Monday, September 7, 2015


So much life right now. Maybe I'll discuss some point...Just think positive thoughts for me please!

At any rate, I've been doing all I can to keep busy (sewing, cleaning, family time...) I almost welcome work tomorrow!

I shelved my B6141 jacket for now. I wasn't completely feeling it and couldn't bring myself to work on it this weekend. But I did a whole bunch of other stuff.

Friday I went to see Mission Impossible, it was pretty good.

Saturday I muslined the bodice of B5030

I did standard Big4 adjustments for me; 1" bicep adjustment, 1" FBA, slight narrow shoulder adjustment. Obviously I didn't do a swayback adjustment! eesh.

I also need to lower my front darts a tiny bit.

I don't have enough fabric for it though :( Well, the fabric I intended for it. I'm almost tempted to order some crepe from FM while they're having their 55% Labor Day sale. We shall see.

I cleaned and redecorated my bedroom. The only new item is the dresser. It's an IKEA Malm that I found on Craigslist for $50! It's in great shape too! The rest of the stuff was all stored in the basement or garage. Why I hadn't been using my fun decorative items, I don't know.

The only other thing I want to buy is an area rug.

Because we have a TON of closet space in this house, dressers weren't that big of an issue. The plastic 3-drawer dresser housed my undergarments and socks previously and tank tops. I have a lot of tank tops; they're my favorite loungewear item.

Now, I have undergarments in the dresser, folded "real" tops (e.g, no t-shirts) and sweaters (because sweater season is coming) will be in the 2nd drawer. The 3rd is empty for now.

Those drawers are HUGE!

The ottoman is empty for now too. I haven't figured out what to use it for or if I need it for storage. 

The plastic drawer unit has workout gear and leggings/shorts/tank tops - e.g., loungewear. The basket on top has my belts, all rolled up.

This allowed me to move more of my shoes from down the hall into my closet. Yes, I have a lot of shoes...

The shelf has tshirts, shorts, casual pullover tops and jeans. I decided to take my jeans off of hangers. They're so bulky and seem to work better folded.

The over the door hooks have scarves, my favorite 'throw-on' sweaters and hoodies and my robe. I would like to get my robe closer to my bed though but can't think of a good place to put it. 

And I finally hung my little cheap-o mirror on the wall! It's behind the closet door that has the jewelry hanger on it.

Yay for better selfies!

And I bought new shoes (shhhhh!)

My ballet flats are so gross and ratty. I tried these on in store one day and knew I would buy them eventually.

Both are by Kelly & Katie, a DSW private brand

And then today I scrubbed the bathroom. Like, worked up a sweat!

And then I decided to start my Minoru. 

All of those &#(*#@ pieces to trace! grr! But I am happy that it has separate lining pieces, it really makes a difference.

Like many others I am completely appalled and offended at a casual outerwear piece without pockets. I scoured the stash and liked these 'fancy' patch pockets from M6531. That pattern has a gusset which would be nice, but I didn't realize that it was there until after I'd already lined the pocket pieces.

The buttons I'm auditioning are regular old Hancock buttons and the lining came from the Spot the Bolt table. I decided to go a little fun and funky :)

This picture is so askew! LOL! Sorry.

I basted this side to check the pocket placement but it's useless without the whole jacket on to see how it feels. So I'm just going to have a little tougher time putting them on after the side seams are sewn and the gathers are pulled in the shoulders/back. This jacket has a CLOSE fit. 

I will probably get this done in the next week or so.

And now I'm making dinner. And I still need to wash my hair today. 

And sorry not sorry but...I will be SO FREAKING glad to have a breather after Round 1 of the Sewing Bee. Hopefully Round 2 goes more smoothly.


  1. You are on a roll with all your projects. Congrats on getting back to work. I did not know but its' hopefully great news for you. Now to do the sewing/work balancing act!

