I am glad it shows!!

  2. You are doing great for a first year sewist--I've probably said it before, but I really admire how you just jump into it and keep it moving. A quality that is such an inspiration for me (and probably others). It saddens me to hear when marriages fall apart, especially when children are involved. Praying for your situation. God is a repairer of the breach. Keep your head up honey, greater things are in store for you. Peace and Love.

  3. You did an awesome job on the blouse... meticulous.

  4. Mrs.Smith,I am so sorry to hear about your marriage.. I will be praying for you. I pray that God will be with you both ,and that He will help you. Please feel free to post or email anytime , you need to talk..
    You amaze me with your sewing.. You have only been sewing a year, and your sewing looks fantastic.. You are very talented..
    I laughed when I read about your snaps.. I can't count the times, I put them on backwards.. It stinks.. ha
    Happy sewing. and sending a big ole hug for the upcoming weeks.

  5. Nice job. It looks so professional.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your separation. But at the same time, I truly admire you for having the guts to put it out there. I hope everything works out in the best possible way for all of you.

    Meanwhile - awesome new top! It really looks great - if you hadn't tattled on yourself, we'd never have known about the snap troubles!

  7. Okay, I'm glad to be in good company with having problems with snaps. It's been a while since I used them and I couldn't get the hang of it until I looked it up on youtube. Then I decided not to use them for my cardigan. Hang in there, everything will work out. Take care of yourself.

  8. I am sorry to hear your news, also not easy with a family. I wish you all the best with this. There will be times when it will impact on your sewing - but it certainly does not show in the shirt - it looks fantastic.

  9. Thanks everyone. We will see what the coming months bring. I'm not religious but believe in the power of prayer. If you do too, I appreciate any and all prayers. Virtual hugs work too :)

    That shirt worked me over. But I am happy with it!! I feel all snazzy with my snaps and now want a denim button down with snaps!

  10. Sorry to hear this MrsSmith. I'm sending you a virtual {hug}. You are a trooper though, I mean, ripping out snaps twice!! The shirt turned out great. :)

  11. { VIRTUAL HUG } x

  12. This shirt is fantastic. Wishing you nothing but the very best and I think that sewing machine and this blog will be a great company. Looking forward to seeing what you produce in the future.

  13. You've only been sewing for a year? You are PROFESH!
    Sorry to hear about your separation. Sending you lots of healing energy.

  14. Hats off to you for all the stamina you put into your sewing ~ it certainly has paid off with this great shirt! Stay strong and healthy ... J

  15. One year of sewing? are you taking classes? Your a chemist though I guess sewing couldn't be as hard as mastering chemistry :) . I am sorry you are splitting but hope you guys can work it out. I love tabs on everything and instantly adored the shirt! Excellent job. Your fitting is awesome.

  16. I am making this and having trouble with the collar. It is too short. I doubled checked the pattern and can't find out why. I cut the collar on the fold as instructed. I am confused.

    1. I've made this one 3 times and didn't have issues with the collar...maybe recut it adding the extra at the fold.


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