Wednesday, August 10, 2016

An Oldie But Goodie...McCall's 6886

I really like the fit on this pattern and it's versatility. I have yet to make the v-neck version - one day. I've made this 3 times and whenever I finish one I think "I should make another one!" :)

This pattern has 124 reviews on Pattern Review, some of them multiples - it's a solid pattern.

As per usual, I sewed a size 14/16/18 - 14 at the neckline/shoulder, 16 at bust/waist and 18 through the hip. I make the neck binding based on amount of stretch in my fabric.

I got the bright idea to have the larger ruffle finish off the neck binding - it worked out beautifully! Yay me! Then it sat for a long time awaiting sleeves once I realized it was semi-sheer. When I came back to it, lightbulb! Finish the sleeves and hem the same way! LOL!

I used a twin needle and had a ton of tunneling. With this fabric, it works.

I was going to make a slip but just never got around to it. And then I ended up finding this Vassarette slip for $9. I'd still like to make one though. I went with a size L and the fit is okay. It's "reversible" for the neckline (straight or V) but that means the front and back piece are the same otherwise. So I technically don't have enough butt room. But $9 and I can wear my dress - win!

Also, here are better shots of the Burda pants. I ended up adding the bands to fix the length issue I created. They're okay but I won't make this pattern again. Too much work for just okay.

I had taken all these pictures inside and then my daughter pulled up. I ran outside to try to get her to take pics but she was "SOOOO HUNGRY!!" so I got one (good one!)

Love that outdoor lighting!

The side panel is ridiculous being a simple rectangle (on a Plus pattern at that!).
There are so many seams! I was sewing and sewing and sewing. MEH! Side panels connecting to front and back, the inseam, the front waistband, the yoke, the back waistband, the hem bands, stitching the rows of elastic...just sewing and sewing and sewing and serging and serging and serging.

SO many seams

OK fine, I'll stop whining now.

I do like the elastic back but still...that's because they choose a rectangular back waistband instead of shaping it.

I've done the x wrinkle adjustment and always have some. I don't care about minor wrinkling like this though because I don't stand, stock still, knees locked in life. So when moving, walking, sitting...they're fine.

I've given up on the idea of a woven slim fitting pant. I don't like stretch wovens very much for my bottom half. I'm going to plan to get some of this (AWESOME!) DKNY thick wool ponte knit from SR Harris. They had black and charcoal which are perfect. I'll go that route for fall/winter.

We can't take down any of the remaining graduation decorations until she leaves next week :)

More next post on the W.G.D. (it's on Saturday!) and I'll review my super fantastic Kwik Sew skort!


  1. You've sold me on those pants!! I have the pattern...I shall be very wary. Bnads work well, and they are a contemporary thing at the moment.

    Dress - glad you are now able to wear it.

  2. A straight rectangle down the side of those pants seems like a cop out for a plus pattern... but they do look really cute on you, so I guess it works! I've been saying for years that I need to sew a slip but never have. Good move to just buy one, I really like the dress you bought it for--that fabric is so cool!

  3. Both the pants and the dress look really great on you. I love the fabric you used for the dress.

  4. Your dress looks fab, you've made great use of fabric, the neck is perfect. Trousers look super too, I keep put off making trousers, they scare me.

  5. The dress looks Fabulous on you and love the fit of the top and pant.

  6. Love the pants!!
    Maybe this fall I will start sewing pants lol

  7. Your pants look great! Perfect fit, which is a challenge when it comes to making pants. And I love your dress; it's so versatile.

  8. S R Harris! Sure enough you're in the Twin Cities, like me. I think your pants look great and fit well, but it does look like they were a whole lot of work.

  9. Your pants are so sleek! I wish I had your success with pants :) I envy your ability to make all the pants and they fit so great!


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