Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lounge Wear Part III: McCall's 7194

I was on the fence when this pattern came out and then super cute versions started popping up and I had to have it!

I really like the angled hem in view C and may make that one at some point. I don't know how I decided on view B honestly! I think because I was thinking of this one as lounge wear and had a 'what the heck' moment. 

The overall fit of the tunic is so awesome that I don't mind the pointed hem; but I won't be making that view again. It's just weird! 

First things first; I made a mistake. I reversed the side of the point! In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter, but I'm not sure how I managed to do that. Oops! 

I constructed this entirely on the serger, choosing to set my sleeves instead of doing them flat (I prefer to set them with ponte). The construction went FAST and then I think it took as much time to press up the hem allowance than it did to put the whole thing together. 

I decided on the shorter sleeve length and finished the hems with a twin-needle stitch. I did not topstitch around the collar as suggested. 

I *just* have enough room for my butt! If I were to remake this view I would need to slash-and-spread on the lower back pattern piece. It's worth noting that the flap is the same piece for front and back. 

I wear leggings under tunics/mini dresses. I am anti leggings-as-pants!

See how PERFECT it would be with an even hem?!?  I must sew view A!

I highly recommend this tunic!!! It is close fitting for those who feel there's "too much ease" in many patterns and it went together so quickly and easily. 

I'm wearing it right now <3


I'm on Rocksbox #4 and am loving it. The last box I got was so-so. The pieces were cute but not really my taste. THIS box is ME. 

I cannot wait to wear those earrings and I don't know when or if I'll take the cuff off! :)

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Lastly, my son had his first orchestra concert of the season. He rarely takes pictures and especially not with MOM!  There were some where we were both looking at the camera but this one melts my heart.


  1. This top is great. I really love the shape of the uneven hem. I've been admiring a RTW sweater in that shape and been thinking about doing it myself. But I think I might just give this pattern a go now. It looks fab on you.

  2. Nice looking top! I like the pointed hem. Great photo of you and your son!

  3. I love that last photo - very special, and you are wearing the Vogue skirt. And the top is great fun - I think you either like pointy hems or you don't.

  4. Musical and sporting kids, who are clever to boot. Hardly surprising with you as their mum!

    Oh and the top suits your personality a lot.

  5. I'm not a pointy hem gal myself, but the top is still really cute! And what a precious photo with your son!

  6. Yeah, that hem put me off the pattern. But for lounge wear? I say go ahead and get weird with it. Why not?

  7. Great top and I love the photo with your son!

  8. Awesome! I'm kind of digging that pointy hem. I'm going to have to look in to that pattern. Looks like one that would get lots of use.

  9. Wonderful picture! He looks very handsome in his orchestral attire. Glad you were able to squeeze such a great photo out of him!
    The top is awesome.

  10. I love everything you make but don't comment as often as I should because my I pad and bloglovin don't make it easy. This top is beautiful. I am wearing a rtw to with a similar point. Speaking from experience, you need to be very careful when you go to the bathroom. The picture with your son is very sweet. I have so few pics with my son, I also treasure them when I can sneak one in.

  11. I love the top. I'm adding that pattern to my must buys list (which is long....).

    The photo of you with your son is so sweet. :) <3

  12. I love the top, but not keen on the pointy hem! Love it chopped off, or maybe it could be rounded into a "regular" hi/lo hem??

  13. Love this top! I think the pointy hem is trendy and different. I also like it when you showed the straight hem. I'll put this pattern on my "to get list" :) that pic of you and your son is so cute! I'm anti leggings as pants too!


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