Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sewaholic Minoru <3

I have so much to say!!! I'm computer-less til Wednesday so I'm blogging from my phone. Bleh. I'll do a photo dump then details. 

The hood and collar - I love both. 

LOVE the wide elastic

I hand embroidered a little tag :)

Because you HAVE to have pockets!!

Lined in a soft pink pongee


Fabric, pattern and notions:

I received the pattern free after hosting the vintage contest on PR. The fabric? Also FREE! I won this water resistant linen during the Fabric Mart Fabricista contest last year. 

The lining is a poly cheetah print scored during a Spot the Bolt sale at Hancock. 

The zipper is a C&C and both zipper and elastic were also purchased at Hancock. 

I traced my pattern (which I hate). OMG. Front, back, sleeve, hood, collar, cuffs, band, plus the lining pieces. Gahhhhh. 

One note about the pattern; the print is SO faint. When I muslined the Thurlows I noticed it too. 

I cut a size 14 based on finished measurements. 


I mostly made aesthetic changes. I did shorten the sleeves a little over an inch. They are LONG. 

-I added pockets from M6531
-I only used an interior pocket on the left side and left off the Velcro closure
-I used 1 1/2" elastic in the cuffs vs 2"
-I changed the hood shape a bit (it was kind of pointy)
-I left off the zipper in the collar. My fabric has some body and I knew I would never stuff the hood in 
-I didn't do all the top stitching. The linen has a bit of texture and it wasn't popping much. 
-I removed some width from the hips after the fact 
-I used lining fabric for the hanging loop
-I hand embroidered a tag (which I love!)
-I had 2.5 yards of fabric and ended up having to cut the bands and the inner collar on the cross grain. 
-I interfaced the outer collar

Other thoughts:
Aside from tracing making me sad, the pattern went together rather easily. 

I did read the sew along before starting but didn't need to reference it while sewing. I'm not sure why I was more intimidated by this pattern; I sewed a BURDA coat for goodness sakes! Maybe because everyone's looks SO good that I thought it was hard?

Nope. Not at all. Just a good pattern. 

I contemplated doing an FBA but decided I didn't need it. I will however, remove hip width and give myself more butt room for next time. It's not snug at all but I know I could use more space. 

The gathers make me happy. Eeesh! So awesome! 

Th instructions are fine but I mean, when you have a lined outerwear pattern with 1 full page of directions well...they are terse. Not difficult but some things are combined into a step which can get confusing. But there's a sew along so there's that. Because the hem is top stitched, there's really no reason to slip stitch the sleeve lining to the cuff. So I skipped that noise. 

And oh. My. Gosh. 

I lost or tossed or something...the elastic guide for the sleeve cuff. so I measured and tried on and decided on a length. And then I almost tossed my machine out of the window trying to make it work. Next time I will partially sew the cuff and thread the elastic through. That will be annoying because it's so wide, but better than the fiddling I had to do. 

I was going to do welts but decided a patch pocket with a twist would look great. So I perused the collection for a cool pocket and settled on this one. The actual pattern calls for a gusset around the pocket. I think that's pretty cool and may use it next time. I didn't realize it though until I'd already lined the pockets. I used a pale pink poly pongee for the pocket lining. Since the lining is so much darker I didn't want to risk it peeking out on the sides. 

I really love it. SO MUCH!!!  It sounds like a lot of adjustments or nit picking but really, it's a fantastic pattern and is exactly what I had in mind for a cool weather jacket. 

If you own it, and have made it, I know why you love it. If you haven't made it, do it!! :)


  1. Wow, that turned out beautifully!

  2. It is awesome! Waterproof linen sounds so great ; let us know how it behave in a rainy day... :D

  3. Wow! That looks amazing. I love how classic the neutral colour makes it, but it's rich enough to avoid being plain. Your work is so neat!

  4. Great job on this. Love the pockets and your fabrics.

  5. You did a really great job on this jacket! I love the look in the fabric you select it was perfect! Looks so RTW too!

  6. Love that coat!!! Excellent job

  7. Great looking coat. Love your choice of fabrics. You look lovely! GREAT job!
    Bonnie @

  8. I'm impressed that you posted as many pix as you did since you were posting from your phone!! Great job on the coat. The pockets are really cute!!

  9. Looks great. You can't beat having a good anorak type jacket pattern in your tried and trues. It can be worked up to look so different every time. Nice work!

  10. Wow! Love the jacket and would love to know how it does in the rain! :-)

  11. Love it! You are correct, this is a great pattern!

  12. I love those pockets! They totally MAKE your coat! Everything looks fantastic, but seriously, those pockets are awesome!

  13. Oh yay! I'm so happy both to see this finished AND to see how professional and fantastic it looks on you! I love the pockets that you added, too. Outerwear patterns without pockets...what's up with that?

  14. Looks great as usual :).
    What pattern did your pockets come from?

  15. Looks great! I am reconsidering this pattern now.

  16. So cool! I'm loving the resurgence of Minorus online lately!

  17. I love it :). Looks fantastic, I have yet to make this pattern. On the list.

    I'm sorry I haven't commented recently on your blog - I have been away on a long overdue holiday, travelling, so had poor wi-fi access. Plus my tablet just would not let me comment on blogs. technology, duh. Been keeping up with you though. Good luck with running the challenge on PR.

  18. You look so cute in your new coat! I admit I've seen this pattern made up, but was always meh about it. Your version is hands down my favorite -- I think it's those pockets you added that 'make it work'! I like all the little adjustments you made, I think they also added to the effect of making your Minoru look so good.

  19. All of your efforts were worth it. Your coat looks great! I love everything about it the fabric, the hood, but, those pockets, I just keep going back to that picture. Now, I really want to make one just like yours, and I want to put your pockets on all my coats. I know, I am a bit obsessed with them.

  20. Looks great!! You're making me want to make another! Just wanted to say I had the same frustrating experience sewing on the elastic cuffs...there was a LOT of cursing to get the damn things sewn on.

  21. love love love!! This is fantastic! I really need to get this pattern, because I don't have enough patterns already, right? LOL. But seriously I've been eyeing this one up for a while. This is such a flattering coat!

  22. Awesome!! The Minoru kind of has a cult following... if you haven't made it, you just don't know! Such a smart pattern. Really like your fabric and lining choice.

  23. You did an Fabulous job and looks Great on you.

  24. I love everything about this jacket. Gorgeous!

  25. I love your jacket! I really want this pattern but shutter at the thought of the flimsy pattern sheet. I have the Thurlow and Renfrew patterrns(both traced off) and thought I just had a bad copies or something...I can't believe there's thinner paper out there than the typical Big pattern companies.

  26. I am so envious of your skills and the speed at which you are able to complete projects! I've been working on a simple lined jacket for over a month and will finally cut out the lining tomorrow. I'm retired and my kids are all grown living on their own. How do you manage family, work and sewing such quality work?

  27. This is a fantastic rendition of this well loved pattern. I really must get around to making it.

  28. Wow! I really love your version. Impeccably done (as always).

  29. Another winner! Very well done!

  30. OK, you've convinced me - I need to buy this pattern! Your coat looks amazing! And I'm not just saying that because of the leopard print lining ;-)


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