Sunday, March 8, 2015

It HAD to Happen Eventually!

I have 3 closets -- a closet in my bedroom, the closet down the hall and the front hall closet that no one uses. Now, yes, I only store coats/outerwear and boots in the front hall closet, but there is so much stuff.

And I was having too many days where I couldn't "find anything to wear". That's crazytalk.

I did a bunch of research and liked the seasonal approach of both Project 333 and the 37 piece capsule wardrobe at Un-Fancy and also read up on the Maria Kondo method and Wardrobe Architect.

The first step of all of these is to take EVERYTHING out of your closet(s). So I did. I broke a sweat y'all!

(after sort #1 of the other closet, main closet is sitting in a pile over there)

About 40% of the stuff that was in the garage that was in good enough condition to sell. Yes, there's stuff with tags on it. Sigh. 

All of this stuff is RTW size 8. My daughter suggested listing it as lots online (I'm gonna go Craigslist cause; free). 

Step 2 is to sort everything into
1) Keep
2) Maybe (the maybe box gets stored away to see if you miss any of the items)
3) Mend
4) Donate (and/or sell)
5) Trash

(Each method features a variation on these sort categories.)

Step 3 is to pare down for that season. HOWEVER; because I live in MN, there isn't a true delineation between seasons so I chose to go Spring/Summer (March-August) and Fall/Winter (September-February). Somehow, someway, spring has sprung. I would say on a typical year it would really be September-early May and May-August but we're gonna roll with it! :)

I felt IMMEDIATELY relief after just sorting the spring/summer vs. fall/winter!!!!

My keep pile

Mend pile 

Nothing too crazy as I don't like mending; but both striped shirts needs new necklines and the skirt needs the lining sewn to the skirt, simple things like that...

Maybe pile

It was surprisingly easy to put stuff in the maybe pile. Even handmades. I then separated this pile into "maybe spring/summer" and "maybe fall/winter". 

A huge pile of "donate/sell"

A big pile (that grew) of 'trash'

I was smart enough to go back to the trash pile and harvest buttons and zippers that could be reused! Yay me!

I hung my spring/summer wardrobe up in my closet and assessed it. There are definite holes to fill now that it's cleaner.

I am not strictly following a certain number of pieces. As a sewer I am fine with having a slightly larger wardrobe but I need it to WORK and to accurately reflect me.

In my research, I'd come upon the Pantone spring 2015 color palette

So many of the things I kept fit within this palette. Of course there's black/white/etc. But I was really happy to see that AND that many projects that I had in my head for spring/summer fit this too!

The tangerine and custard aren't *quite* me; I need more intense versions of those and maybe a slightly less intense version of marsala. 

I went through my stash and pulled fabrics that I'm likely to sew over spring/summer -- not that I can't go into my stash and pull other things BUT colors/weights of fabrics that are certain to become warmer weather garments.

Here's the lighter (in color and weight) version of my stash. I am not saying I will sew all of these over the next few months but I will likely pull from these pieces.

Printed knits and wovens for tops/dresses

solid knits and wovens for tops/dresses


Bottom weights  for skirts/pants/jeans

trouser fabrics--still pretty dark. 
But at least there's a pattern/print...I'm not sure how light/colorful I'll go on bottom for work pants

I have A LOT fewer items in my closet yet I had no problem getting dressed this weekend and feeling pretty danged good about what I was wearing.

We had plans today (Sunday) to go to the Auto Show. I put on a top that I placed in the 'keep' pile even though I rarely wore it. I had it on for about 2.5 hours before I decided I didn't want to wear it (it's a nice top; silk, and in to the donation pile it goes).

I whipped up (hey! you know how I am!!!) a little tee instead.

Simplicity 1317 (which I made for my daughter 3 times already) 
I used a size medium and sewed the front raglan sleeves at 1/2" instead of 5/8".
I used a graphic print mesh for the front over a lightweight white ponte and lightweight black ponte for the rest.

I left off the sleeve and hem bands and just twin-needle stitched a 3/4" hem. There WILL be more of these in time. Very quick and skims the body nicely.

It could probably use a CB seam Maybe next time :)
(yes, I organized and cleaned and  STILL bought 3 pair of shoes this weekend. Oy.)

Still here? Whew! :)

Up next; I don't have a grey jacket or cardigan. That's totally a necessity!


  1. You put in some serious work here! How on earth did you manage to make that top as well?

    I wondered if you were taking out the zips and buttons. That's great lap work for TV time. It must feel so good to have a plan and to be "lightened" of what you really didn't need.

    1. I got all my buttons and zippers last night! So gratifying!! :)

  2. my goodness 3 closets & then your stash, girl give yourself a hand & a pat on the back lol! we're in the prosscess of moving & I'm thinking it'll take a load just for my stah lol! I know what you mean about buttons etc. I have some curtains that have tabs with wooden buttons tthat are comming off before going into the trash lol! nice tee! my machine has the doble needle option but I've yet to use it, I may have to experiment with it !


    1. haha! It's SO refreshing!

      I like using the twin needle with a serged edge. It at least "looks" like a coverstitch finish :)

  3. Good work - it's hard letting go sometimes. But, it does feel great, and then you can start again--afresh.

  4. Impressive effort! So much work & then such a relief when it's done.

  5. Impressive! You must really be a bundle of energy! I get tired just thinking about cleaning out my stuff, LOL!

  6. Whew, that's a ton of work! I did this in January for my winter clothes, and have been really enjoying the pieces that I've kept. It's so much easier to get dressed when you can see what you've really got. I'll have to do it for my Spring wardrobe soon.

    1. It is infinitely easier to choose outfits now. I wish I had done it sooner but onward! Good luck with your cleanout :)

  7. Good On You!!! I purged about 75 percent of my wardrobe and also plan to use the project 333 method. Especially now that my job is casual. It's rather freeing to be able to see everything in one place, right?

    1. It is! I will be filling holes but I am choosing very carefully right now.

  8. Wow! You were certainly productive this weekend! I need to re-evaluate my wardrobe too now that I'm finally sewing for the lifestyle that I have instead of the lifestyle that I wish I had because the clothes appealed so much.

    1. Thanks! Yep. It was a whirlwind! I still have to clean up from the effort though. lol!!!

      Yes, must sew for TODAY! There'll be more patterns and fabric.

  9. Whew! If you're not tired, I'm tired for you

  10. I am in the process of doing this too.. I just did hubby's closet and finished it.. So much better!!!
    Now, I have pulled everything out of my closets.. [I have 2].. and working on it today..
    You have some beautiful fabrics to work from.... look forward to what you will make..
    I wasn't real happy with the spring color choices this year... But..maybe they will grow on me.ha

    1. Good luck Judy!

      I just got a glimpse at fall. I like some of them...they'll probably grow just a teeny bit :)

  11. Great new tee, and how smart to save the buttons and zippers from the trash pile! Now we know how you're shedding pounds, you're cleaning out your closet! ;-)

  12. I need to do this as well! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Gah my Jo-Ann's still does not have the spring Buttericks...impatiently waiting to buy that exact Lisette pattern!

    1. Beth that's absurd!!! Well...that's why I don't even bother with JA sales :( I just wait for Hancock because they ALWAYS have them immediately.

  14. Girl - the speed that you sew makes my head spin! I'm sure that all of this will be residing in your closet soon!


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