Sunday, January 10, 2016

So-So Start to January

Well not quite. I have to hem my last B6066 dress and that is a success.

But these two items..there's nothing wrong with them. I don't dislike them...but I'm not moved by them, I don't love them, they're just okay.

I was so excited about M7199 when it was released. It was like so many RTW cardigans and like the popular Style Arc Marie

I had this striped crepe knit in the stash and a solid colored sweater knit that matched the darker color (the stripe). I wanted to make a shell and striped cardigan and decided this pattern would be a fun play on the stripes.

Everyone that made this mentioned that you'd want something drapey because of the large double-layered collar. 

However, that was a no-go with the zipper.

The zipper was just too heavy (even with interfacing), it was TOO drapey for me and way, way, way too long. 

I salvaged the zipper and tossed it. I decided to dive back in with a ponte but to skip the zippered version. And there was no way I was leaving it that long. 

The back is MUCH longer than the front but I liked the shaped hemline.  I couldn't figure out a way to keep the shaping but shorten the back as significantly as I wanted to. I started with removing 3 inches from the pattern pieces which did allow me to keep the front curvature but when I got the body sewn up that was still far longer than I wanted it to be so I chopped off ANOTHER 3".

That's SIX inches in back length removed!

I don't know about you but that pattern envelope does not make it appear that long. Yes, there is a back length finished measurement but still. :)

My ponte is a bit light and I didn't find it too heavy at the collar.

There's more 'swing' in that back piece than I like. Again, in retrospect this is obvious from the pattern piece. Not my favorite.

I like it open!

The facing is the front piece and lower side front only (not the upper side front). I edgestitched at the side seam and around the neckline to secure the facing. 

I remembered that I had this white leather scrap in the stash and decided to DIY a toggle button closure. 

My fabric is actually off-white but I knew this would work out okay.

When I wore it I figured out my mistake: The button side was supposed to be stitched on the other side of the seam. Ooops! That explains why it's a little too droopy in front when closed.

I love my top-stitching!

So again, no, it's not horrible or awful or the worst thing ever...but thus far, it isn't loved.

Following my January plans I cut out Simplicity 1374, which I mentioned was made before. I made it before in a cotton sateen type fabric. I decided to use this ponte for the color and had a matching zipper in stash so decided to go exposed zip.

Colleen G. Lea of Fashion Sewing Blog TV is theeeee best! I just love her tutes. Always clear and easy to understand! You Tube tutorial (nayy)

I've done an "exposed zipper" before because I thought: interface the area, line the zipper up, edge stitch.

Nope. Nope.  Nope!

It's far more involved than that but OMG it results in such a beautiful finish!

I can't stop staring at it! :)

It totally took like an hour to insert the dang thing but I don't really "need" to undo the zipper to put the top on. But it's fantastic!

I did a 3/4" swayback adjustment, lowered the dart about an inch, and sewed it with a 2" hem. 

The ponte had drape compared to the woven and it felt so unstructured. I thought a deep hem may help and it really did make a difference.

The NECKLINE! I do love that bateau on me!!!

Again, like the cardigan, just not a love. Nothing wrong with it, don't dislike it but...
I'm sure I'll wear it and absolutely love the color!


  1. Talk about me on a roll - you are! Love the cardigan and your blue top too.

  2. Sometimes the things we make are just in our closets to provide clothing to wear. Everything can't be so fantastically amazing that we'd wax wonderfully about it for days on end. Both of these are nice additions to the the wardrobe and I'm sure will be worn more than you realize!

  3. Nice work, I really like the off-white/cream colour cardigan. I think it looks nice on you and love that blue top, and nice work on the exposed zipper!

  4. That blue top is perfect on you! I also really like the white/cream cardigan undone, it's really cute that way.

    allie J. |

  5. Looking good - good save on the white jacket, even though it's not love. The blue top looks fantastic, colour great on you, lovely zip - even though it is not lovel I think this will be a great office standby.

  6. I agree that the white top looks good open! You have accomplished a lot already! :) The blue top is nice on you. That color is beautiful!

  7. Oh I love the blue top. You wear it well. It looks great with the necklace.

  8. Great job on that exposed zipper, and love the blue color..

  9. I love both those pieces, the white cardigan/jacket looks lovely. I think the flared shape is really pretty.

  10. Oh, oh!I just got this pattern in the mail and was looking forward to trying it out.I'll keep your comments under advisement.I know how you feel when you say you don't love it.That happens to me quite often but that's the hazard of not being able to try the thing on in advance,I guess!

  11. Nice white cardigan :)
    Maria V.

  12. I totally love the white cardigan on the “open” version and the blue top looks fantastic on you! Hopefully you can see yourself actually wearing these pieces – I think these are really great!

  13. They are both lovely... leave them on the hanger for now, you will be amazed how you will fall in love with them again.. Lovely pieces and they both look so beautiful on you

  14. Six inches?? Sheesh! That is a lot. I love your exposed zipper, that is one fantastic job you did on it. The neckline suits you so well too :D


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