Sunday, August 3, 2014

July Wrap-up & August Plans

LOTS of sewing happened this month!

  • M6559 dress in orange stripe: 2 yards
  • M6841 top in white jersey: 2.5 yards
  • S1373 shorts in ikat sateen: 1 yard
  • B5926 jacket in green ponte: 2 yards
  • M6559 dress (for my daughter) in grey/mint striped ponte: 2 yards
  • M6754 top in mint ponte (not yet blogged): 7/8 yard
  • S2061 pants in mint ponte (not yet blogged) 1 1/8 yards
  • V1395 dress in floral challis: 2.75 yards
  • NL6130 pants in stretch denim (wadder): 2 yards
  • SS A1636 dress in snake print and floral print: 3.25 yards
  • Kimono tee in grey cotton knit: 1.25 yards
  • SS A1523 top in printed knit: 1.5 yards
That's a total of 22.25 yards! That's a great month!

Favorite item of the month has to be the McCall's 6841 top with my Sew Simple dresses coming in at close 2nd!

My plans for August are kind of crazy. Why? I know that usually when I have crazy mojo like I do now, I end up crashing.

I talked about needing some sleeved tops for work so I tried to pick fabrics that were good for summer but that could transition into fall. But then I got the crazy idea that I needed floral pants and a striped top.

My -FIRST- priority is to finish my poor abandoned Simplicity 2443 jacket that I started in June.  


There's my floral pants and striped top, two quick and easy work shirts and a vest that I've been thinking about for awhile; olive green with red zippers and cording. It's gonna be pretty cute, I think.

Then I need to muslin the Vogue pants and hopefully sew 2 pair.

I also want need to sew the denim Burda jacket.

I want to sew a cape; either Burda 08/2014 #123 or Simplicity 1775

After creating the collage of plans, I had some time while everyone was busy. I thought I'd cut out the two top patterns, as I've sewn them both before. I ended up finishing the Sew Simple top in like an hour! Construction done on the serger, hems with a double needle on the machine.

BUT this one is a little snug compared to the other two! Oops! Should've checked the amount of stretch. It isn't unwearable by any means...just a little more snug that I'd planned.


  1. Reading what you sewed up in July has me exhausted! LOL. You really did a great job and I hope that momentum keeps going. I love the plans and the shirt you've sewn. It is a beautiful top with just a tad of "cowl" action going on :) Love!

  2. Love your top! My vote (as if you need my is for 1775 for the cape.

  3. I think you've sewn more in the month of July than I do in a year! I think your top looks great!

  4. Wow, you have been busy! Can't wait to see the next round of sews.

  5. You sewed a lot of nice things for July! August will be fun, I'm sure! Your top is simple, but beautiful! The colors look good on you too.

  6. You blew sewing off the charts in July and have some really great plans for August too.

  7. I agree with Tomasa, you sew more in a month than I do in a year.
    I need to get that Sew Simple top pattern!

  8. love the top, I think the fit is great on you. I vote for the simplicity cape. I bought that pattern a few weeks ago and I would love to know what you think of the pattern.

  9. Great July sewing..
    Love your August plans.. The completed top is really pretty.. I think it looks good on you.
    Look forward to seeing the cape. I bet it will be pretty.. Happy sewing.

  10. Wow you did a lot! hopefully once school is out, I can kick out some more stuff

  11. That's an average of three garments a week - a substantial sewing effort in anyone's book, I would think. I'm exhausted reading it all!!!! It must be those early morning starts...

  12. Great work in July! I can't wait to see what you get done in August.

  13. Thank you everyone!!

    August sewing has commenced!

  14. You had another great sewing month. =) SASSSG is on a roll.

  15. All I can say is WOW to July's output!!!! Great plans for August-can't to see that Burda cape.

  16. Get it! You did your thang in July!


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