Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December Wrap-up and January Plans

I knew when I did my year end wrap-up that I was estimating totals for December but 1) I don't think I was that far off and 2) it doesn't matter that much. At any rate...

In December I sewed 13.5 yards.
  • McCall's 7195 tee in black/white/grey jersey - 1.25 yards
  • New Look 6417 cropped jacket in black/cobalt/b&w striped ponte - 1 7/8 yards
  • McCall's 7194 tunic in animal print ponte - 1 7/8 yards
  • Vogue 9155 pants in brown plaid suiting - 2 yards
  • Simplicity 2556 vest in brown plaid suiting - 1.5 yards
  • McCall's 6654 skirt in gold & black floral double knit - 1 yard
  • Butterick 6066 dress in charcoal suiting and blue cotton sateen - 4 yards
Favorite: Oooh. Well I obviously love the B6066 dress but  I feel a huge swell of pride when I look at the vest! I feel like I did really great work sewing it and I am definitely LOVING it.

Fail: None really. I didn't love the NL jacket like I thought I would -- it's a bit cumbersome to arrange BUT as a loungewear item in my cold house?? Perfect! It's so cozy. And the M7194 tunic is a definitely 'love with modification' e.g., remove the pointed hem.

Accomplishments: Fitting and sewing that vest. Really. Swoon. 


Starting with the Vogue pants going forward was 'staycation' sewing. I managed to sew 7 items:
V9155 pants
S2556 vest
M6654 skirt
B6066 dress - THREE times (2 to be blogged;  need to get photos this weekend)
M7199 cardigan (to be blogged)

And M7199 was my first garment of 2016. It's perfectly fine but I don't love it. Post to come - soon.


For January I do have a lot of plans but OF COURSE I do! :)

  • Finish the #*!(@ quilt top. 
I've got 2 more blocks and some bordering to do.
  • Simplicity 1364 top
I sewed this for the Fabric Mart challenge in 2014 and can't find the top. Poof. It's gone. I liked it too!

  • Vogue 9155 pants again
  • Burda 01/2016 dress (hopefully I have enough of the intended fabric!)

  • My Fabric Mart project which will post January 23

  • And last but certainly not least, muslin Burda 03/2013 as a base of DD's prom dress. The skirt is kind of turning me off so I'm going to go with the bodice of the Burda (with more of a cap sleeve) and the skirt of this Simplicity (sans cummerbund/waistband) and see if I can 'Frankenpattern' the dress she likes.

Yep...I'm a crazy lady. But you guys know that already. :)


  1. Awesome! Looks like a great plan! I love that you are making your daughter's prom dress.

  2. As usual, much accomplished. Your daughter's dress looks lovely (your modified ideas, that is). Perhaps this is one garment you will make a muslin for?

  3. Oh, I'm up for a formal dress this year too. Half dreading it, half looking forward to it.

    I reckon you sew more in a month than I managed all year!

  4. This is a lightweight plan for you, LOL. So cool that you are sewing your daughter's prom dress!

  5. Ooh, I liked that Burda dress too! So you should make that one first so I can see how it looks on a real person :-P

  6. I can’t wait to see the Burda dress being made – love the drama on the back! Looks like January will be an exciting sewing month for you, too! So much to look forward to and 2016 is just getting started.

  7. You had a very productive staycation! Great job!

  8. You get so much done! Have a most wonderful year of sewing and everything else too in 2016. Best BER


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