Saturday, November 28, 2015

Faux Accomplishments + Vogue 8750

I have been on a fabric-stash fast since early August. I bought 3 yards of denim for my Birkin pattern test and 3.5 yards of this J. Crew tweed suiting for my Fabric Mart post. So, I don't include those in my "stashing" as they were immediately sewn up.

But no so quick with the back-pats and accolades. HA! :)

Since the beginning of August I've purchased 36 new patterns. ohmygosh! Hahahahaha!!!!

And not just BMV "dollar sales" either! So while I am almost certain I did spend less on patterns than I would have on fabric over the past ~4 months, I haven't exactly not been spending money. Which was my main motivation for fabric fasting!

I've bought:
12 McCall's
 7 Butterick
 5 Vogue
 4 New Look
 2 Jalie
 2 Style Arc
 1 Closet Case Files
 1 Burda envelope pattern
 1 Burda download
 1 Vintage Simplicity

So I just need to get it together!

I have my first post up over on the Fabric Mart Blog!!! I took on Vogue 8750 and though I had some issues along the way, I am really loving it.

Check out the post HERE


  1. The skirt is beautiful! Nice job!

  2. It's a cute skirt on you. While I had my doubts about those side panels you make them work! Great job!

  3. OK, I think that you deserve to have new patterns because you produce so much!

    That skirt is adorable on you :-)

  4. Your fabric choice is lovely and I like the orange zipper. It is a nice skirt that looks fun to wear.

  5. What a fun skirt! I like how you've paired it with the lively cardigan. Very nice ensemble!

  6. I like your skirt and the color of it. Looks great with boots.

  7. As you know, I have been following your progress on IG :). It looks fantastic.

    And I can't resist patterns either - but lets face it, if you are going to use up stash, you are going to need patterns...

  8. Beautiful those side panels!

  9. Beautiful skirt.. and the red sweater , looks so pretty with it.. Happy sewing.

  10. What a beautiful skirt you made. I love the side panels

  11. You always introduce me to patterns that I completely miss. You look great in the version with the side flounce. I think I might attempt that pencil skirt version

  12. I so like this whole outfit... the colours, the red looks so great on you and the skirt... it is just a terrific piece. I love it!

  13. Thank you so much everyone!! I just loved wearing this outfit!

  14. Love the skirt! And it looks great paired with the red cardi!

  15. Hola!! Recién conozco tu blog, me encantan todos tus conjuntos. Este es fabuloso, te queda precioso! Estoy empezando con esto de la costura, espero llegar a tu nivel y tener varias de las lindas prendas que tienes: Saludos Roxy

  16. I love these colors together. And congrats on your FabricMart blog post! You know, we always try to spend less on our sewing and use more stash but we end up spending in other ways. LOL. If I stop buying fabric then I am buying thread or patterns like you!


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