Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Long Time Coming: Burda 6907

When this pattern came out I had to have it. I even considered buying it at full price because I WANTED IT!!! On April 23, 2014 I blogged that the paper pattern was cut. And for some reason, I never sewed them!!!

I realized all of my casual (non-work) pants are black; black S2061, black/white print S2061, black faux leather/ponte pants (RTW), black V1411...Eek! I need non-black weekend wear - STAT!

I know how to rid myself of these butt wrinkles (my full inner thighs are to blame) 
and will adjust for the next pair


I cut a size 16 based on a 45" finished hip. I am starting to side-eye my pants with slant front pockets so I left them off of this pair (however, I think that caused some front wonky-ness).

What drew me to this pattern were the cargo pockets with inverted pleat on view C - YES please!  Now that I've read through the instructions, view B is on the radar! View B's tapered leg is made by taking a pleat up the pant leg. So cool! I bet you'd need something with drape though to pull that off.

I was VERY apprehensive though that you have to finish the side seams to attach the pockets. Eek! But what if they need tweaking?! Leap of faith and all that...

I stitched and pressed the pleat and because my fabric unraveled if you looked at it, I serged the edges. Then folded in and topstitched at 3/8". When I attached them to the pants I used this as a guide and sewed 1/4" away.

I removed 1.25" in length. Burda is drafted for a taller person than I! I also straightened out the hip curve.

I measured front and back crotch length and removed 1.5 inches from the front. Good grief!!! I added 5/8" to the back. I could have done without it but I have zero patience for low or low-ish rise pants. Drives me insane to have to pull my pants up every time I stand.

Dislike: The cut on fly; I do not like this. IMO a sew-on fly gives a much cleaner finish.

Construction "zoomed" right along until I realized I forgot my belt loops - oops! I attached them with a zigzag at the end of the loop and then near the fold at the waistband. Then made sure I adhered the buttons really well.

Can we talk about my buttons?!!? I had a great large button for the front of the pants but didn't have anything in stash to match for the pockets and belt loops. I went to JoAnn on lunch and almost bought some 'meh' buttons but didn't. Later that day I went to Hancock and SCORE! These are absolutely perfect!

You can see a hint of the zig-zag stitching here for the belt loops. 
I used my paisley bias tape just 'cause :-)

That stain on the lower left pic? Fraycheck. Could not get it out. 
But I'll never tuck my shirt in so hopefully I forget about it :(

Love the front pleat detail, the pockets - everything!!!

Fabric is a suiting material from FabricMart. I am not 100% sure of the blend but am sure that it's a poly blend with a natural fiber (or two?). Maybe cotton, maybe rayon...

It has some drape, took a press with a little coaxing but frayed like mad.

And can we also talk about the versatility of olive pants?!? I had no clue! After doing some Google searching I learned that you can pretty much treat olive pants like you would black pants - score!!!

red chambray NL6104 shirt, black/white Burda 6911 knit top, bright green V1436 top, mint green RTW top, chambray RTW top.

It also looked great with white (duh!), cream, navy...ahhhh! So cool!


  1. I LOVE those. They look super comfortable and they fit great.

  2. They look great - I've got this pattern somewhere for next summer. I've had that problem with Fray Check as well. Sometimes I resort to clear nail polish instead of Fray Check. What fabric did you use for those pants?

    1. As I was about to 'warn' you about the booty-liciousness of these pants, I remembered I removed most of the hip curve! Better go note that!

      They're a suiting material, from Fabric Mart I'm sure. I have no idea of the blend.

      Definitely some poly in it but definitely some natural fibers. It pressed but with some coaxing and it frayed a lot.

  3. I love these pants, I can see them in wardrobe. Casual and comfortable.

  4. They are a nice fit. Treating olive like black is nice to know.

  5. Ooh, I really like these! I had no idea that olive was so versatile. Will have to see if I have anything in that color. Great job on the details!

  6. They look great, love the cargo pocket. I know exactly what you mean about black pants, except in my case it's for work. I'll wear four different pairs of black pants through the week and throw in a black skirt to mix things up a bit :) Time for me to add in a bit of colour too,

  7. I like that Burda pattern too. It has great style options. Great job Nakisha!

  8. Really cool pockets! I love how you make pants with wild abandon. I need to be more like you!

  9. These are fantastic! I love the pockets. I also love olive pants - I have a couple pairs that I wore for years that I need to replace, because olive does go with so much. I find it as versatile as denim!

  10. You are so cool and so are the pants. I never knew Olive was considered a neutral as well. nice to know. I have some that I only wear with coral, white or black tops, not anymore.

  11. These pants are fantastic.. So happy you were able to find the buttons you needed..

  12. I love reading your end of month round ups! It's great to see all that you accomplished in one post.

  13. Great looking pants! Thanks for showing the different styling options as well.


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