Friday, March 13, 2015

Finished: McCall's 6078 and March Sew-a-Palooza!

Did you see my last post about the great closet cleanup? Look at this pile of hangers!!!

I've come up with 10 immediate "must haves". No, I'm not going to sew all 10 this month alone! haha! But I will make a nice dent. I will have lots of time to sew from next Tuesday through Friday and I will be making the most of it.

Besides, you all know if I need to get some fast sewing done, I can get some fast sewing done! ;)

So, I decided I need:
2 woven tops with sleeves
2 woven tops w/o sleeves
2 knit tops with sleeves
1 knit top w/o sleeves 
1 vest
1 jacket
1 cardigan

I could really use a pair of lighter pants and will try to squeeze those in in the coming weeks as well.


Starting with the sleeveless knit, since it's done (yay for pattern's that have been made before and sergers!)

I made M6078, view B from this really pretty navy and white diamond print ITY from Fabric Mart

Size M
1/2" seam allowance through bust and waist
narrow hems on arm openings and 2" hem (turned up 1" twice and twin-needle stitched)

As worn on Thursday
This has become one of my most favorite patterns ever. Swoon.

Already mentioned B6169 was next, I cut the pattern pieces out today, will do some measuring and hopefully get it going this weekend.

It'll be made in a gray suiting fabric 

Burda Style 07/2013 #103 in an ivory rayon challis 

 Vogue 1436 in a springy bright green cotton lawn (this color is all wrong here)

New Look 6104 in red (not pink) cotton chambray (this pattern has been made 3x before)

Simplicity 1916 in a colorful jersey (pattern made twice before) 

Burda 6911 in striped jersey. I will muslin this one to check that twist and the depth of the v

Butterick 6026 in a lightweight navy polk-dot cotton sateen

Simplicity 1499 vest in a deep red-orange (more orange than red in real life) cotton twill

Lastly, I have this white jacquard double knit. I originally bought this for more of a jacket but it is not very structured at all. I need to do a little more thinking on what kind of cardigan I want from it. Initially I was thinking S1945, which I like, but I don't want it to read 'couch or curtain'. Maybe something more fitted?? We shall see.

At any rate, I kinda want all of these in my wardrobe like - NOW!!!!!!  With any luck I'll have the Butterick jacket done before Tuesday and can knock out at least two of the more time consuming tops (buttons, collars, etc) during my sew-a-palooza days :) and will go from there.

The wardrobe contest was just announced on Pattern Review!! I will angle the sewing plans to meet the contest rules:

4 tops
3 bottoms
2 choice (ONE item may be previously sewn or purchased)

Each top must coordinate with each bottom. If a dress is sewn it must coordinate but can be worn alone.  

I *love* the wardrobe contest! :-D

ETA: A Style Arc sale and a dress needed in May and ta-da! Mini wardrobe planned. 

So from my above plans; I will save the Butterick shirt, Burda tank and Simplicity top for the contest. Still...I'm going to be busy!!!

The moto jacket will be my one "previously sewn" item.

Happy sewing!!


  1. They are big plans and a lot of sewing - looking forward to the wardrobe contest progress!

  2. Great picks! I won't be remotely surprised if you make all of these in a month!

  3. I'm excited to see these sewn up!

  4. Very big plans indeed - good luck with the wardrobe contest - I'll be sewing along vicariously :)

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! ooh, you are getting ready for autumn now. Fun!

  5. Love seeing your plans, I'm sure you'll have them all sewn up in no time :)

    1. Thanks Robyn! Haha! Yeah...I'm going to go on my mad woman sewing streak ;-)

  6. What? You can't do all 10 in one month? lol. You sew fast and I'm sure it will take you no time at all to whip these up. Love the plans and oh my gosh I love a cowl neck tank :D

    1. ha! Hey! we are halfway through the month already!!! :)

  7. que de belles choses à créer! :-)

  8. Love your plans.. And that navy /white top is gorgeous..Looks so pretty on you.. Happy sewing.

  9. M6078 to the rescue!!! :-D I'm so excited to see how that Burda with the twisty shoulders turns out; what a cool feature! And def want to see how Butterick 6026 looks sewn up. Those tucks look cool, but will they translate? I'm gonna grab my popcorn and camp out to find out. :p

    1. YES! I'm thinking of sewing another one! eek! LOL!

    2. Oh and I've wanted to make B6026 for awhile...I'm using a polka-dot so maybe not...Hmmm. we'll see!

  10. I can't wait to see these, great pattern picks! I didn't know the wardrobe contest is starting up, will have to check it out. I love your top. I have a small piece of the same fabric so may copy you and sew a tank/sleeveless top.

    1. Thanks! The wardrobe contest is my absolute fave :)

      I bought 3 yards of this one because I thought it was so pretty!! So it'll make another appearance eventually!

  11. "No, I'm not going to sew all 10 this month alone!"
    That's because you're going to sew it up in 10 days!!!

  12. Wow! that a lot of sewing. I cant wait to see your finished pieces.

  13. sounds like you've got a fantastic plan going! it's going to be fun watching your progress! Happy sewing! & may your bobbin always be full!


  14. Isn't M6078 great?! I love that pattern and have made it a few times. I saw a Ralph Lauren polyester version for $90 or something. Please.

    Your wardrobe plan looks great. I'm interested to see how your moto jacket turns out.

    1. American dollars? Eeesh.

      It's going! The hubster is traveling for work. Bad news: I do NOT sleep well when he's away. Good news: I will sew (cut patterns/read directions) until I think I'm gonna pass out and then I can usually sleep peacefully.

      So better to get 5 good hours (I totally sleep 8-9 hours on average) than to try to go to bed at 10 and lie there until midnight!

  15. These are great choices for the contest. I applaud your ability to put it all together so would be a "challenge" just for me to make the plans for sewing up this many pieces. Awe man, I have a headache now!! I will send my fabric pics and you can tell me with would work well. Hehe..

    I can't wait to see all you do.


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