Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Wrap-Up and December Plans

It's really that time again?!

This month I sewed 12.5 yards:

  • Burda 11/2015 pants in blue-gray suiting - 1.75 yards (for my daughter)
  • Burda 10/2015 top and capelet in black ponte - 1.75 yards
  • Burda 8/2015 skirt in black/white suiting - 2 yards
  • Burda 10/2015 sweater in olive sweater knit - 2.5 yards
  • Baste & Gather Birkin jeans in denim - 3 yards
  • Vogue 8750 skirt in tweed suiting - 1.5 yards
Whew! I almost had a "No Big4" month! 

Favorite: Aw man...do I have to choose? I'll have to say the sweater from the October Burda

Fails: No garment fails - thankfully! But this month was a doozy. On my daughter's pants I made a huge mistake cutting and ended up needing to add 2" side panels. On the jeans my machine was fighting me every step of the way! I ripped out miles and miles of topstitching. After fighting with the jeans I couldn't bear to start the Burda jacket and ended up switching to the Vogue skirt for my Fabric Mart post. I'm smart sometimes ;-)

Accomplishments: I had a super "make it work!" moment with the skirt lining. I was so proud of myself for coming up with a workable solution.

I also broke my fabric fast this month! :-O

I've sewn just over 60 yards since I last bought fabric. I placed orders at Fabric Mart and Smuggler's Daughter totaling just over 20 yards.  That's not bad right? Right?!!? ;-)

December Plans...

My current wardrobe hole is loungewear. I don't really sleep in clothes (TMI, sorry) but I generally change into lounging clothes upon coming home and then there are those weekends when I just want to sew. I'd kind of like to stop resorting to leggings and a tank top with a sweatshirt :-p Adding: for me 'loungewear' is still going to be fairly fitted. e.g. tank top and leggings slightly elevated :) I'm just not a big fan of oversized clothes; even for putzing around the house.

But there are still some patterns that I just really want to make:

1) a pair of gray Style Arc Sandra jeans

2) NL6418; I want to make view A in a solid color with all the seams topstitched

3) B6097; I just love this top! I want view B but unsure about which collar I'll use.

4) V9111; View B - the pattern art is blah but there are some cute versions!

5) Repeat of V8904; not sure I ever blogged the failed attempt...combination of crappy fabric and WOAH too-tight dress! :)

6) M7240; I can't get over how cute this dress is and I think it'll look good on me!

7) M7254; I liked this when it came out and now, cute versions are popping up!!

8) Jalie 2919; So cute. So. SO cute.

9) Loungewear from these patterns:



M7194 (likely view A or B)


Not expecting or aiming to make it through that entire list for December; but those are the items on my radar. The first half of the month will be insanely busy but I'm off work starting December 23rd and don't go back until January 4th. 

Naturally there will be some designated 'sew days' in there! My husband works the week after Christmas and both kids are hoping to pick up as many shifts at their jobs as they can over break, so I will likely get quite a bit of time in!


  1. So I broke my fast too - buying 13 yards of t-shirt material and denim. You are not alone and I just don't have much of either in the collection. I made M7194 over Thanksgiving week and it's very close fitting...not what I would call loungewear. It will be up on the blog sooner or later since we did get everything photographed!

    1. Can't wait to see it!

      Yeah, loungewear for me is still going to be pretty fitted knits. I see this as a step up from my Old Navy tank tops with leggings. ;-) So I don't mind that it's not loose/oversized.

      Where did you get the tshirt fabric? My son wants me to make long sleeved tees for him and I did order a cotton/lycra blend with this FM order so I'll see how that feels. But most of the lightweight knits that I order for tees for me have far too much drape for a tee for him.

  2. Chiming in on Carolyn's comment, I made M7194 and it was pretty lose on me in my normal McCall's size. I actually took it in a little and it's comfortably loose.
    That NL skirt you want to topstitch reminded me that I want to make a denim skirt like the one Sasha Obama was wearing on Thanksgiving... just need to find a pattern

  3. Someone made the Butterick top (view A) in denim chambray and I ruined my keyboard from drooling. Okay. So I didn't drool that much, but I was on a mad search for that pattern. I need to make it up right quick - after I finish the other stuff.

    I think you'll really like the Jalie cardi. I love mine and will probably make another one.

    1. I know that of which you speak!!! :) I loved that version!

      I have wool jersey for the Jalie cardigan. I am drooling as I think about it!

  4. I am always amazed by our productive you are. Wow! I look forward to seeing your December creations. Enjoy your sewing time off after Christmas. I too have that time off and am planning to do some sewing as well.

    1. Thanks Tomasa! I hope you have a great long vacation!

  5. Must have been the month to break the fabric fast!!! I too broke mine at Smugglers Daughter and Girl Charlee and possibly also bought nice denim for 3 pairs of jeans! I love your plans of sewing lounging clothes. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    1. We are weak in the face of great sales! :) Especially from the likes of Smuggler's Daughter <3

  6. Yeah, I need to do something about the loungwear situation, too. My husband has taken to calling my old Old Navy leggings and t-shirt combo my "uniform". So, I'll be going the cute pajama route for my FabricMart project this month.

  7. December must be loungewear/pajama month! lol. That's my goal this month too. My pj's are looking pretty seedy. Making some for the grandson and my daughters. Loungewear is something new to me--I either wear pjs or work/casual clothes. There is no in between for me. Gotta change this. I smiled when I saw V9111. I made my daughter a top identical to view B using Pattern Master Software. I had no idea this pattern existed. Score! Well, Nakisha, as usual, I'll be watching how your plans unfold.

    1. We all need these things! LOL!

      Well look at that! :) I can't wait to get that top. I think I'm going to sew the jeans first. Both of my handmade jeans are too big now.

  8. Lourgewear is a great idea - we need clothes for around the house every bit as much as those for out there. Love how you managed to use 60 yards before buying 20. Must join you next year and decrease my stash too.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! I don't know how I found the willpower to resist for so long but I did!

  9. 60 yards is a serious amount of fabric! If I sewed 60 metres I think I would have no stash left at all. I don't have to store fabric at home as good shops are nearby.

    How much more fabric have you got before you run out? And, what fabric types do you always have? I have a lot of work shirt fabric, but now need casual. All my trouser fabrics are work (wool blend) too. I need more casual fabrics, but rarely buy enough!

    1. I have no hope of running out of fabric! I probably have 200 yards of fabric. I had started calculating it at one point, since I buy the vast majority online, but it became way too overwhelming!

      I have a love affair with ponte and suiting fabrics. So I have a lot. I don't have nearly enough light weight wovens and never feel like I have what I want/need on hand.

  10. Love the patterns you chose. Have fun sewing.

  11. You deserve those back-pats for the skirt lining--very impressive! It's always so fun to read your planning/wrap-up posts, even if only to wistfully sigh at your tremendous output and ambition. =)

  12. Seeing your plans is always so inspiring! So many great choices. I have a list for me and a couple of gifts as goals for December-- we'll see how much I manage to accomplish. :P I made a Fabric Mart order this week too... about 10 yards of activewear fabric. I needs me some new workout gear!

  13. You had a great November! (sorry i'm way behind on my blog reading). Those jeans you made were my favorite! I think lounge-wear is on everyone's minds lately. I have a post going up with mine on Friday, lol. I'm looking forward to all the patterns you want to try. I have a different Jalie cardigan that I'm hoping to sew up, too!


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