Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Summer Patterns! Vogue & McCall's

In a crazy turn of events; LOVE Vogue, MEH on McCall's

Really liked 9103 but it reminds me of this Burda from March 2013 that I've wanted to sew

1451, love them both just not together

1446; beautiful but I have no use for it :(

1448, SWOON!

1445; I like this a lot more every time I look at it.

9107; I like it but again, no real use for it.

9108; Like, but won't buy

9112; So interesting!

1452; I like this a lot. I might buy it after seeing it made up

9116; love.

9117; nice basics

1447: Love and already in stash!

1449: there something about this that I like but something else, 
that I can't put my finger on, that I do not love.

1454: no.

1450; she looks so sad.


7167; Yep. Another jumpsuit to add! Love the back of the bodice and the pleated pants

7153: I like this but won't buy it.

7154 is the obvious star of this release!!!

Now for the nightgown dress collection




7155 ;-(


very similar to the OOP 6756

7162 with cup sizing; although us busty ladies know that that neckline is a recipe for disaster

7163; uh-huh.

7170; deepest of sighs.

7168; YAY for another swimsuit pattern! 
Don't know about those tops on me but high waist bottoms are pretty trendy right now.


Another pair of jeans in happening over here! They're in the washer as we speak; ready for hemming, button and rivets!


  1. That's funny; I was pretty "meh" on the Vogues, but really liked a few of the McCall's. I laughed at your categorization of all of the slip/spaghetti strap styles as "the nightgown collection" because...yeah. And I even had pinned one of those as one of the ones that I liked.

    And what's up with adding cup sizes to a spaghetti-strapped halter top??? I appreciate the diversity from their usual cup size patterns, which are nearly always princess seamed dresses or the occasional darted blouse, but that's a style that no one over a B cup is probably going to want to wear.

    1. Haha! I think what I love most about pattern releases is the love/hate!!

      That pattern should ONLY come in A or B cup.

  2. Definitely agree about the 7162 top - I shudder to think what that would look like on me, high neckline with only one waist dart *shudder*!
    I missed the swimsuit pattern though (got thrown off by the ruffles on the main photo!), love the halter neck bikini and the ruched high waisted pants, been looking for a pattern just like it so thankyou!

    1. Yay for hidden gems!

      Yes. I am like 1) thank you for cup sizing 2) no one with a full busy would even kid themselves into thinking they should sew and wear that!

  3. I'm with you on the McCalls - they seem a bit uninspired this season. However, love the swimsuit, and I'll make up the jumpsuit for my teenage daughter. The Vogues were much more fun! V1449 looks like a netball uniform to me. I think I'll get V9103, and the Marcy Tilton's and call it a day.

    1. My teen just asked for a jumpsuit too!

      It is a little like a uniform ha!

  4. Oh what a fun post. I really love 1445 and 1452 but am trying to sew from my stash for the next couple of months. I may have to pick them up anyway and then once I enter the fabric store well.....we will see what ended up in the cart. :)

  5. Why isn't the swimsuit one cup sized? That makes me a sad panda!

    I like that they released a few patterns for older girls. My 11 year old will be happy.

  6. I was meh about the McCalls collection and loved the Vogue collection, too! Although I'm not buying patterns right now. I have so many unsewn ones that I want to sew, that I need to sew!

  7. I'm pretty Meh about all of them. But I don't lean towards trendy items. I'll be excited to see what you make up though!

  8. LOL! I loved your commentary on the patterns! We're pretty much agreed on most of them.

  9. I really love 9103, but am not sure if the back midriff yoke is weird or cool. I love low gathers since my behind is practically concave.

  10. All I could think when looking at this crop is where are the bras? I love cute summer straps and necklines, but if I can't wear a bra with it, I can't wear it. Strapless ones can only get you so far...

  11. So funny because I was totally the opposite - excited for some of the McCall's, but only really liked a few of the Vogue. Looks like you've got a lot of exciting projects happening right now - excited to see your jeans!

  12. Loved reading your review! I love a lot of both the Vogue and McCall's. I haven't been buying any new ones for a few a while though because I have a list over a mile long that I already want to sew, sigh.....

  13. V1446 is mu hoy desired by Miss 15, but I cannot seem to get it here in Oz. Sigh! I'm a C cup and cannot imagine being without substantial support during the day.


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