Sunday, April 19, 2015

PR Wardrobe Contest; Vogue 1411, Burda 6911, McCall's 6839

I was veering wildly off track for a minute but pulled it together!

Last I mentioned, my wardrobe was this:

M6996 did not pan out and I still need to finish the M7121 dress. I sewed M6969 jumpsuit instead.
S1916 was replaced with M6839 and V9032, while still being sewn, will be replaced with B5760 in black.

So I still have to make the skirt and the two most complicated items; the jeans and jacket. If I start the jeans tomorrow, they should be done by the end of the week. [I have been spending about 2-3 hours job searching (ok, the first few days was seriously just updating my resume/cover letter. What a CHORE!) and 2-3 hours sewing. ]

And then a quick muslin of the jacket and I should be done with my wardrobe before April is up!


Burda 6911 was just made recently, blog post here. This time I used an icy grey rayon jersey from SR Harris. I still couldn't figure out a dang-blasted FBA on this pattern! I studied it and studied it and was like, whatever. I sewed all seams as 1/4", shortened the top 1" and used a 1.5" hem.

Dear Burda, how long do you think we are?!

I shant complain. I am sure taller ladies are having to lengthen much more often than I have to shorten!

I didn't have a ton of this fabric (kicking myself because it's awesome!) so the sleeves were chopped according to remaining fabric.


Next, I sewed McCall's 6839. I really loved this pattern when it came out but never really thought to sew it.

I sewed view C and was all prepared to need to add length to it because it "looks short". But the back length is 23 3/4"!

I thought this would make a fun summer top and the front boatneck allows it to be work appropriate too with a jacket or cardigan.

I sewed a size 16 which has a 39" bust, so just a tad of negative ease there. I could have graded out below the bust or sewn smaller seams because it fits snugly through the tummy and hip too.

LOVE the neckline - front and back!

Dislike how they had you attach the ties. It just isn't clean. Also a little iffy on the positioning of the ties but that could partly be due to body type (slanted, forward, narrow, broad, etc shoulders).

Chopped off 1" and did a 2" hem.

I would sew the a longer version with sleeves as a fall tunic. Really like it. Also, this jersey is fairly lightweight but those ties still got bulky. I will keep that in mind for next time.


I wanted to start my jeans SO BADLY on Saturday but my hands were hurting and I didn't want to aggravate them. I cut V1411 instead. This is my 3rd pair :)

When I got this fabric I was crazy about the feel of it but not the color. I was actually going to make a hoodie for my son with it but then he asked for red shorts instead (which I still need to make. shhhh).

I decided to leave off the top stitching this time and I added 1" to the length. I still ended up with 5/8" hem allowances. Sigh.

Based on the fit of the other two pair, and the fact that I was using 1" elastic, I sewed the waistband to the pants with 3/4" seam allowance and sewed all seams at 5/8" (last time I think I sewed smaller side seams).  I also cut my elastic about 1.5" smaller. All seams were sewn on the sewing machine with a zig-zag, pressed open and then serged and pressed to one side. I stitched in the ditch on the side seams to secure the elastic and again left out the crazy tip about elastic at the crotch seam. No thank you. I HATE that in the burgundy pair and decided today I'm going to unpick it.

These feel nice and snug without being tight and I really, really like them a lot!

They look really cute with the black/white/grey (and combos of the three) tops in my closet. Also very cute with my Butterick moto jacket!

This is the face you make when you see forest creatures in your back yard while taking pictures. I am a city girl. C.I.T.Y. How I came to live so close to wildlife is beyond me.

One important thing to note...when I first sewed these last year, I was sure that I had made some sort of mistake. Now, I am fairly certain that there are notches that don't match up on the some of the front leg pieces.


  1. cute pieces. love the blue seamed pants. My favorite color.

  2. looks like you're making progress, I'm behind on everything, my serger has decided to come unthreaded & it's giving me fits , that's my story & I'm sticking to it lol! love your story board, was it hard to do?


    1. No serger! LOL!!!

      Thanks! I'm trucking along.

      I did it in Powerpoint and it is an excellent way. So easy. So. So easy!

  3. I wondered what you would manage to make in the 10 days I have been away - as per usual, lots. All look fantastic - a nicely put together wardrobe. Pants are a fantastic shape on you.

  4. Hi! To make you feel better, I have to shorten my tops. All the time! I am 5'8" and have a torso of someone five inches shorter than me. LOL. I do have to lengthen all my pants and skirts, though.

    Those blue pants--wow! Those are amazing on you.

    I am glad you are in this contest. I loved it last year but couldn't join up this year with all the First Communion sewing/Mother's Day outfits I have to work on instead, but I am cheering on from the stands!

    1. Ha! Yes, my daughter is 3" taller than me but our torso's are just about the same length. She takes her pants 4" longer!!!

      Thanks so much! I love, love, love the wardrobe contest!

  5. You always get such an amazing amount done in such a short space of time. You've explained how you do it, but I am still so impressed.
    I'm sorry you were laid off and now have to find something new. Are job prospects ok there? Any chance you'll be called back to your previous job?
    I'm enjoying your progress ! (I have to lenghten bodices -long torso- because I'm not especially tall.

    1. Thanks Sox!

      The market is decent here. I'm not too worried - yet. No, I don't think so on being called back...

  6. Looking great so far! Like everyone else, the blue pants are my favorite so far. I love everything about them--the style, the color, and of course, the fit on you is fantastic.

    1. Thank you Michelle!!

      I like them a lot more than I thought I might.

  7. Gorgeous makes.. Love the all.. The blue pants are so cute, love the color.. Happy sewing.

  8. Love those blue pants, they look great with the striped top. Love your side eye look as well, I'm sure that look comes in handy to use on unruly children!

  9. Love the blue pants with the striped shirt but crushing on the shoes.

  10. That is my absolute favorite shade of blue. I haven't really found it around here though :-/

    I'm gonna give those 1411s a try. I love them each time you make them

  11. Gorgeous blue fabric, and beautiful clothes - as always!

  12. Great progress on your wardrobe! I've only finished one top so far :-(. I love your blue pants, such a gorgeous color and great fit!

  13. It's really coming together fast, I'm loving the cobalt blue pants!

  14. everything is looking great! I kick myself when I find a great fabric and don't have more, too!


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