Friday, January 29, 2016

January Wrap-Up and Miscellany

My plans for January were:
  • Burda of the month
  • Fabric Mart garment
  • S1374
  • V9155
  • Finish the quilt top
  • Muslin DDs dress
Did not finish the quilt top. Not even close. I have not touched it in like 2 weeks. WAHHHHHHH. I also did not sew another pair of V9155. But I really need new pants that aren't blue, grey or black. Yes, I love those colors as neutrals but I'm over it! When you live in the tundra, your mind leaves winter behind long before spring shows up. So I'm ready to add to my pants wardrobe with a couple of non-neutrals. 

This month I sewed 12.5 yards:
  • Butterick 6066 in a oyster colored crepe suiting - 2 yards (still need to photograph!)
  • Simplicity 1364 in teal ponte - 1 3/8 yards
  • McCall's 7199 in off-white ponte - 2.5
  • Burda 01/2016 #103 in navy cotton lycra knit - 2.5 yards
  • Simplicity 8014 in printed cotton poplin - 2.5 yards
  • McCall's 7194 in off white lace print double knit and solid ponte - 1 5/8 yards
  • I also started (and it will be finished this month...) the muslin for the prom dress. But I bought muslin for that so not counting it as yardage.
Favorite: Probably the Burda dress despite it's shortcomings :) It's just so cute!

FAIL: No huge fails this month; just had super high expectations of M7199 and it fell flat for me.

Accomplishments: Can I have 2?! OF COURSE I CAN! I have to say that exposed zipper in S1364. It really is a thing of beauty. Also, the fit I achieved on the bodice of the S8014 shirtdress made me proud.


February plans of course are to work on my wardrobe for the contest and get started on the prom dress. Still sourcing fabrics, a trip to SR Harris is happening on Sunday!

Speaking of the dress...

I've intentionally not posted the dress I'm copying :)  I have asked for help on specific parts (like choosing fabrics) but I think that I may get information overload otherwise. So I'm just going to take it step by step and I'm sure the finished product will be pretty.

Can I just say that this is the first time I've ever actually purchased muslin!?  

I am absolutely in love with the whole concept now that I've gotten over my fear. DD is not impressed by the dress in muslin form. She also did not understand why I "thought" the hips were too big.

Well, let's see...YOU HAVE THE SKIRT ON OVER JEANS! lol!!!

Tonight I'll get the sleeves attached and the side seams sewn up in the bodice; and maybe even put in the zipper so she can try it on.

What I know so far:
1) I cut a 6 in the Simplicity skirt and a 36 in the Burda bodice. So the bodice is a bit bigger. I've pinched out the front mainly to line up the princess seams of the bodice with the seams on the skirt. I'll fit in on her with this pinched out and make other adjustments as needed. 

2) It's WAY too short! :) It sits about an inch from the floor right now. So we need several inches at least, to get it floor length when hemmed...but she doesn't have shoes yet so I'll have her go ahead and order those before I alter the length of the skirt.

3) As stated the hips are too big but the waist on the skirt was pretty perfect. We'll see how it all goes when the bodice and skirt are attached and the zipper is in.

4) The Burda bodice actually has 3/4 sleeves so I chopped them off randomly on the pattern; but in actuality it'll be more of a cap sleeve.

5) I must totally love this kid to collapse my dressform down to her size! Sheesh that's a lot of work with all those danged dials! The dress form hips are still bigger than Lily fills the skirt in a way she doesn't.



I though this was common knowledge but have run into 2 fabric lovers this week who wasn't aware so...public service and all that. ;-)

I scooped up 2 yards of Kaufman lightweight chambray for $17 with shipping. Much better than forcing myself to shop on and to spend $35 to get free shipping. Win. And it's exactly what I was looking for.


I bought new shoes.

I know. I am always buying new shoes. BUT(!), I don't have any black sandals. I know, crazy right? And thinking up my summer wardrobe made me take a peek, and I found a pair that I love for a great price.

They're by Franco Sarto - $20!

The second pair sold out in between my purchasing them, and my order being processed :( 
Isn't that such a cute basic?!? They're Dr. Scholls


The quilt. I swear I'm going to finish it. Swear. And I'd better start my son's right after if his have hopes of being completed by 2018 :-p


  1. Man, I'm getting tired reading this! You are one busy sewist! You've worked it down to a science and it works for you. Wish you could bottle some of that energy and ship it to me. Lol.

    1. Haha! I've totally told people that the scientist in me drives my sewing!

  2. I think the dress is coming along nicely!! It's going to be so pretty when you finish.

  3. What a great month again - and having seen all the garments, I know they were all good. The muslin is looking great - and if you have worries about the bodice, just recalico that area with the alterations. I often used to do that with brides dresses. Then you know all will be well. Draw on your alterations, grainlines etc.

    Oh, and those Dr Scholl's - they probably feel great on:)

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! I have all the markings drawn on and pulled the zipper out and separated bodice and skirt. I'll get the changes made and tested up again. And then hopefully have all the fabric in hand by mid-February!

  4. DD's prom dress is looking good! I like reading your recaps; they're inspirational. =)


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