Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spring Buttericks!

Butterick Spring Release

Well, let's just start out with what we love, shall we??

Line Art
Love the raglan jacket...would never do just one button though...but it gives a great opportunity for a somewhat structured, casual jacket. Okay, I don't know about that cropped top but it is dang cute.

Maybe if I meet my weight loss goal?? :)

This shape would work great for me

The butt bow? It will not work. Will not work...

'Yes. Yes please!

What do we like but will not buy??

I like the idea of this but it is intended to be lined and it takes a lot of fabric. I'm not going to make a dress that needs 4 yards of fabric. I know I wont.


I love a peplum and LOVE the pleating but I don't like the neckline and I have 3 or 4 peplum top patterns already.

Love the waistline pintucks...the neckline pintucks? Not so much

These are iffy. I bought a Vogue pattern for a tapered, casual pant. These have elastic in back. MAYBE at a $1 sale...

Cute. Just cute. And it takes like NO fabric to make tiny knit things!

The Meh:

Line Art
Not me...and look at this horrid fabric choice. Poor model

The irons must be out of service at Butterick...

And my favorite category...Repeat that Pattern!

"New" Butterick 6008:

Line Art

"Old" Butterick 5947:

"New" Butterick  6007:
Line Art
"Old" McCall's 6520:
Line Art
Out of Print 6678
Line Art

"New" Butterick 6010:
Line Art
"Old" McCalls 6083:

Line Art

I get it...the See & Sew patterns are only $3. If you don't have access to the cheapie sales at JoAnn and Hancock (and Hobby Lobby??) then you can get a pattern that you like for $3 versus the full price. AND I could actually see preferring to get something when there's only 1 or 2 items in the envelope (if you like them) versus an envelope full of stuff you don't need. I have seriously contemplated throwing away the pattern pieces for the "slim" and "curvy" fits of my Simplicity 2700 pants. It makes it so bulky and I will never need them.

I digress.

Definitely getting that wardrobe pattern and Gertie's nightie pattern at the next sale!


  1. These are out early - you must all be freezing over there - still, it's nice to look forward...

    You are right, the pattern companies do keep rehashing old patterns - the raglan blazer is a variation on , I think, a Vogue pattern.

    1. OMG it's about 5 degrees F in Minneapolis right now! :)

      I mean, I get it...I do...but it's still annoying that they do it!

  2. LOL @ "butt bow"

    I like the skirt variations with this dress (minus the butt bow). I just wish it had sleeves. I loathe sleeveless. I'm kind of meh about the rest of the patterns.

    Simplicity also has some new patterns out. They're not on the website yet but I was able to buy a couple @ Joann. Some are cute but most of them are just variations of patterns they already offer.

    1. I think the pleating is realllllly cute on the back of that dress.

      I think I saw the new Simplicity patterns on Pattern Review, there really wasn't anything in that release that I liked. Well...there was a shirt pattern and then the skirt pattern with the inverted pleats(?).

      I have to ONLY get the ones I REALLY want. I'm at like 260 patterns. Good grief.


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