Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Wrap-Up & Pattern Review Contest

I've sucked at fabric fasting.


It seems as if I get all overwhelmed and spend a little bit of time fasting and then want ALL THE THINGS! I bought fabric at SR Harris and went back and bought a little more (Hey, I got sanwashed rayon and when I went there again (for swimsuit fabric) there was POLKA-DOT sandwashed rayon!!!

Sigh. :)

This month I sewed 20.5 yards. Epic sewing courtesy of a traveling husband and busy kids - yay me!!! I made 3 tops on the on the sew-day I took off.
  • McCall's 6754 in white ponte - 1.25 yards (for my stepdaughter)
  • Simplicity 1317 in mesh and ponte - 2 yards
  • Burda 03/2013 dropped waist dress - 2.5 (March Burda Challenge project; complete and utter FAIL and the photo evidence has already been deleted - sorry!!)
  • McCall's 6078 in navy/white ITY - 1 yard
  • Butterick 6169 in grey wool - 2 yards 
  • Vogue 1436 top in green cotton lawn - 2 yards
  • Bura 6911 top in black/white striped jersey - 1.5 yards
  • New Look 6104 in red chambray - 1.25 yards
  • Burda 08/2014 top in printed cotton lycra - 1.5 yards (for my daughter)
  • Burda 6938 shorts in grey sweatshirt fleece - 1 yard (for my daughter)
  • McCall's 5400 bikini top in plum swim fabric - .5 yards
  • Simplicity 1374 bikini bottoms in plum swim fabric - .5 yards
  • Burda 6907 pants in olive suiting - 2 yards
  • Butterick 6066 muslin in plaid cotton - 1.5 yards

3 gifts
1 muslin
1 failed dress
5 tops
1 jacket
1 swimsuit
1 pant

Favorite: Gosh that's a hard one. I really love my garments this month. I will have to say the red chambray NL6104. It's totally about the effort I put into it. I didn't love it when I first finished it but I am very, very proud of the work and I've worn it every chance I've gotten!

Biggest accomplishment: I sewed my own swimsuit!!!!

FAILS: Aside from me making a drop-waist dress...sigh...

I didn't muslin the Burda pants and the butt shows ;) So while I am NOT of the belief that every.single.wrinkle must be resolved, I know how to do the adjustment that will give me enough room through the inner thigh for the fabric to hang properly. I will wear the pants; believe that! LOL!


Quick photos of the girls' goodies this month:

Wait! First my mom in some of the things I made for her! :-D

SD in her peplum top

DD in her shorts

DD in her tee (Look at that pattern matching!)


The Pattern Review Wardrobe contest starts today! YAY!!! Since I've been sewing it has always been a "mini wardrobe". This is the big one! :) I have revised my plans and knowing me, they may change again. But my color palette is going to stay the same; blues, greens, grays, black, white. Hey, I like it ;)

I will be traveling a weekend or two during the contest and Mother's Day will happen too. My plan is to attack the 3 knit tops I've made before first.

Burda 6911 then the kimono tee (which is already a different pattern choice than the Maria Denmark tee shown here) and Simplicity 1916.

I'll hopefully start V9032 this weekend and get those done and a muslin of the bodice of M6696 done before I leave town next week.

Are you joining in the contest this year?


  1. I like your line up too! I think you are oh so good at this. I'll be traveling out of town as well during the contest...we'll see how that works out. Great March wrap up...20.5 yards?!...quite impressive! Best wishes for the contest!!!

    1. Thank you!

      It seems like I JUST made the butterick jacket and then...ZOOM! Sewed a bunch more things. Sigh...

    2. IKR! Vogue 9014 is EVAH-REE-THANG! I like every single piece of that pattern. I don't blame you...go for it...such a timely sale ;-)!

  2. Are you still working on your day job? You are really putting the garments out. I've been kind of lazy, I think.

    1. haha! I am, I am! ;-)

      You've been cranking out jackets!!!

  3. nice collection of finishes, yes I jumped on board with PR wardrobe challenge, , hope I can pull it off lol!


  4. Good luck on the mini wardrobe. And that tribal top is soooooooo beautiful!

  5. Woohoo, that is quite the achievement! Congrats! I didn't do so well at fabric fasting last month, but I found some beautiful fabric to help get my mojo going. Good luck on the mini wardrobe contest.

    1. Thanks Graca! Ah...we can try again in April! ;-)

  6. What beautiful things you made in March.
    Best wishes on the mini wardrobe. Have fun..

  7. I just had a fray check stain that came out with rubbing alcohol and a little scrubbing with a toothbrush. You are making some great garments!

    1. Thanks Barb! I tried alcohol but did not scrub. I will try again.

  8. You are amazing! This contest should be no problem for you! I'm looking forward to seeing your collection and maybe I'll get an entry done, too. I do not sew as quickly as you do!

    1. Oh, you should try Helena!!

      I am certain that something will not work out as planned and I'll have a mini freak-out and revamp! lol!!!

  9. Your yardage is impressive. So many completed, but only one fail. That's a successful month in my book.

    1. Thanks Andrea! Things have been going much better for me now that I put time in on the front end (usually) before sewing something.

  10. Good luck in the contest, Nakisha! I'm sitting this one out, but I love to watch everyone's collections. Don't you wish you could sew up 20 yards as fast as you can buy it?

  11. Who needs a fabric fast? Life is short so enjoy what you can while you can! Time spent counting is time lost creating!

    Good luck with the contest! I am sure you will show some wonderful work.

  12. All I can say is I wish I had your sewing "mojo"! You have made some great pieces for everyone, they should be very happy! I can't wait to see your wardrobe collection… Good luck with the contest, you have some great pieces selected to create!


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