Saturday, December 26, 2015

Finished: Vogue 9155

I was working my loungewear plan and got the overwhelming urge to make new pants! You guys know I love making pants!

When this pattern was first released, I just had to have view C. It has a yoke and cool pockets and stitched front creases. 

Totally didn't feel like making a muslin (I know, I know) and decided to do some standard adjustments and go for "wearable muslin". I went with a size 16 and after measuring decided to remove 3/4" from the front rise, add nothing to the back rise and do some petite-ing that I've learned I need with pants. I remove 3/8" via a wedge at the side seam, tapering to nothing at the inseam. I realized at some point that my pants 'feel better' when I hike them up a tiny bit at the side.

It all almost worked. Hahaha!

I really like them with this red shirt! I like the proportions a lot. 
But after taking the pics below I like them WAY more with a pointy-toed heel.

All of my V9032 pants have been taken in and while I'm sure the 18 will be too big, the 16 was too small. Because it has a side zipper I was hesitant to tweak the side seams. On pair #2, I plan to add 1/2" at the waist front and back tapering down just below the thigh. I also totally need a full inner thigh adjustment.

I was cutting the pattern out and had a "hmm" moment at the leg shape...When I went to try them on I was all "this leg is kind of tapered". And then I went to look at the pattern envelope:

"Semi-fitted, tapered pants have contour waistband with continuous binding, and side-front pocket variations."

Oh. LOL! They ARE tapered!

So full disclosure, they are SNUG. They're not uncomfortable or binding but yeah, they are tight.

Shown here with my never blogged B5678 shirt in pink cotton oxford

LOVE the pockets! 

Seriously awesome pockets <3

The stitched creases are fun

I used the same pink shirting for the pockets! 

I didn't have any invisible zippers (and finished these on Christmas day) and was going to do a lapped zipper but I didn't want to use any extra seam allowance so I did a centered zip. My thread KEPT bunching and I just couldn't be bothered to fix it.

The pattern called for a loop and button closure but I left that off.

The other oddity that the pattern called for and that I changed...the back yoke is to be interfaced. isn't then faced. Why would you want that interfacing just against your body directly?? That seems wrong...

I was going to blind hem by machine because I wanted them done. But I ended up doing it by hand. It takes longer but is SO worth it.

Final verdict: Love. Will totally remake with some extra room!

On another note; my December post is up on the Fabric Mart! This was made for Christmas day and here are the fun outtakes :)

Head over to the FabricMart Blog to read all about it!


  1. Cute pants ..Love the pockets..
    Sorry they were too small..In the photos , they look great. Cant wait to see your next pair.

  2. The pants may be snug, but you wear them well - fantastic style. and I love that Burda top with the cowl.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! I've come to like that Burda top even more than I thought I would!!

  3. Love them and the fabric. You do tailored pants so well--bummer they were a little snug. Good look for you, especially with the red top.

  4. I think the pants are a great fit. Love the skirt of course.

  5. I am loving the fabric for those pants!! They look great on you! I wish I could tackle my fit issues with pants and make some already!


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