    1. Thank you so much Bunny!!

      I've been at my new job almost 3 months (which is INSANE! time flies!!). Life right now has decided to kick me around a bit. But I'm fairly tough so I'm sure I'll come out on the other side ;-)

  2. You have such beautiful light in your house :D I can just feel your stress-cleaning from here. When I'm avoiding something, or dreading something I clean, sew, organize, anything to keep me busy. I have a dreaded follow up appt tomorrow that I'm hoping will turn out ok. Sigh. I pray that you are well and that your family is well. That jacket is going to be so awesome!

    1. Thank you Kristin! And especially for the prayers. So appreciative.

      This house is so nice! I simultaneously want to stay here forever and run away asap! :) It's sooooo much space which feels like that much more the older the kids get (and are away from home more!!) but the hardwoods and the natural light are to die for!

  3. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for your "life" stuff. I swear that this has been a really crappy year for just about everyone I know--and I know that you've already has your fair share of crap that you've had to deal with.

    I admire the grace at which you've handled all of the questions that you've been bombarded with for the Sewing Bee. "Is this pattern eligible?" "What about this one?" "No, how about this one?" As someone who recently managed a PR contest, I sweat that some people spend more energy trying to find loopholes and try to figure out how to shoehorn certain patterns into contest entries than they do on actually sewing their patterns...

    1. I seriously almost quit. I kid you not! Eeeeek!

      I had to step away and do some sewing myself and now I feel a bit more patient and calm (like normal?).

      Thank you so much for the well wishes. I kind of want to abdicate adulthood!

    2. Cute pockets.

      I also managed a contest with tight restrictions (though not as popular as this one) and yes people were constantly trying to push the boundaries. I can't understand why people don't just look at the rules, find themselves a pattern that fits squarely within the constraints, and get on with making it. And your frustration must have been so much more with this one with the level of interest.


    3. Thanks Kathleen!

      I am crossing my fingers about round 2! :-p

  4. Sending positive vibes your way and hope all is well. I can't believe how busy you working on all those projects and managing the Sewing Bee, I was getting tired just from reading all that you've been up to. I admire your energy.

  5. Your room looks great, and what a neat closet..
    Hope "life" improves..and Tuesday is much better..
    I love those pretty.
    Have a great week.

  6. Positive thoughts to you and yours. Thanks also for your well wishes for my car accident. You have always been so attentive to your online community...sorry, I'm remiss. It is really nice knowing someone like you is out there. So for you...I'm here sending positiveness your way. "Positive, positive, positive....!!!" Stay true my dear!

    1. BTW...your room is looking great. I love simple. For someone that sews as much as you, I'm quite surprised at how minimal your closet inventory looks. You are so organized.

    2. Thank you Andrea!

      Oh I was devastated to see you were in an accident. Took me right back to a horrible accident my mom had when I was pregnant with my oldest. Hit by a semi on the freeway, she was stopped, he was going 60 mph. She walked away unscathed. It was really a miracle! So I am REALLY! glad you're okay!

      On the closet...I have 2. Shhhhh :)

      I basically swap them out when the time comes; fall/winter clothing and spring/summer. Obviously some things cross over but...

  7. I am definitely a stress cleaner/organizer/sewer... My theory is that I can't control life, but I can control how clean my kitchen counter is! Hope things ease up on you, sending you positive thoughts!

  8. You are super busy. Thanks for sharing the journey.

  9. Wow, you are so very productive! I am just astounded at all you get done! Here are some positive thoughts and there are more to come!

  10. Thank you for managing the sewing bee in such a lovely way even though you are having a hard time! You are doing an amazing job there! I hope things are better for you soon!

  11. Oh man. I am feeling you with the LIFE stuff. I know I am on edge when I swear irrationally at images of people escaping the burning Vegas plane with their luggage. When I took stock of my anger, I realized, wow I'm yelling at a picture. Vacation you said? Yes, thank you.

    As for the Bee, GIRL. Can there be managers for each round? *Deep bow*


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